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Stroke - Backhand or forehand, e.g

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Stroke - Golf shot Stroke - Backhand or forehand, e.g Stroke - Crew team member nearest the stern Stroke - Word from a coxswain Stroke - Call to a crew Stroke - Golf swing Stroke - Butterfly, e.g Stroke - Chip or putt Stroke - Coxswain's command Stroke - Crawl or butterfly Stroke - Cox's call Stroke - Coxswain's call Stroke - Drive or putt Stroke - Canoe crew motion Stroke - Single act, as of genius Stroke - Golf putt, for example Stroke - Hitting of a golf ball Stroke - Piston motion Stroke - Painter's motion Stroke - Swimmer's choice Stroke - Backhand, e.g Stroke - Caress Stroke - Putt, e.g Stroke - Rub lightly Stroke - Pet Stroke - The leading oarsman could have a paralysing attack Stroke - See! oh, too sound! Stroke - Can the broken cues turn over the sod in portugal? Stroke - Despite its severity, one is all right among the rest Stroke - A drive, for instance, may be the last thing you'd have Stroke - The sort of heart trouble one must have in 6 down Stroke - The way to give a hearty hand to your pet Stroke - Rowing may be the death of him Stroke - What a blow for a row! Stroke - Such a blow might be the end of you Stroke - A hearty blow with an oar Stroke - That might be the end of such a hearty rower Stroke - A row with him may be all too hearty and brainy Stroke - Caress gently Stroke - A blow or a brain haemorrhage Stroke - Attack of apoplexy Stroke - Brain haemorrhage Stroke - That's what one rower may suffer from Stroke - Apoplexy or blow as of whip Stroke - Brain haemorrhage or a blow Stroke - Blow or brain haemorrhage Stroke - Blow or a brain haemorrhage Stroke - Brain haemorrhage or caress Stroke - Rower's attack? Stroke - A blow or brain seizure Stroke - Attack of paralysis found in a boat? Stroke - Blow or apoplexy Stroke - A blow or brain haemorrhage Stroke - Blow or seizure Stroke - An attack of apoplexy Stroke - Attack suffered by a rower? Stroke - Method of swimming for a rower? Stroke - What a blow to have to see 28 across for this Stroke - He'll put his oar in - he's got it on the brain Stroke - The oarsman might use it for swimming, but it could be the death of him Stroke - Being under pressure, this may be the end of the rower Stroke - A faint complaint from one in a row, perhaps Stroke - Get hearily sick of one that's rowing Stroke - An oarsman is all right among the rest, even with apoplexy Stroke - The oarsman may get a heart attack Stroke - Attack the individual setting the rate Stroke - Caress one of the 8 Stroke - Seizure of one of eight? Stroke - Hit one having a row Stroke - One sportsman played by another Stroke - Medical seizure - effect of sun - oarsman Stroke - Brush gently - coup Stroke - Mark - oarsman - blow - apoplexy Stroke - Mark - oarsman Stroke - Blow ?- single movement Stroke - Manner of swimming - caress with hand Stroke - Blow - gentle touch - brain damage Stroke - Blow - gentle touch - apoplexy Stroke - It's caused by interruption in blood-flow to the brain Stroke - It precedes "substituted ball" in the definitions section of the "rules of golf" Stroke - Stoker disturbed by seizure Stroke - Putt, for instance Stroke - Hit from a 102-down Stroke - Caress; batsman's hit Stroke - Cricket shot Stroke - Caress; cricket shot Stroke - Gentle action by oarsman Stroke - Caress; pencil mark Stroke - Mark made by brush Stroke - Line made by pen Stroke - A blow for one of rowing crew Stroke - Blow right into centre of kilns? Stroke - Swimming style Stroke - Speaking as king, i recalled rose, say, as one bewitched Stroke - Fit of apoplexy Stroke - Drive, perhaps right into staffs city Stroke - Fondle breast, for one Stroke - Pet butterfly? Stroke - Rower's brilliant achievement Stroke - Caress - rower Stroke - Blow Stroke - Shot that's a bit of luck for the player? Stroke - It's how you hit the ball, pet Stroke - Pat is all right - taking a rest break outside Stroke - An oarsman must be fit Stroke - Enter right into midlands town, at a crawl for example Stroke - Pet runs into midlands town Stroke - Line drawn at even the teeniest bit of work Stroke - Oarsman's line Stroke - Rub gently Stroke - Blow for a member of the rowing crew Stroke - Fit oarsman? Stroke - Feed's about right for a 5dn Stroke - Part of rally and run held in potteries town Stroke - Hit as cricketer or golfer, or oarsman Stroke - Stoker (anag.) Stroke - Handy way to demonstrate pet affection Stroke - One of eight getting a bit of luck? Stroke - See 1 down Stroke - Brilliant achievement for rower Stroke - Pamper, as somebody's ego Stroke - Perhaps crawl right into midlands town Stroke - Golfer's hit Stroke - Member of crew in river passing through english city Stroke - Slim dunlap suffered one in '12 Stroke - Perhaps butterfly's light touch Stroke - Scoring unit, in golf Stroke - Fondle - rower Stroke - Mark one of the crew Stroke - Gustav -, composer Stroke - Hit rower