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Euro - Currency worth a little over a dollar

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Euro - Prefix with dollar or trash Euro - Currency replacing the mark, franc, lira, etc Euro - Money in the making Euro - International money Euro - New currency on the continent Euro - New money Euro - Continental prefix Euro - Currency worth a little over a dollar Euro - Continental currency Euro - Prefix with centric Euro - Current currency Euro - It's worth around a dollar Euro - New money on the continent Euro - New coin Euro - Mark alternative Euro - Continental coin Euro - Shared currency unit Euro - Prefix with bond Euro - Disney opener Euro - Market opener? Euro - Mark replacement Euro - Continental money Euro - New currency in the old world Euro - It's replacing the lira Euro - Continental capital Euro - Coin debuting on 1/1/02 Euro - Newly minted money Euro - Prefix with disney or dollar Euro - Newly coined coin Euro - Coin with a map on the front Euro - New currency abroad Euro - 100 cents, abroad Euro - Current continental currency Euro - Mark successor Euro - Money at a casa de cambio Euro - It's somewhat less than a pound Euro - It's worth about a dollar Euro - Currency abroad Euro - Overseas money Euro - Continental dollar Euro - Money in milan Euro - Mark's successor Euro - Recent change in change Euro - Foreign currency Euro - Note from france? Euro - Prefix with market Euro - Mark's replacement, e.g Euro - Change in the european union? Euro - It replaced the 10-down Euro - Franc exchange Euro - It's about a buck Euro - Large kangaroo Euro - 100-cent unit Euro - Franc's replacement Euro - Change for chirac Euro - Money, in many languages Euro - Currency roughly equal to the dollar Euro - Cannes coin Euro - Mark's replacement Euro - Mark supplanter Euro - Replacer of the franc Euro - Replacement for 62-down Euro - Foreign money Euro - Prefix with trash Euro - Money on the continent Euro - Continental cash Euro - Lisbon change Euro - Tender on the continent Euro - See 18-across Euro - Dollar competitor Euro - Italian bread Euro - Continental 'dollar' Euro - 100 cents Euro - Money in madrid Euro - Monetary unit Euro - Coin since 2002 Euro - Dublin money Euro - International coin Euro - Disney prefix Euro - Prefix for disney Euro - Franc replacement Euro - Overseas currency unit Euro - Overseas currency Euro - Currency on the continent Euro - Dollar opening Euro - Dollar prefix Euro - Prefix with pop Euro - Money in wide circulation Euro - It replaced the belgian franc Euro - Coin tossed in the 15-across fountain, nowadays Euro - French money Euro - Greek currency Euro - Certain currency Euro - Note from abroad Euro - Currency that replaced 23-across Euro - It replaced the drachma Euro - Prefix for dollar or disney Euro - Money in italy Euro - Coin with 12 stars on it Euro - Cordoba cash Euro - Prefix with dollar Euro - Money in monaco Euro - Franc replacer Euro - 21st-century currency Euro - New coin of 2002 Euro - 100 cents, perhaps Euro - It replaced the mark Euro - Overseas union unit Euro - Bond or market start Euro - Continental tender Euro - Prefix with bond or dollar Euro - It gets more bang than the buck Euro - French bread? Euro - Helsinki dough Euro - Money in spain and italy Euro - 100 cents, in spain Euro - Money in france Euro - Bill from france Euro - Note across the ocean? Euro - Drachma replacer Euro - Buck in bordeaux Euro - New bill of 2002 Euro - Note first used on 1/1/2002 Euro - Guilder's replacement Euro - Buck, in bordeaux Euro - Dollar rival Euro - Foreign exchange unit Euro - Prefix with "bond" or "dollar" Euro - Transnational currency Euro - Buck abroad Euro - Brescia bill Euro - Tender in france Euro - Bologna buck Euro - Mark's follower Euro - Lira's replacement Euro - Mark replacer Euro - Belgian bread Euro - Coin of the continent Euro - Reunion island money Euro - Continental capital? Euro - Money since 2002 Euro - Italian currency, currently Euro - It's used by some who miss the mark? Euro - Cannes cash Euro - Coin across the atlantic Euro - Concerning europe Euro - Coin that debuted on 1/1/02 Euro - Monaco money Euro - Peseta replacer Euro - Cash on the continent Euro - Dough in dusseldorf Euro - Prefix with "trash" Euro - Brussels bread Euro - Paris payment Euro - Coin released 1/1/02 Euro - 100 cents, at times Euro - ___ disney