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Var - Department in provence

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  • Var - Letter on V
  • 1 - st. word V
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word R

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Var - "alternate spelling" abbr Var - "non-standard spelling," in a dict Var - 'enrol,' for 'enroll': abbr Var - 'iglu,' for 'igloo': abbr Var - (alternate sp.), in crossword clues Var - Abbr. at the end of some crossword clues Var - Abbr. for emeu or iglu Var - Abbr. on some crossword clues Var - Alt. sp Var - Alt. sp., in crosswords Var - Alt. spelling Var - Alt. spelling hint Var - Alt. spelling indicator, in crosswords Var - Alt. spelling, in a dictionary Var - Alternate sp Var - Alternate sp., in crossword clues Var - Alternate spelling abbr Var - Alternate spelling of a wd Var - Alternate spelling, in crossword abbrs Var - Alternate spelling: abbr Var - Alternate wd. spelling Var - Alternate: abbr Var - Alternative spelling: abbr Var - Crossword clue abbr Var - Crossword-clue abbr Var - Crossword-page abbr Var - Department in provence Var - Dict. listing Var - Dict. spelling designation Var - Dict. spelling tag Var - Dict. tag on 'thru' Var - Dict. tag on 'tzar' Var - Dictionary abbr Var - Dictionary abbr. after 'iglu' or 'tabu' Var - Dictionary abbr. next to a weird spelling Var - Diff. spelling Var - Different sp Var - Different spelling, in crosswords: abbr Var - Fleuve de france Var - Fleuve français Var - Irreg Var - Irreg. spelling Var - Kin of alt. sp Var - Kin of: alt sp Var - Like 'tabu' or 'iglu': abbr Var - Man: lat Var - Misc Var - Not a std. listing Var - Not reg Var - Not standard: abbr Var - Not the usual sp Var - Not the usual spelling: abbr Var - Tabu for taboo, e.g.: abbr Var - Variable, abbr Var - What 'whisky' is to 'whiskey': abbr