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Hamlet - Tiny village

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Hamlet - Tiny village Hamlet - '... heaven hath pleas'd it so, / to punish me ...' speaker Hamlet - It's smaller than a village Hamlet - "to be, or not to be" speaker Hamlet - Classic olivier role Hamlet - Village Hamlet - Small town Hamlet - 'to be or not to be' soliloquist Hamlet - Shakespeare's prince of denmark Hamlet - Small village Hamlet - Tchaikovsky fantasy-overture Hamlet - Whence the phrase 'brevity is the soul of wit' Hamlet - 'to be or not to be' speaker Hamlet - Whence the line 'to sleep: perchance to dream' Hamlet - Whence "neither a borrower nor a lender be" Hamlet - Gielgud role Hamlet - His last words were "the rest is silence" Hamlet - Shakespearean soliloquist Hamlet - Source of the line 'frailty, thy name is woman!' 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Hamlet - Shakespeare's tragic danish prince Hamlet - Village for shakespearean prince Hamlet - Shakespeare's tragic prince Hamlet - Small village for danish prince Hamlet - Small village for shakespeare prince Hamlet - Shakespeare's tragic prince of denmark Hamlet - Tragic prince of elsinore Hamlet - The prince of denmark Hamlet - The tree comes up in a hat with few houses in 2 down Hamlet - Just a little place for a prince at play Hamlet - Small settlement for denmark Hamlet - Climbing tree to break cover in village play Hamlet - Poor actor allowed to be in small village play Hamlet - Bad actor allowed title role Hamlet - Poor actor allowed role beyond his capabilities? Hamlet - Over-theatrical thesp­ian's allowed a shakespearean role Hamlet - Small settlement for prince Hamlet - Person acting badly allowed in village Hamlet - Village drama society's production? Hamlet - Play for the village Hamlet - Danish king in play Hamlet - Village - tragedy Hamlet - (hero of) play Hamlet - Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet - Shakespearean prince Hamlet - Thelma (anag) - play Hamlet - "get thee to a nunnery" speaker Hamlet - Shakespeare title role Hamlet - Nephew of claudius Hamlet - Village play? Hamlet - Shakespeare title character Hamlet - Speaker of the first syllables of the answers to starred clues Hamlet - Play in a small village Hamlet - Best picture of 1948 Hamlet - Source of the saying 'brevity is the soul of wit' Hamlet - Whence the line 'a little more than kin, and less than kind' Hamlet - 'frailty, thy name is woman!' speaker Hamlet - Exemplar of indecision Hamlet - 'thus conscience does make cowards of us all' observer Hamlet - Shak. play; village Hamlet - Poor actor, an impediment in tragic role Hamlet - Village; play Hamlet - To be, or not to be play Hamlet - Marjorie rawlings's bond? Hamlet - To be or not to be in dulwich? Hamlet - Tragedy in small community Hamlet - Prince whose forefathers were rude, did gray imply? Hamlet - Village prince Hamlet - Poor actor allowed famous title role Hamlet - Diminutive actor maybe in title role Hamlet - 1ac in which actor has to suffer? Hamlet - A village setting for shakespeare's play Hamlet - Village, danish prince Hamlet - Tiny village; prince of denmark Hamlet - Noah's son allowed to be in the community Hamlet - Village play Hamlet - Small community Hamlet - Shakespearean play Hamlet - Meat permit issued by small community Hamlet - A shakespeare tragedy Hamlet - Play arrangement of unfinished mahler concerto no 7 Hamlet - Small settlement Hamlet - Small country location for shakespeare play Hamlet - Tragedy in a small village Hamlet - Bad actor permitted in title role Hamlet - Small rural community Hamlet - Speaker of the ends of the answers to starred clues Hamlet - Source of the line 'madness in great ones must not unwatch'd go' Hamlet - Miles enters sporting heat for the community Hamlet - "the rest is silence" speaker Hamlet - Radio buff rented small place in the country Hamlet - 'to sleep, perchance to dream' speaker Hamlet - Amateur allowed in play Hamlet - Literary prince of denmark Hamlet - Small settlement for dramatically wronged prince Hamlet - Play containing the line 'good night, sweet prince' Hamlet - Great dane? Hamlet - Play Hamlet - 'to be, or not to be' speaker Hamlet - Bad actor surmounts hindrance to get shakespearean role Hamlet - Small village, one made famous by shakespeare Hamlet - Memorable indecisive dane Hamlet - In the morning, 50 entered the mysterious little village Hamlet - In the morning, 50 entered the mysterious little village Hamlet - Village - play Hamlet - Village - play