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Items - "10 ___ or less" (checkout line sign) Items - "10 ___ or less" (checkout sign) Items - "12 ___ or less" Items - "entertainment tonight" topics Items - "tmz" twosomes Items - '10 ___ or less' (checkout line sign that grates on grammarians) Items - '10 ___ or less' (checkout sign) Items - *grocery line count Items - ...and whosiwhatsits Items - 10 ___ or less (supermarket checkout sign) Items - 14 downs make for mist around the east Items - 99-across things Items - Agenda bits Items - Agenda bullets Items - Agenda components Items - Agenda contents Items - Agenda details Items - Agenda elements Items - Agenda entries Items - Agenda fodder Items - Agenda lines Items - Agenda listing Items - Agenda listings Items - Agenda makeup Items - Agenda points Items - Agenda things Items - Agenda units Items - Agenda's content Items - Agendums Items - Appeal associated with german river for couples Items - Articles Items - Articles by one on a river, we hear Items - Articles in the telegraph or times possibly Items - Articles or units Items - Articles or units on a list Items - Bits of gossip Items - Bits of news Items - Bits of news in paper given an initial spin Items - Brief news articles Items - Bullet accompaniers Items - Bullet followers Items - Bullet points Items - Celebrity couples, usually Items - Chairperson's list Items - Checklist units Items - Checkout count Items - Checkout counter count Items - Checkout line count Items - Checkout units Items - Checkout-line count Items - Column couples Items - Couples in gossip columns Items - Couples in tabloids Items - Couples providing separate parts of news bulletin Items - Couples spot that's shunned by principal feminist Items - Couples, in columns Items - Couples, in the tabloids Items - Couples, so to speak Items - Dating pairs Items - Elements Items - Éléments d'un ensemble Items - Entries in a list Items - Entries made by accountant, also once by son Items - Express checkout line count Items - Express checkout units Items - Express lane count Items - Express lane tally Items - Express-lane tally Items - Fifteen ___ or less Items - Following current, river delivered components Items - Gossip page tidbits Items - Gossip tidbits Items - Gossip-rag tidbits Items - Gossipy squibs Items - Grocery checkout count Items - Grocery-cart contents Items - Individual articles Items - Individual parts Items - Individual units Items - Individuals units Items - Initially individual things, each making stories Items - Inventory inventory Items - Inventory list Items - Inventory stock, in adventure games Items - Invoice lines Items - Is about to have met up with lots of them Items - Is about to have met up with what there's a lot of Items - It is in germany with lots of them Items - It is in germany, and lots of them Items - It is key to manuscript for bits and pieces Items - Italian script containing english bits of news Items - Knickknacks Items - Lines on a list Items - List components Items - List contents Items - List details Items - List entries Items - List listings Items - List makeup Items - List parts Items - Lots of it in germany Items - Lots of them for these confused times Items - Lots of them is about to be met up with here Items - Lots of them is to be about to be met up with Items - Lovey-dovey pairs Items - Lovey-dovey pairs, in tabloids Items - Market express lane units Items - Menu listings Items - Merchandise Items - Nervous times for the partners Items - Nervous times for the partners perhaps Items - News articles Items - News bits Items - News briefs Items - News pieces Items - News tidbits Items - Newspaper articles Items - Newspaper pieces Items - Newsworthy twos Items - Newsy nuggets Items - Newsy tidbits Items - Newsy twosomes Items - Objects Items - Objects on a list Items - One finds it in germany - lots of it Items - One setback over large number of things Items - One way to smite lots of things Items - Particulars Items - Particulars on a bill Items - Particulars on a bill Items - Parts of a list Items - Parts of lists Items - Points Items - Popular twosomes Items - Receipt listings Items - Reports in times change Items - Separate articles, as on list Items - Separate objects or units Items - Shopper's selections Items - Shopping cart contents Items - Shopping cart fillers Items - Shopping list articles Items - Shopping list entries Items - Short news pieces Items - Sit with me where there are lots of them Items - Smite (anag) Items - Smite them - lots of them Items - Some cosmetics shown up in news articles Items - Some news paragraphs Items - Strange times for pieces of news Items - Strings and cds, for example Items - Stuff Items - Subjects of gossip Items - Tabloid blurbs about rockers Items - Tabloid couples Items - Tabloid duos Items - Tabloid twosomes Items - Tabloids twosomes Items - There's lots like that Items - There's lots of 'em; it's all about 'em Items - There's lots of it with 14 down Items - There's lots of them 16 down, perhaps Items - These are auctioned at music expo Items - They may be printed in guardian and times puzzles Items - They may have bullets Items - They're listed at different times Items - They're gossiped about Items - They're in the news Items - They're listed at different times Items - They're often collected in video games Items - Things Items - Things in a shopping basket Items - Things listed Items - Things on a checklist Items - Things on a list Items - Things on an agenda Items - Things on the agenda Items - Things put back in cosmetics? Items - Times (anag.) Items - Times spinning bits of news? Items - To-do list bullets Items - To-do list entries Items - Twos in the news Items - Twosomes Items - Units Items - Units or articles Items - Wishlist entries Items - Word on an express checkout sign Items - Word on an express lane sign Items - Word seen before "or less" on supermarket signs Items - You get it in germany, and there's lots more like them