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Fda - Grp. whose approval is often sought

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Fda - Grp. that conducts many tests Fda - Pharmaceutical watchdog grp Fda - Safe-products org Fda - Pharmaceutical-approving org Fda - Public health org Fda - Pharmaceuticals overseer, for short Fda - Medicine regulators: abbr Fda - Grp. whose approval is often sought Fda - U.s. govt. agency Fda - Azt approver Fda - H.h.s. division Fda - Many cos. seek its approval Fda - U.s. health watchdog Fda - Watchdog org Fda - Medicine dropper? (abbr.) Fda - Org. that's a real medicine dropper Fda - Approval-granting org Fda - Org. that may request a recall Fda - Food safety agy Fda - Medicine-testing org Fda - Govt. inspectors Fda - Consumer's protective agcy Fda - Public health agcy Fda - They say ok to drugs Fda - Another fed. agcy Fda - Pharm. watchdog Fda - Federal regulatory grp Fda - Substance checker: abbr Fda - Govt. pharmaceuticals overseer Fda - R.d.a. label requirer Fda - U.s. cosmetics overseer Fda - Meds monitor Fda - Pharmaceutical-safety org Fda - Org. whose approval is much sought Fda - Medicine watchdog grp Fda - U.s. health protector Fda - Medicine approval agcy Fda - U.s. pharmaceuticals overseer Fda - Nourishment oversight grp Fda - Org. that may say no to drugs Fda - Pharmaceutical watchdog org Fda - Govt. health watchdog Fda - Govt. org. since 1930 Fda - Pharmaceuticals watchdog agcy Fda - Org. that may say 'no' to drugs Fda - Kind of approval Fda - Pharm. team? Fda - Govt. testing org Fda - Rx overseer Fda - Org. that gives approvals Fda - Rx watchdog Fda - Cosmetics regulating agcy Fda - Food safety agcy Fda - The ctr. for veterinary medicine is a branch of it Fda - Hhs agency Fda - Govt inspectors Fda - Pharmaceutical-regulating agcy Fda - Prescription regulator: abbr Fda - Public health service gp Fda - Govt. product-tester Fda - Medwatch agcy Fda - Testing org Fda - They say yes to drugs Fda - U.s. vaccine authority Fda - Thalidomide-blocking agcy Fda - U.s. medicine regulator Fda - Org. that may call for a recall Fda - Govt. agency that approves medicines Fda - Pharmaceutical watchdog: abbr Fda - Medicine dropper? Fda - Govt. cosmetics regulator Fda - Snake oil police, briefly Fda - Dept. of health and human services div Fda - Pharma regulator Fda - Recalling org Fda - Substance-banning agcy Fda - Org. overseeing trials Fda - Agcy. that sets (often surprisingly high) maximum standards for the amounts of the circled materials in edible goods Fda - They say "yes" to drugs Fda - Cosmetics overseer Fda - Occasional medicine dropper?: abbr Fda - Health and human services agcy Fda - Pharmaceutical watchdog gp Fda - Cosmetics-testing org Fda - Safety org Fda - Agcy. that may order recalls Fda - U.s. drug safety org Fda - Prescription safety org Fda - Rx regulator Fda - Pharmaceutical watchdog agcy Fda - Pharmaceutical overseer Fda - ___ approved Fda - Vitamin-regulating agcy Fda - Govt. rx watchdog Fda - Its approval is often sought: abbr Fda - Govt. approver of new meds Fda - Food-labeling watchdog: abbr Fda - Medicine overseer, for short Fda - Part of the dept. of hhs Fda - Food-safety org Fda - Food safety org Fda - Rx-testing org Fda - Consumer watchdog grp Fda - Med.-testing org Fda - Consumer watchdog org Fda - Cosmetics watchdog org Fda - Fed. watchdog org Fda - Medicine approval org Fda - Med. watchdog org Fda - Med. approval agcy Fda - Hhs division Fda - Med. watchdog grp Fda - Rx watchdog org Fda - Rx safety grp Fda - Med. approver Fda - Substance-banning org Fda - Ephedra-banning org Fda - Pill-approving gp Fda - Cosmetic safety gp Fda - Pill-banning org Fda - Rx org Fda - Pill-approving org Fda - Rx overseers' org Fda - Gov't safety overseer Fda - Pharmaceutical overseer, for short Fda - Gov. agency Fda - Govt. watchdog for medicines Fda - Org. that banned ephedra Fda - Cigarette mktg. watchdog Fda - Recaller of faulty meds Fda - Vitamin regulator Fda - Med banner Fda - Med. regulators Fda - U.s. pharmaceuticals regulator Fda - Pharm. watchdog org Fda - Cosmetics-overseeing agcy Fda - Agcy. that approves medicines Fda - Cosmetics overseeing agcy Fda - Marinol-approving org Fda - Agcy. dealing with nutrition Fda - Medicine-approving org Fda - Government product-testing org Fda - Dietary supp. watchdog Fda - It can say no to drugs Fda - Rx watchdog grp Fda - Pharmaceutical co. regulator Fda - Big pharma regulator Fda - Public-health agcy Fda - Regulator of otc drugs Fda - Med. approval org Fda - Gov. pharmaceutical regulators Fda - Cosmetic-safety gp Fda - Org. that approves new pharmaceuticals Fda - Med overseer: abbr Fda - Trial-conducting org Fda - Pharmaceutical-approving grp Fda - Tablet banner, say, briefly Fda - Pharmaceuticals regulator Fda - Org. that approves medications Fda - "serving up safe buffets" publisher Fda - Agcy. that regulates tobacco products Fda - Meds-monitoring agcy Fda - Org. that holds trials Fda - Org. that regulates vaccines Fda - Gov. med watchdog Fda - Grp. that approved olestra Fda - Prescription safety agcy Fda - Org. that regulates tobacco products Fda - Consumer protection org Fda - Rx safety org Fda - Rx overseeing org Fda - Cosmetics-safety agcy Fda - Pharmaceuticals overseer, briefly Fda - Org. that approves things Fda - 'protecting and promoting your health' org Fda - Pharma fraud police Fda - Org. whose approval is often sought Fda - Cosmetics regulator Fda - Cosmetic safety org Fda - Org. requiring milk pasteurization Fda - Drug approving org Fda - Org. that approves medicines Fda - Consumer-protection org Fda - Org. that includes the center for tobacco products Fda - Drug approver Fda - Drug-approving org Fda - Prescription regulating agcy Fda - They may say no to drugs (abbr.) Fda - Pharma watchdog Fda - Org. approving new medicines Fda - Org. regulating vaccines Fda - Govt. cosmetics watchdog Fda - Approver of new meds Fda - Agcy. of the department of health and human services Fda - Govt. cosmetics overseer Fda - Hhs subdivision Fda - Mri regulator Fda - Big pharma watchdog: abbr Fda - "protecting and promoting your health" org Fda - Agcy. ok'ing medicines Fda - Agcy. overseeing cosmetics Fda - Org. that oks medications Fda - Medicine testing agcy Fda - Letters of approval Fda - Pharmaceuticals overseer Fda - Medicine-testing agcy Fda - Grp. known as the bureau of chemistry from 1901 to 1927 Fda - Medication-regulating org Fda - U.s. vitamin overseer Fda - Rx approver Fda - Rx approver Fda - Pharmaceutical-approving agcy Fda - Pharmaceutical-approving agcy