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Crease - Wrinkle

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Crease - Fold, as paper Crease - Dogear mark Crease - Goalie's spot Crease - Goalie's area Crease - Wrinkle Crease - Result of ironing Crease - Laugh line, e.g Crease - Pant leg feature Crease - Iron target Crease - Line of clothing? Crease - Hockey goalie's area Crease - Hockey area Crease - Goalie's area in lacrosse Crease - Pants line Crease - Make a fold in Crease - Trouser-leg line Crease - Area in a hockey rink Crease - Trouser feature Crease - See 39-down Crease - Pressing concern Crease - Pressed-pants feature Crease - Rink area Crease - Trousers feature Crease - Hockey-net area Crease - Pressing issue? Crease - Area in front of a hockey goal Crease - Ironing line Crease - Pants-leg feature Crease - Clothes line? Crease - Result of a pressing Crease - Trouser-leg feature Crease - Trouser edge Crease - Origami feature Crease - Fold Crease - Iron's target Crease - Goalie's bailiwick Crease - The fold provides some comfort at last Crease - Wrinkle or pressed line Crease - Fold or wrinkle Crease - Line caused by pressing Crease - Line caused in cloth by folding Crease - Line caused by folding or pressing, cloth or paper Crease - Line caused by folding or pressing Crease - Wrinkle on the cricket pitch? Crease - Batting at there with such in your trousers Crease - Clothing line Crease - In this getting ironed out make more Crease - Where the batsman stands about in case Crease - The ridge in the middle at lord's? Crease - Get wrinkled serving men into condition Crease - Where strauss, say, pops in at lord's? Crease - Screw up credit facility Crease - Soldier in action has to double up Crease - Fold, maybe unmeant Crease - Fold in clothing Crease - Line made by folding Crease - Fold - wrinkle Crease - Line produced by folding Crease - Mark made by fold Crease - Feature of new bedsheets Crease - Run in to stop batsman reaching it Crease - Fold in line of fire at lords Crease - Fedora feature Crease - Lacrosse goalie's area Crease - Fold mark Crease - Fold; batsman's position Crease - Furrow; cricket line Crease - Dagger rarely found on cricket pitch Crease - Furrow, wrinkle Crease - Wrinkle, furrow Crease - Mark on cricket pitch Crease - Feature of trousers about to be packed? Crease - Increment not popular - iron this out Crease - Stop collecting runs, stuck here? Crease - Fold; wrinkle Crease - Wrinkle; fold Crease - Cricket line; wrinkle Crease - Folded line Crease - Origami step Crease - Double up to stop outside right Crease - A line on the patient about to be admitted Crease - Line up the bags Crease - Fold, if about to be put into container Crease - Line, to stop the rain getting through Crease - Credit facility that needs smoothing over? Crease - Fold in clothes Crease - Place to end taking runs Crease - Facility has credit on line Crease - ...stop taking republican line Crease - Having taken run, stop batsman's line Crease - Stop embracing redhead and pucker Crease - Line engineers carried in box Crease - Stop crossing river line Crease - Pants pressing line Crease - Where the batsman stands about, in case Crease - Stop pinching flanker's rear in ruck Crease - Stop crossing right line for a batsman Crease - Trouser leg feature Crease - Writing to engineer in case this tends to fold Crease - Photo flaw Crease - Hockey rink area Crease - Pants fold Crease - Run in to stop batsman reaching it? Crease - Pleat feature Crease - Finish raw edge in pleat Crease - Fold back electronic snail mail reply facilitator (roman catholic) Crease - Folder's creation Crease - Iron product Crease - Tuck right into finish Crease - Ironer's target Crease - Paper fold Crease - American indian conceals a singular wrinkle Crease - Collecting runs, stop -- behind this? Crease - Pants pleat, for example Crease - Crinkle Crease - Line pressed right into end