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Acti - When king lear disinherits cordelia

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Acti - Play start Acti - Overture follower Acti - Play opener Acti - Intermission preceder Acti - Opera opener Acti - When king lear disinherits cordelia Acti - It follows a curtain-raising Acti - Play's opening Acti - Play opening Acti - Broadway opener Acti - Opener on broadway Acti - Opener on broadway? Acti - Broadway opening? Acti - Opening on broadway Acti - Where the play begins Acti - Play beginning Acti - Play starter Acti - Start of play? Acti - When romeo meets juliet Acti - Start of a play Acti - When carmen meets don josé Acti - Stage opening Acti - When the witches first appear in 'macbeth' Acti - When the curtain rises Acti - Prologue follower Acti - When hamlet meets his father's ghost Acti - Show starter Acti - When the lights dim Acti - Dramatic opening Acti - Play part Acti - Curtain raiser Acti - Where a play starts Acti - Plot introducer Acti - Show opener Acti - Curtain-rising time Acti - Start of a show Acti - When hamlet sees his father's ghost Acti - Play's start Acti - Theatrical kick-off Acti - Opera synopsis heading Acti - Theatrical opening Acti - When caesar is warned Acti - When hamlet sees the ghost Acti - "hamlet" starter Acti - Stage opener Acti - Drama opening Acti - 63 down start Acti - Play section Acti - When 'good morning baltimore' plays in 'hairspray' Acti - When sally sings "mein herr" in cabaret Acti - Musical opening Acti - Follow-up to a curtain opening Acti - Dramatic beginning Acti - Broadway beginning Acti - Broadway opening Acti - Show opening Acti - Start of "cymbeline," e.g Acti - When to open the curtain Acti - First part of a play Acti - It follows a curtain's rise Acti - Musical starter Acti - Common time for character exposition, onstage Acti - When the shipwreck occurs in 'the tempest' Acti - When lear disinherits cordelia Acti - "macbeth" opener Acti - Lights-out time Acti - When macbeth meets the witches Acti - When tevye sings "if i were a rich man" Acti - When romeo spots juliet Acti - Start on a stage Acti - "henry v" opener Acti - When giselle dies in "giselle" Acti - Where to see a dramatic beginning? Acti - It opens with thunder and lightning, in "macbeth" Acti - Curtain-raising time Acti - It may follow the dimming of lights Acti - When maggie calls herself 'a cat on a hot tin roof' Acti - When hamlet's father's ghost appears Acti - Playbill heading Acti - It opens on broadway Acti - It comes before intermission Acti - Start of many a play Acti - When "comedy tonight" is sung Acti - Dramatic start Acti - "sleuth" starter Acti - In "macbeth," it opens with thunder and lightning Acti - Start in literature Acti - When the tempest occurs in 'the tempest' Acti - Theater opening Acti - When eliza sings "wouldn't it be loverly?" Acti - It follows the overture Acti - Start of the play Acti - When the wicked witch dies, in 'wicked' Acti - Start of 'hamlet' Acti - Stage-play starter Acti - When caesar is told to beware Acti - When tony sings "maria" Acti - Opera opening Acti - When the nude scene occurs in 10-across Acti - First portion of a play Acti - Play beginner Acti - Start of some entertainment Acti - It may follow an overture Acti - When sally sings "mein herr" in "cabaret" Acti - When emile sings "some enchanted evening" Acti - Dramatic opener Acti - When valjean is released from prison Acti - Half of 'waiting for godot' Acti - When the ghost of hamlet's father first appears Acti - When elder kevin price goes to uganda, in 'the book of mormon' Acti - Play period? Acti - Dramatic introduction? Acti - When stanley cries 'hey, stella!' in 'a streetcar named desire' Acti - When annie sings "maybe" Acti - King lear disinherits cordelia here Acti - It starts "siegfried" Acti - Early cliffsnotes subheading Acti - When the story begins, perhaps Acti - Opera's start Acti - Opening of a play Acti - First part of 'the nutcracker' Acti - When hamlet first sees a ghost Acti - "otello" opener Acti - When the soothsayer tells caesar 'beware the ides of march' Acti - Place for character development Acti - It follows a curtain-opening Acti - Opening segment Acti - When romeo spies juliet Acti - When romeo first sees juliet Acti - Intermission preceder, often Acti - Start of 'the nutcracker' Acti - Opera start Acti - Onset of a plot Acti - Exposition setting, often Acti - When 'june is bustin' out all over' is heard in 'carousel' Acti - When valjean adopts cosette Acti - When hamlet says, 'frailty, thy name is woman!' Acti - Play's beginning Acti - When caesar is warned to "beware the ides of march" Acti - It starts when the overture's over Acti - When "kansas city" is sung in "oklahoma!" Acti - When the ghost of old hamlet appears Acti - When 'kansas city' is sung in 'oklahoma!' Acti - Place for dramatic exposition Acti - It starts when the curtain rises Acti - It starts when the curtain rises