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Astute - Smart

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Astute - 'perceptive, shrewd (6)' Astute - Able to assess (people or situations) accurately Astute - Alternately false/true: then smart (with some self-interest?) Astute - Being shrewd, involve the state university in Astute - Canny Astute - Canny and sagacious Astute - Canny having statue repaired Astute - Canny way to break into a truck down under Astute - Canny, shrewd Astute - Carve statue with good judgement Astute - Clever Astute - Clever and canny Astute - Clever and crafty Astute - Clever and perceptive Astute - Clever and shrewd Astute - Clever as student, mostly Astute - Clever pupil finally drops english after getting good grades Astute - Clever use of statue Astute - Clever, in a way, to get vehicle from australia Astute - Clever; sharp Astute - Crafty Astute - Cunning Astute - Cute enough at tues Astute - Cute of you to get in such a state Astute - Discerning Astute - Fly? a second half of instruction*s needed Astute - For this use a t.t. that's sharp Astute - Foxy, like student? no end! Astute - Having hardheaded intelligence Astute - In the role of an old king, canute ultimately perceptive Astute - Insightful Astute - Keen Astute - Keen to put time into saute cooking Astute - Keenly smart Astute - Knowing film for all ages is in dubious taste Astute - Last utensils kept sharp Astute - Like a quick study Astute - Like one learning in small group maybe, mostly perceptive Astute - Like sharp guitar student Astute - Like sherlock holmes Astute - Like some observations Astute - Likewise one might make a statue of this Astute - Local quick on the uptake in area in front of road for half salute Astute - Mentally sharp Astute - Nobody's fool Astute - Not born yesterday Astute - Not dull Astute - Not easily misled Astute - Nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree to escape apollo Astute - On the ball Astute - One with some of minerva's tutelage Astute - Part of vast utensil it is shrewd to have Astute - Peerceptive Astute - Perceptive Astute - Perceptive and shrewd Astute - Perceptive like two-thirds of undergraduates Astute - Perceptive representation of statue Astute - Perceptive, shrewd Astute - Percipient Astute - Perspicacious Astute - Quick Astute - Quick on the uptake Astute - Quick to find unusual statue Astute - Quick-thinking Astute - Sagacious Astute - Savvy Astute - Scoffed about boss mainly being on the ball Astute - Sculpted statue - that's clever! Astute - Sculpted statue, showing ingenuity Astute - Sharp Astute - Sharp and clever Astute - Sharp as a statue Astute - Sharp as a tack Astute - Sharp at tues Astute - Sharp bits of the statue Astute - Sharp enough to get at suet from this? Astute - Sharp enough to get at suet with this Astute - Sharp enough to get you into a state Astute - Sharp enough to have you in a state Astute - Sharp enough to make a statue of it Astute - Sharp statue toppled Astute - Sharp taste rolled around centre of mouth Astute - Sharp taste spread round middle of mouth Astute - Sharp, like pupil dropping english finally Astute - Sharp, shrewd Astute - Sharp-witted Astute - Shrewd Astute - Shrewd - perceptive Astute - Shrewd and clever Astute - Shrewd and discerning Astute - Shrewd and sagacious Astute - Shrewd like trade union leaders with their employers Astute - Shrewd or savvy Astute - Shrewd showing sculpted statue Astute - Shrewd, canny Astute - Shrewd, perceptive Astute - Shrewd, quick to spot advantage Astute - Shrewd, sharp Astute - Shrewd, wily Astute - Since you are french and returning from france, it's shrewd Astute - Smart Astute - Smart and canny Astute - Smart as a whip Astute - Smart but for all in bad taste Astute - Smart egyptian leader to follow since pharaoh Astute - Smart enough at suet Astute - Smart enough to get at tues Astute - Some breakfast utensils may be sharp Astute - Statue (anag) Astute - Statue (anag.) Astute - Statue's awful cute Astute - That's a shewd way to make a statue Astute - That's enough to make one teat sharp with us Astute - This makes you shortly sharp in taste Astute - Tough to outwit Astute - Very perceptive Astute - Very wise Astute - Wily Astute - Wily characters represented in statue Astute - Wily like ancient king, leader in egypt Astute - Wise like undergraduate largely? Astute - Word from the latin for "cunning" Astute - You are in a smart state Astute - You are shortly to be found in a shrewd state Astute - You get to be smart in taste