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Allot - Pass out

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Allot - Appropriate Allot - Distribute Allot - Dole out Allot - Set aside Allot - Apportion Allot - Assign Allot - Set apart Allot - Hand out Allot - Pass out Allot - Parcel out Allot - Designate Allot - Mete out Allot - Divide up Allot - Earmark Allot - Dispense carefully Allot - Homonym of 14-across Allot - Distribute proportionately Allot - Ration Allot - Divide proportionately Allot - Assign a share Allot - Divvy out Allot - Divvy up Allot - Dispense Allot - Prorate Allot - Give out Allot - Shell out Allot - Appropriate, in a way Allot - Measure out Allot - Portion out Allot - Allocate Allot - Give out by share Allot - Divvy Allot - Assign as one's share Allot - Duly distribute Allot - Ration out Allot - Dish out Allot - Assign, as one's share Allot - Put aside Allot - Assign, as a portion Allot - Give out shares Allot - Deal out Allot - Is everyone to come back to give out? Allot - Sounds as if there's more than enough for one to share out Allot - Give out the entire old testament, initially Allot - Sounds as if there's plenty to give out Allot - The way to give out everything to the turn Allot - How they give out the entire old testament, initially Allot - Give out everything to the turn Allot - Distribute everything up to this Allot - Give out the whole of the old testament, initially Allot - Give out the entire old testament Allot - That's how to give out the entire old testament Allot - Everyone to turn up, to give them their due Allot - Everything to get back for what you give out Allot - Give out the whole of the old testament initially (5) Allot - Everything to turn up and give out Allot - Give as a share, or a task to be done Allot - Dispense or distribute Allot - Assign or distribute Allot - Distribute, give as share Allot - Everyone to come back and give out Allot - Give the whole of it to turn Allot - 'give out the whole of the old testament, initially (5)' Allot - Give out everything to turn what's left Allot - Give out in portions Allot - Distribute in shares Allot - Parcel out everything over time Allot - Announced a great deal to distribute Allot - Many around fifty divide up Allot - Dispense in shares Allot - Divide at full speed (excepting the upper class) Allot - Hand out everyone books in church? Allot - Leader abstaining in vote for grant Allot - Share out gangster's fortune Allot - A student with luck gets grant Allot - Give everything to 20 Allot - Vote topped to share distribution Allot - Share out a tax rise Allot - Distribute in portions Allot - Preallocate Allot - Give out to american city returning old man who loves salty type Allot - Grant to get the whole of old book Allot - Hand out, as shares Allot - Give here, give there Allot - Set aside, as time Allot - Designate; sounds like much Allot - Share out votes cast, deposing leader Allot - Award (share, task) Allot - Assign (to someone) Allot - The whole of the scripture is appropriate Allot - Apportion (something to someone) Allot - British shunning vote for deal Allot - Apportion (to someone) Allot - Share out a levy raised Allot - Distribute votes - leader misses out Allot - Share out about fifty tons Allot - Distribute generous amount to audience Allot - Start off voting for grant Allot - Share out nothing with matthew & co? Allot - A tax put back in budget Allot - Give, apportion Allot - Making every effort, but failing to secure university grant Allot - Dish out great amount among audience Allot - Distribute votes, ignoring extremists Allot - Give out scores on the radio Allot - Dish out tax returns on first of april Allot - Assign about fifty tons Allot - Set aside vegetable mum's scrubbed Allot - Assign complete set of religious readings Allot - By the sound of it, many split up Allot - Dedicate 100% to revolutionary Allot - Distribute a great deal among listeners Allot - Divide into shares Allot - Share out Allot - Parcel out, assign Allot - A rumoured fortune to share out Allot - Would give a great deal to hear Allot - Give a ring back Allot - Designate a charge for crossing back Allot - A parcel we're told to hand out Allot - Earmark a large area in france Allot - A f-fortune to distribute Allot - Dispense with amateur tax returns Allot - A tax return to distribute Allot - Start off voting dole out Allot - A student's destiny to get grant Allot - Hand out each book Allot - Parcel Allot - Grant gets everything for office at writers' centre Allot - Distribute everything with love on time Allot - Dispense with non-universal kind of strike Allot - Set apart, as funds Allot - Designate a place to park in announcement Allot - Designate to a great extent, protecting first in line Allot - Dispense with a regressive tax Allot - Share out scores in audition Allot - Vote to exclude leader's share Allot - Give out old books to everybody Allot - Parcel out, as property Allot - Dispense per diem Allot - Hand out, as in per diem Allot - To dispense per diem Allot - Dispense with every book Allot - Set aside vote? that's not british Allot - Assign full set of religious texts? Allot - Distribute the whole first part of the bible Allot - Give in shares Allot - Apportion, as a time Allot - Divvy up accordingly Allot - Set aside first of logs in piles Allot - Share vote (labour's third, out of it) Allot - Assign, as shares Allot - Very much welcomes large grant Allot - Dish out a great deal, we hear Allot - Tax returns holding up a grant Allot - Share out area tax returns Allot - Stonewall without news to distribute Allot - Set aside a great deal for the audience