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Oaths - Scouts take them

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Oaths - Swearing to tell the truth, and others Oaths - Swearing Oaths - Scouts take them Oaths - 'drat!' and 'egad!' Oaths - Blue language Oaths - They may be made with bibles Oaths - Swear words Oaths - Presidential affirmations Oaths - 'rats!' and others Oaths - Solemn promises Oaths - They're taken in court Oaths - They're given in court Oaths - Wedding promises Oaths - Some are solemn Oaths - They make people raise their hands Oaths - Solemn pledges Oaths - Swearing-in words Oaths - Recitals showing promise Oaths - 'nerts!' and others Oaths - Court rituals Oaths - Courtroom rituals Oaths - Swear words? Oaths - Solemn appeals Oaths - Pledges Oaths - Swearwords Oaths - They're taken on stands Oaths - "drat!" and "egad!" Oaths - Expletives Oaths - Curses Oaths - Promising words Oaths - Allegiance affirmations Oaths - Vows Oaths - I do's Oaths - Promising words? Oaths - Boy scouts take them Oaths - Unprintable outbursts Oaths - People raise their hands for them Oaths - They may be taken with a hand in the air Oaths - Four-letter words, sometimes Oaths - Bleeped words Oaths - Formal promises Oaths - Sworn promises Oaths - Solemn vows Oaths - They may be taken with a raised hand Oaths - They may be taken on bibles Oaths - Vows or curses Oaths - Swearing-in ceremonies Oaths - Solemn words Oaths - Breakable words Oaths - They're taken on the stand Oaths - Offices may require them Oaths - Four-letter words Oaths - Inaugurations' recitations Oaths - Dirty words Oaths - X-rated utterances Oaths - Curse words Oaths - You's swear there'd been a shot here Oaths - You'd swear they're there for the taking Oaths - You'd swear you'd got to take them Oaths - One has to swear them Oaths - So you'd swear you'd get them so around the hat Oaths - Profane expressions Oaths - One may have come to swear by them Oaths - '#@*!' and such Oaths - "gosh darn!" and worse Oaths - Salty language Oaths - See 16 Oaths - Blasphemy has to change Oaths - Curses as horse tucked into food Oaths - Has to change offensive language Oaths - Curses - words of honour? Oaths - They're taken in courtrooms Oaths - Heartfelt pledges Oaths - Courtroom statements Oaths - Has to make professions of loyalty Oaths - Solemn promises or curses Oaths - Judge's affirmations Oaths - Inauguration recitations Oaths - Occasions to raise one's hand Oaths - Profanities Oaths - Court statements Oaths - Solemn sworn promises Oaths - Cursing, catching horse with crop Oaths - Some loathsome four-letter words Oaths - Murray thought they were the flash-notes of speech Oaths - Sworn statements Oaths - Often accompanying terrible, horrible swearing, initially Oaths - Cereal boxes had initially produced such swearing Oaths - Imprecations Oaths - Promises nothing and trails, having lost leader Oaths - Inaugural rituals Oaths - Promises Oaths - Courtroom procedures Oaths - "drat!" and "shazam!" Oaths - Censor's targets Oaths - They might be minced or solemn Oaths - Pledges to chop up hosta Oaths - Jurors take them Oaths - They're often taken orally Oaths - Has to set out professions of loyalty Oaths - Some sentences pronounced in court Oaths - Mild ones are not obscene Oaths - Swear words by boy scouts? Oaths - Curses or solemn promises Oaths - Oaths Oaths - Courtroom promises Oaths - Has to change promises Oaths - Office administrations Oaths - Inauguration day vows Oaths - Inauguration day vows Oaths - Things taken by government officials Oaths - Things taken by government officials