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Eeyore - Pooh’s pal

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Eeyore - Pooh's grumpy pal Eeyore - Pooh’s pal Eeyore - Pooh pal Eeyore - Winnie-the-pooh's donkey friend Eeyore - 'winnie-the-pooh' donkey Eeyore - Milne's pessimist Eeyore - Pooh's gloomy pal Eeyore - Pooh's pal Eeyore - Fictional donkey Eeyore - Gloomy milne character Eeyore - Blue donkey Eeyore - Pal of roo Eeyore - Pal of piglet Eeyore - Gloomy pooh pal Eeyore - Gloomy thistle-eater of children's lit Eeyore - Milne pessimist Eeyore - Pessimistic pooh pal Eeyore - Pal of pooh Eeyore - Gloomy donkey of fiction Eeyore - Milne's "old grey donkey" Eeyore - Hundred acre wood donkey Eeyore - Pooh's mopey pal Eeyore - Frequent winner in the game of poohsticks Eeyore - Pal of pooh and roo Eeyore - Pessimist in a disney cartoon Eeyore - Milne ass Eeyore - Piglet pal Eeyore - Milne creature that frequently loses his tail Eeyore - Downer of children's books? Eeyore - Roo's donkey friend Eeyore - Pessimist of kiddie lit Eeyore - Character in 'piglet's big movie,' 2003 Eeyore - Friend of pooh Eeyore - Sawdust-filled kid-lit character Eeyore - Hundred acre wood pessimist Eeyore - Kid-lit donkey Eeyore - Gloomy resident of the hundred acre wood Eeyore - Friend of piglet and pooh Eeyore - Pal of pooh and piglet Eeyore - "piglet's big movie" character Eeyore - Milne's donkey Eeyore - Donkey of kiddie lit Eeyore - Ecstasies with old time occupant of 14 25 21 Eeyore - 8's donkey friend Eeyore - Donkey, 19's friend Eeyore - Pooh's donkey friend Eeyore - Pooh's sad friend Eeyore - Mopey disney character Eeyore - Pooh's donkey pal Eeyore - Donkey in 'winnie-the-pooh' Eeyore - 'it's not much of a tail, but i'm sort of attached to it' speaker Eeyore - Poohsticks player Eeyore - Kiddie lit character with a detachable tail Eeyore - Milne's morose donkey Eeyore - Mopey donkey of children's literature Eeyore - "it's not much of a tail, but i'm sort of attached to it" speaker Eeyore - Kid-lit character with a long face, in more ways than one Eeyore - Milne's depressive donkey Eeyore - A. a. milne donkey Eeyore - From end of june jane keeps old donkey in wood Eeyore - A. a. milne's donkey Eeyore - Vacantly escape the past, miserable ass Eeyore - Donkey engine lost its insides long ago Eeyore - Literary donkey Eeyore - Character found 'in a thistly corner of the forest' Eeyore - Donkey with a pinned-on tail Eeyore - Roo's donkey pal Eeyore - Christopher robin's donkey Eeyore - One of christopher robin's companions Eeyore - From early english long ago name for donkey Eeyore - Piglet's sad friend Eeyore - A. a. milne's eternal pessimist Eeyore - Gloomy donkey in winnie-the-pooh books Eeyore - He was gloomy about going after every job when regularly rejected Eeyore - Donkey in 'winnie-the-pooh' books Eeyore - One of christopher robin's companions in 'winnie-the-pooh' Eeyore - Pooh's pessimistic companion Eeyore - "house at pooh corner" character Eeyore - Kid-lit character who says 'the nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. eventually' Eeyore - Pooh's pessimistic pal Eeyore - Christopher robin's dismal donkey Eeyore - Roo's pal Eeyore - Kiddie-lit character with a pinned-on tail Eeyore - Extremes of endurance long ago for a friend to bear Eeyore - Friend of pooh and roo Eeyore - Pessimist in pooh books Eeyore - Bear’s friend in bygone days with body of deer