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Negev - Israeli desert

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Negev - Arid area of mojave, generally to the west Negev - Arid israeli area Negev - Arid part of israel Negev - Barren me region some have generously backed Negev - Beersheba is in it Negev - Beersheba is near it Negev - Beersheba locale Negev - Beersheba's desert Negev - Beersheba's locale Negev - Beersheba's region Negev - Ben-gurion setting Negev - Ben-gurion university locale Negev - Desert attractive genevieve -- partly as comeuppance? Negev - Desert bordering the sinai Negev - Desert bordering the sinai peninsula Negev - Desert in nigerian capital, table lacking in food is recalled Negev - Desert ne of the sinai peninsula Negev - Desert near sinai Negev - Desert of israel Negev - Desert region of israel Negev - Desert region, say, covered by half of us state Negev - Desert the greens - almost end moving to the left Negev - Desert with a view of beersheba Negev - Desert, for example, in largely arid state Negev - Dry region south of beersheba Negev - Even good ground produced this area Negev - Geographical name from the hebrew for "dry" Negev - Give generously, raising more than enough for part of israel Negev - Israel's southern triangle Negev - Israel's ___ desert Negev - Israeli desert Negev - Israeli desert region Negev - Israeli place name that means 'south' Negev - Israeli wasteland Negev - It comprises the southern half of israel Negev - Middle east desert region Negev - Mideast desert Negev - Mideast hot spot Negev - More than half of israel Negev - Most of israel Negev - Much of israel Negev - Not every good european voter heads for the desert Negev - Over half of israel Negev - Part of israel not once raising vegetables? Negev - Region of israel Negev - Semi-desert area in southern israel Negev - Semi-desert area of southern israel Negev - Semi-desert area, say, in western half of nevada Negev - Semidesert region, for example, in the northern half of nevada Negev - Site of israel's timna park Negev - Site of several kibbutzim Negev - Southern israeli desert Negev - Wilderness below tyneside upset greens