Euro - Multinational currency Euro - Roman metro fare Euro - Capital of italy? Euro - Slovenian coin Euro - Monetary unit since jan. 1, 1999 Euro - Eu money Euro - Capital of belgium Euro - Prefix with zone Euro - It equals 100 cents Euro - Capital of italy Euro - 31-across replacer Euro - New money? Euro - Money in spain Euro - About $1.5, right now Euro - Italian coin Euro - Italian capital Euro - It helped eliminate some pounds Euro - Money abroad Euro - Bicolored coin Euro - Prefix with "dollar" Euro - It replaced the franc Euro - It's worth 100 cents Euro - Wallaroo Euro - See 10-down Euro - Overseas capital Euro - Moolah in malta Euro - Its symbol looks like an equal sign through a c Euro - German coin Euro - Overseas exchange Euro - Coin with 12 stars on both the front and back Euro - Maltese dough Euro - Common currency Euro - Madrid money Euro - It replaced the slovak koruna on 1/1/2009 Euro - Pisa dough? Euro - New coin in the old world Euro - Continental monetary unit Euro - Coin on the continent Euro - Capital of france Euro - Peseta's replacement Euro - German bread Euro - Continental exchange Euro - Coin debut of 2002 Euro - Franc's successor Euro - 24-down replacement Euro - Multinational official currency Euro - Maltese moolah Euro - Maltese money since '08 Euro - French franc successor Euro - Bratislavan currency Euro - Prefix with dollars Euro - Currency since 1999 Euro - Coin featuring a maltese cross Euro - 100 cents, in france Euro - Cannes tender Euro - Coin that debuted on jan 1, 2002 Euro - Widely used currency Euro - Vatican city currency Euro - French dough Euro - Spain's peseta successor Euro - 100 cents, in some places Euro - Schilling successor Euro - Drachma successor Euro - Cannes currency Euro - Piece of french bread? Euro - Modern old world money Euro - Greece note Euro - Maltese money Euro - Capital of france? Euro - Slovenia capital Euro - Money in malta Euro - French bread Euro - Spanish bread Euro - Malta money Euro - Monetary unit of cyprus Euro - Post-mark currency Euro - French money, now Euro - Prefix for "dollar" Euro - Italian bread? Euro - Continental currency unit Euro - Currency in cologne Euro - Eurozone currency Euro - New money for estonia Euro - Ecm monetary unit Euro - Continental "dollar" Euro - Estonian currency as of jan. 1, 2011 Euro - Lira's successor Euro - Greek gelt Euro - Marseilles money Euro - Coin with a map on its back Euro - Shared currency Euro - Italian money Euro - Bit of greek cabbage? Euro - 100 cents, overseas Euro - Modern money Euro - Modern-day coin Euro - Contemporary coin Euro - Modern-day money Euro - Coin of luxembourg Euro - 13-across' replacement Euro - Lira successor Euro - Mark's replacement? Euro - 52-across replacement Euro - Modern coin Euro - Escudo replacer Euro - Continen-tal coin Euro - Italian money, today ... Euro - Franc successor Euro - 14-across' replacement Euro - 37-down replacer Euro - Lira replacer Euro - 38-across' replacement Euro - Multinational money Euro - Multinational coin Euro - Certain coin Euro - Schilling replacer Euro - Currency of germany Euro - Irish bill Euro - Estonian currency, as of january 1, 2011 Euro - Currency used in vatican city Euro - Slovenia adopted it in 2007 Euro - That sounds as if you're - oh, quite continental Euro - Your money? oh, that's it, by the sound of it Euro - In ireland now it's current, see? Euro - Basic monetary unit Euro - Single currency Euro - In the ore back there you make it in current use Euro - Multi-country dough Euro - Dollar in germany Euro - International unit of currency Euro - A buck abroad Euro - Cologne currency Euro - Unit of money Euro - Coin introduced in 2002 Euro - The new international money unit Euro - Sounds as if you're - oh, worth a bit Euro - O, regret that such money should turn up Euro - 'you're o, so well-off with this (4)' Euro - 'o, to regret to get your money back (4)' Euro - It entered circulation in 2002 Euro - Peseta successor Euro - What has made some people miss the mark? Euro - Coin with a national side Euro - Coin in cannes Euro - Coin whose one side depicts a continent Euro - Overseas dollar Euro - German dollar Euro - French coin Euro - Finnish coin Euro - 100 cents, in cyprus Euro - Coin in circulation since 2002 Euro - Multiple-country money Euro - Replacer of 33-across Euro - French currency Euro - Start for dollar or disney Euro - Finnish currency