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Ran - Took part in a 10k

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Ran - Tore Ran - Commanded Ran - Operated Ran - Kurasawa film Ran - Didn't face the enemy Ran - Sought election Ran - Wasn't fast...or was fast? Ran - Sprinted Ran - Competed, in a way Ran - What dick, jane and spot did Ran - Headed Ran - Printed Ran - Split Ran - Managed Ran - Sought office Ran - Didn't hold Ran - Exhibited fear Ran - Wasn't colorfast Ran - Handled Ran - Maintained Ran - Fled or bled Ran - Amscrayed Ran - Skedaddled Ran - Ruled Ran - Didn't malfunction Ran - 1985 kurosawa film Ran - Led Ran - Took part in a 10k Ran - Tried to get a seat Ran - Campaigned Ran - Was printed Ran - Bled Ran - Hightailed it Ran - Showed Ran - Wasn't brave Ran - Dashed Ran - Did a 10k, e.g Ran - Bolted Ran - With 47-down, went wild Ran - Vied for a position Ran - Sought a seat Ran - Scampered Ran - Competed in a 10k Ran - Succumbed to fear, maybe Ran - Competed in a marathon Ran - Turned chicken Ran - Accepted the nomination, say Ran - Japanese adaptation of "king lear" Ran - Threw one's hat in the ring Ran - Published Ran - Kurosawa's "king lear" Ran - Sped Ran - Appeared in print Ran - Wasn't steadfast Ran - Came (across) Ran - Flowed Ran - Was published Ran - Turned tail Ran - Hotfooted it Ran - Tried to get elected Ran - Was a coward Ran - Wasn't exactly brave Ran - Did a marathon Ran - Scurried Ran - Contended Ran - Showed fear Ran - Displayed fear Ran - Oversaw Ran - Took charge of Ran - Was in charge of Ran - Hit the campaign trail Ran - Took off Ran - Didn't fight, say Ran - Amounted (to) Ran - Functioned Ran - Avoided bloodshed Ran - Sought a seat, perhaps Ran - Took a powder Ran - Served as manager of Ran - Kurosawa classic Ran - Kurosawa masterpiece Ran - Made haste Ran - Bled in the laundry Ran - Administered Ran - Showed cowardice, perhaps Ran - Vied for office Ran - Directed Ran - Bled in the wash Ran - Fled on foot Ran - Lasted Ran - Traveled fast Ran - Did not pass Ran - Acted like a sap? Ran - Appeared in the paper Ran - Did a 10k, say Ran - Operated, as machinery Ran - Jogged Ran - Didn't face the music Ran - Displayed fear, in a way Ran - Fled Ran - Was fast ... or wasn't fast Ran - Raced Ran - Was a candidate Ran - Displayed cowardice Ran - Sped on foot Ran - Turned yellow? Ran - Did a 6k, say Ran - Displayed cowardice, in a way Ran - Competed in a 5 down Ran - Sought a senate seat, say Ran - Kurosawa's adaptation of 'king lear' Ran - Headed for the hills Ran - Turned yellow, maybe Ran - Campaigned for office Ran - Retreated hastily Ran - - Ran - Helmed Ran - Went lickety-split Ran - Competed politically Ran - Superintended Ran - Sought public office Ran - Bled, like dyes Ran - Flew the coop Ran - Took it on the lam Ran - Made (off) Ran - Totaled Ran - If it follows also, it's a failure Ran - Competed at belmont Ran - Used, as an operating system Ran - Kurosawa epic Ran - Was on the ballot Ran - Was on the ticket Ran - Conducted a campaign Ran - Didn't stay and fight Ran - Turned yellow Ran - Booked it Ran - Was fast . . . or wasn't Ran - Put in the paper Ran - Did laps, maybe Ran - Projected, as a film Ran - Headed up Ran - Was the head of Ran - Cut out Ran - Moved it Ran - Beat a retreat Ran - Competed in a race Ran - Was head of Ran - Was fast, or wasn't fast Ran - Entered a contest Ran - Went jogging Ran - Did an olympic sport Ran - Unraveled Ran - Got a move on Ran - Was on a slate Ran - Obviously wasn't brave Ran - Made the newspaper Ran - Was in theaters Ran - Fled the scene Ran - Sought elected office Ran - Made it into print Ran - Bled, like dye Ran - Scampered and scurried Ran - Governed Ran - Took off, in a way Ran - Made tracks Ran - Chose flight over fight Ran - Emulated abebe bikila Ran - Showed fear, in a way Ran - Didn't go slow Ran - Participated in a marathon Ran - Racked (up) Ran - Was in a derby Ran - Conducted Ran - Was boss of Ran - Made the papers Ran - Was on a ticket Ran - Vamoosed Ran - Vied for a seat Ran - Sought political office Ran - Absquatulated Ran - Completed a triathlon Ran - Took flight Ran - Faced the electorate Ran - Participated in a 10k Ran - Did a 5k Ran - Joined the race Ran - Tried the track Ran - Galloped Ran - Entered the marathon Ran - Presided over Ran - Con- ducted Ran - Scooted Ran - Hustled Ran - Kurosawa movie Ran - Hastened Ran - Participated in track Ran - Hurried Ran - Legged it Ran - Trotted Ran - See 113-across Ran - Booked Ran - Dashed off Ran - 1985 kurosawa classic Ran - Made it into the paper Ran - Hied Ran - Managed to get into 26 down Ran - Cats did; so did 3 down Ran - How one was in a hurry to get the king in order Ran - Hurried like this to the c.i.d. when it was all so bad Ran - Managed to get five hundred more to spend in south africa Ran - What the cur did in ireland to get away with it Ran - Thus it followed also behind the others Ran - So cate was in a hurry to make a sort of 31 across Ran - Was in a hurry to get the king in position (3) Ran - Also was in such a hurry at last Ran - The sort of sack you put what you steal into Ran - How a cur might have gone after an irishman Ran - The thief might have got the sack after this Ran - What the cowardly cur from ireland did in haste Ran - How a cur may have managed an irishman Ran - The k.o. was not slow to be in 24 across Ran - For 5 down made off with a sack of this Ran - This is what ted did in a hurry in an immoderate way in a manner of speaking Ran - Lost no time to get a sack for what you steal Ran - In a hurry to have managed the cid in a bad way Ran - Also this at last Ran - Took to one's heels Ran - Stood for election or managed Ran - Moved fast Ran - Worked Ran - Avoided bloodshed, in a way Ran - Moved fast or managed Ran - Moved very fast or managed Ran - Emulated usain bolt Ran - Cantered Ran - Entered an election or managed Ran - Managed to have been in a hurry Ran - Quickly went to the bad with the cid (3) Ran - Thus hurried over the king for status Ran - In a hurry to get a further five hundred in south africa Ran - The cid could have made this go to the bad in a hurry Ran - The cur did this in such a hurry for the irishman Ran - Served as ceo of Ran - Contested an election Ran - Took off on foot Ran - Cam-paigned Ran - 1985 film based on 'king lear' Ran - Departed quickly Ran - Tried for office Ran - Akira kurosawa classic Ran - 1985 'king lear' adaptation Ran - Sprinted or dashed Ran - Hurried from grand central Ran - Leaderless country's 26 down Ran - Directed - fled Ran - Got ruined in the wash Ran - With 41-across, chased Ran - Really moved Ran - Bled or fled Ran - Sought a senate seat Ran - Wasn't brave in the least Ran - Put in the post, say Ran - Raced on foot Ran - Did a dash Ran - Emulated forrest gump Ran - Completed a marathon Ran - Lit out Ran - Went around a track Ran - Beat it Ran - Analyzed, as the numbers Ran - Masterminded Ran - Participated in a derby Ran - 1985 akira kurosawa film based on 'king lear' Ran - With 4-down, lost control Ran - Got the hell out of there Ran - Entered the primary Ran - Also-___ (loser) Ran - Participated in cross country Ran - Did more than walked Ran - Chased (after) Ran - Bled, as colors Ran - Saw publication Ran - Flew Ran - Executed, as a computer program Ran - Tore on foot Ran - Was on the slate Ran - Scrammed Ran - Gained yardage on the ground Ran - With 9 down, got out of control Ran - Retreated in a hurry Ran - Did a 10k Ran - Turned yella Ran - Saw print Ran - 11 on foot Ran - Darted Ran - Broke away Ran - Excuse made by middle-of-the-road, former politician Ran - Went fast and was in charge Ran - Managed to get king off row of squares Ran - Entered (a race) Ran - Managed; raced Ran - Bad weather - i left: at speed? Ran - Managed; operated Ran - Managed; hurried Ran - Took a single position in society, away from king Ran - Was a scooter in transit? Ran - Was candidate for diploma beaten ultimately? Ran - Scampered away Ran - Sought office somewhere in the mediterranean? Ran - Left in a hurry Ran - Went for a seat Ran - Hustled it up Ran - Hurried and phoned, though cut off prematurely Ran - Managed area within armed forces Ran - Governed country short of capital Ran - Service, including ace, travelled fast Ran - Competed in the last leg of a triathlon Ran - Operated; hurried Ran - Showed cowardice, say Ran - Amscrayed on foot Ran - Was yellow, say Ran - Took part in a 53-across Ran - Made a break for it Ran - More than trotted Ran - Hurried from miranda Ran - Sought office somewhere in the mediterranean Ran - Reacted pusillanimously Ran - Tried to win, with "for" Ran - Compete in a race Ran - Led ... or bled Ran - Entered a race Ran - Tried to steal Ran - Reacted to a monster Ran - Sought elective office Ran - Headed for home, say Ran - Got used up, with "out" Ran - Published, as an article Ran - Analyzed, as 'the numbers' Ran - Was a marathoner Ran - Competed in the steeplechase Ran - Appeared (in) Ran - Dashed away Ran - Plied (between) Ran - Entered a 10k Ran - Tried to get into an office Ran - Competed in a steeplechase Ran - Did 22-across Ran - Sought an office Ran - Stood for election Ran - See 5 down Ran - Took part in a marathon Ran - Fared poorly in the wash Ran - Took care of Ran - "i ___ so far away" Ran - Flock of seagulls: "i ___ so far away ..." Ran - What flock of seagulls did? Ran - What flock of seagulls did Ran - "on the streets i ___" morrissey Ran - Flock of seagulls "i ___" Ran - What first kids did to front row Ran - Linda ronstadt "when we ___" Ran - My morning jacket "they ___" Ran - What a flock of seagulls did "so far away"? Ran - Flock of seagulls smash "i ___" Ran - Had a series of performances Ran - Participated in racewalking Ran - Was chicken, say Ran - Did laps Ran - Vied (for) Ran - Took off cover in san francisco Ran - Didn't just walk Ran - In transit by dart in the past Ran - Proved to be a chicken Ran - Competed like usain bolt Ran - Sounded off Ran - Operated, as equipment Ran - Courted the electorate Ran - Did a 5k, e.g Ran - Absconded Ran - Last of our media men dispersed Ran - Did the last leg of a triathlon Ran - With 50-down, happened to meet Ran - 'the king of football' Ran - Did a 5k or 10k Ran - What kids did up to gate Ran - Scooted away Ran - Marathoned Ran - Organised and hurried Ran - Executed, as an app Ran - Made a rush Ran - Organised gunners by name Ran - Organised gunners by name Ran - Did 52-across