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Prelim - Early round

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Prelim - Early round Prelim - Early game in a tournament Prelim - Early heat Prelim - Not the main event, briefly Prelim - Bout before the main event, briefly Prelim - Early round, briefly Prelim - Qualifying round, informally Prelim - Main event preceder, for short Prelim - Main-event preceder Prelim - Fight before the main fight, briefly Prelim - Main event preceder, briefly Prelim - Early stage of a tourney Prelim - It's before the main event, briefly Prelim - Early race or round Prelim - Heat, for short Prelim - Qualifying bout, for short Prelim - Main-event preceder, briefly Prelim - Event before the main event Prelim - Early round, for short Prelim - Bout before the main event Prelim - Match before the main event, briefly Prelim - Early game in a tourney Prelim - Main event preceder Prelim - First exam at some universities Prelim - Event in preparation for another (abbr) Prelim - Pre-doctoral exam Prelim - Early tourney match Prelim - Bout before the biggie Prelim - Event featuring unqualified competition? Prelim - Prudish about the spanish qualifier Prelim - Early match Prelim - Opening bout, briefly Prelim - Qualifier Prelim - Tourney starter Prelim - Examination of runner coming up, under pressure Prelim - Runner-up put under pressure in early round of competition Prelim - Introductory exam Prelim - Facing pressure, runner suffers setback in early round of contest Prelim - Felt unable to take external paper in proper exam Prelim - Right to lie about in afternoon heat Prelim - Early round, perhaps Prelim - Entrance examination Prelim - Fastidious about the spanish exam Prelim - Heat, informally Prelim - Early tournament match, informally Prelim - A kind of bout, for short Prelim - Qualifying match, informally Prelim - Early tourney round Prelim - Heat