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Clap - Sound of thunder

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Clap - Bit of thunder Clap - Applaud Clap - Thank the singer Clap - Sound of shutters in the wind Clap - Join hands? Clap - Thunderpeal Clap - Express glee Clap - Sound of thunder Clap - Keep time manually Clap - Storm sound Clap - Give a hand Clap - Hand-to-hand contact Clap - Clean, as erasers Clap - Reward the performance Clap - React to an act Clap - Show approval, in a way Clap - Burst of thunder Clap - React to a good act Clap - Mark time, in a way Clap - Express approval, in a way Clap - Pretentious, insincere language (with 5-across) Clap - Clean erasers Clap - Show you liked the show Clap - Fan sound Clap - Thunderous sound Clap - Thunder sound Clap - Keep time, in a way Clap - Put one's hands together Clap - Show appreciation Clap - Express glee, in a way Clap - Show approval Clap - Show appreciation, in a way Clap - Show appreciation at a performance Clap - Thunder unit Clap - Give the performers a hand Clap - Give it up, so to speak Clap - Loud, abrupt sound Clap - Abrupt bit of thunder Clap - Sound after a bolt Clap - ... thunder Clap - Summon a servant, maybe Clap - Be a good fan Clap - Sound from thor Clap - Try to induce an encore Clap - Reward the cast Clap - Indicate approval Clap - One way to request an encore Clap - Start an ovation Clap - Something to do after the show Clap - Show enjoyment at a show Clap - Snobbish way to summon a servant Clap - Give a hand? Clap - What fans do Clap - Endorse a statement, perhaps Clap - Give an ovation Clap - Show support Clap - Curtain-call sound Clap - Noise of thunder Clap - Put your hands together Clap - Show some love, so to speak Clap - Give the performer a hand Clap - Show appreciation at a show Clap - See, your friend has come back for the applause Clap - After a century your chum is back to applause Clap - Applause for the hundredth circuit Clap - Applaud manually Clap - Express approbation with the hands Clap - Make sound of applause Clap - Applaud in manual way Clap - Smack two palms Clap - Strike hands together to applaud Clap - Show appreciation at a concert Clap - Applaud company returns around april 1st Clap - See 1 Clap - Thunderous applause? Clap - Put 'em together, as it were Clap - Bit of fan appreciation Clap - Encourage the cast Clap - Give the band a hand Clap - Spectator sound Clap - Storm harbinger Clap - Show appreciation at the theater Clap - Private invasion, with 'the' Clap - Trap opening Clap - Acknowledge the band Clap - Put one's hands together, in a way Clap - Make some noise Clap - Express approval Clap - Double-___ Clap - Praise a performance Clap - Respond to "let's hear it ..." Clap - Bad-weather sound Clap - Show that you like the show Clap - Audibly show approval Clap - Soundly acknowledge a good shot Clap - Go hand to hand? Clap - Bit of thunderous applause? Clap - A meeting of hands express approval Clap - Cold drink giving cheer Clap - Cold drink that may be appreciated after performance Clap - Play mary mack, e.g Clap - Show of hands? Clap - Honor an honoree, say Clap - Applaud at start of closing circuit Clap - Approvingly receive cold drink Clap - Flamenco sound Clap - Show show appreciation Clap - Thunderous noise Clap - Appreciate a performance Clap - Thunder Clap - Sudden loud noise (of thunder?) Clap - Applaud with the hands Clap - Resounding blow Clap - Loud sound in a storm Clap - Join hands at show? Clap - Steve howe instrumental that he applauded? Clap - '71 steve howe instrumental Clap - Steve howe instrumental Clap - Show one's appreciation, in a way Clap - React to an "applaud" sign Clap - Sound in a storm Clap - One of many in an ovation Clap - Explosive sound Clap - Respond to "give it up for the band!" Clap - You can't do it with one hand Clap - Heed an "applause" sign Clap - Ovation fraction Clap - '71 instrumental from "the yes album"