Euro - Currency? ex officio, the city is included Euro - Middlebrows regret backing common currency Euro - Regret raising old currency Euro - Leaders to end up running off with the money Euro - France's unit of currency Euro - The 'single currency' Euro - The common currency Euro - Currency of france Euro - 100-cent unit, on the continent Euro - Replacement for the mark, franc and lira Euro - Estonia's new money Euro - Coin that debuted in 2002 Euro - Capital of germany? Euro - Coin from overseas Euro - New circulator of 2002 Euro - It replaced the lira Euro - Cretan currency Euro - Replacement for the mark and franc Euro - Dollar overseas Euro - It replaced the punt in ireland Euro - Bologna bread? Euro - Current currency, for many Euro - Coin with twelve stars Euro - Coin in spain Euro - Maltese coin Euro - Currency in crisis Euro - Monetary unit introduced in 1999 Euro - Parisian street turns to job centre for capital Euro - Dollar counterpart Euro - Karaoke gear Euro - Successor of the four long answers Euro - Capital of estonia Euro - Successor of the mark Euro - Irish coin Euro - 39 down successor Euro - 100 cents, somewhere Euro - New money in '99 Euro - Money in munich Euro - Currency recently in crisis Euro - Continental dough Euro - Detente Euro - Replacement for the franc and mark Euro - You can spend it in many places Euro - 3 down successor Euro - Overseas coin Euro - Coin with a brass border Euro - Coin with a gold-colored outer ring Euro - ___ disney resort (original name of disneyland paris) Euro - It replaced the french franc Euro - The so-called 'single currency' Euro - It replaced 32-across Euro - Monetary unit since 1999 Euro - 100 cents, in europe Euro - 100 cents, in cork Euro - Mark and franc's replacement Euro - Cyprus currency Euro - One featuring a maltese cross Euro - It replaced the franc and mark Euro - Irish money Euro - 16-across replacer Euro - Prefix with trash and disney Euro - Multi-national currency Euro - Currency in cannes Euro - Lead-in to pop or pass Euro - Basic monetary unit Euro - Merkel's currency Euro - Jack for jacques? Euro - Currency for many member states Euro - Coin with a map on one side Euro - It has paper denominations from 5 to 500 Euro - Bond or mart start Euro - International monetary unit Euro - 100 cents, sometimes Euro - Coin introduced on 1/1/99 Euro - Currency with a 20-cent coin Euro - Latvia's new money Euro - Two-tone coin Euro - Newish money on the continent Euro - Start to pop? Euro - Prefix with zone and skeptic Euro - Replacement unit of 1999 Euro - Coin whose front varies by country Euro - Currency source of opportunity way across the channel? on the contrary Euro - Money in madrid and milan Euro - Parisian street gets back links to old capital Euro - 100 spanish cents Euro - Mint copy of stamp not yet issued in uk Euro - A bit neurotic concerning money Euro - Currency of austria Euro - Way for the french to return to old currency Euro - Ready, in many places, to take part in amateur operatics Euro - Cash for jumper Euro - The vatican's currency Euro - Championships due to start briefly Euro - Coin issued jan first, two thousand and two Euro - Regret returning old currency Euro - Vatican currency Euro - Currency of greece Euro - Cup that carries a lot of currency? Euro - Irish currency Euro - Currency nothing to regret? on the contrary Euro - Mark's replacement not ready for england yet Euro - Nothing to regret about change in dublin Euro - Currency of finland Euro - Mark's successor in bible you refer to, finally Euro - Is it in our change, after getting back from france? Euro - Sounds like an invitation to an oarsman to make money Euro - Regret backing old currency Euro - Currency since 2002 Euro - Neurotic, hiding coin Euro - One dollar, in some places Euro - Portuguese money Euro - Dollar, somewhere Euro - Dollar, abroad Euro - Successor to the mark and franc Euro - Eu currency Euro - Buck in europe Euro - Lira replacement Euro - Vatican city coin Euro - Cash in spain and france Euro - Latvian lucre Euro - Replaced frank on the radio for monetary considerations Euro - Official currency of the eu Euro - Ec coin Euro - Nothing to regret, giving up this currency? Euro - Currency valid in two thirds of the continent Euro - French monetary unit Euro - Currency unit Euro - Money from several countries and romania Euro - Regret raising old money in france Euro - Half-continental wallaroo Euro - Money needed by entrepreneur often Euro - International currency Euro - Semi-continental kangaroo Euro - Ready for french from the south to regret nothing? Euro - New currency Euro - Mark�s replacement in amateur operatics Euro - Money provided by dissolute rou�? Euro - Major currency Euro - Modern money a setback for old french street Euro - Starts to exchange useless, redundant old currency? Euro - Ready to show regret, over and over Euro - Money nothing to regret, after a raise Euro - Last of five regular instalments of quartos for 100 cents Euro - Money hoarded by entrepreneur oddly Euro - Parisian street reviews links to old capital Euro - Coin with 12 stars on its reverse side Euro - Currency in italy Euro - Leaders from european union ran out of european capital Euro - Peseta replacement Euro - Currency symbolized by à Euro - 100 cents, in germany Euro - A buck, in places Euro - Found undercover in neurotic local capital Euro - Italian dough? Euro - Regret turning up with nothing but french money Euro - Dutch coin Euro - Second most traded world currency Euro - Malta adopted it in 2008 Euro - A dollar, in some places Euro - 100 cents, for some Euro - Greek capital Euro - Köln coin Euro - Money in cyprus Euro - Guilder replacer Euro - Word before disney, once Euro - Capital of malta Euro - Dollar, in some places Euro - Legal tender since 1999 Euro - Newer old world currency Euro - Coin of france or spain Euro - Italian currency Euro - Prefix with zone or trash Euro - Currency that replaced 9-down Euro - Not exactly old money Euro - Focus of the central bank in frankfurt Euro - Currency worth about $1.10 Euro - Continental money unit Euro - Second-most traded currency worldwide Euro - New money in the old world Euro - Currency foreign to the u.s Euro - Money succeeding the mark Euro - Prefix with pop or zone Euro - 100 german cents Euro - Currency that, in italy, features leonardo da vinci's 'vitruvian man' on the 100-cent piece Euro - Much-discussed currency in the big 'grexit' controversy Euro - Coin with a continental map Euro - Spanish coin Euro - Common currency unit Euro - Word that can precede the first parts of this puzzle's theme answers Euro - Latvian capital Euro - Ireland's features a celtic harp design Euro - It costs a bit over a buck Euro - Lithuania's new coin Euro - Overseas currency since 2002 Euro - Franc follower, in france Euro - Currency of cannes and cologne Euro - Continental cash Euro - Change at frankfurt Euro - Dollar relative Euro - Markka supplanter Euro - 100 cents, across the ocean Euro - Money of the continent Euro - Followers of leaders in germany, austria, greece and portugal ready there Euro - Post-lira currency Euro - Certain dollar Euro - Lead-in to zone Euro - Italy's features leonardo's vitruvian man Euro - Monetary unit of slovenia Euro - Money in 25-down Euro - Currency in germany Euro - Monnaie des grecs Euro - Its 50 is getting a redesign in 2017 Euro - Circule en espagne Euro - Ireland's features a depiction of a harp Euro - Monnaie des allemands Euro - Post-peseta currency Euro - Finnish money Euro - Greek gratuity, perhaps Euro - Lithuanian adoption of 2015 Euro - Alternative to a pound Euro - Commercial lead-in to pass Euro - Parisian currency Euro - Official currency of vatican city Euro - Cretan money Euro - Basic monetary unit for 19 countries Euro - Franc superseder Euro - Monnaie d'autriche Euro - Currency of france or italy Euro - 100 cents, in certain lands Euro - 5-to-500 banknote Euro - Modern prefix with skeptic Euro - Its symbol was inspired by the epsilon Euro - Coin named for a continent Euro - 100-cent currency Euro - Markka's replacement Euro - Milan moolah Euro - Symbol gotten by typing ctrl+alt+e, in microsoft word Euro - It replaced the cypriot pound Euro - Coin with national sides Euro - It's a little less than a pound Euro - Monnaie du luxembourg Euro - Of the european continent Euro - International currency unit Euro - Cyprus coin Euro - Latvian currency Euro - Successor of the franc Euro - New old world money Euro - Currency in france Euro - Irish pound's replacement Euro - Money in spain and france Euro - It's worth a little more than a dollar Euro - Cash in france Euro - Coin of many countries Euro - German capital Euro - Hamburger's bread? Euro - Circule au luxembourg Euro - Greek drachma's successor Euro - Circule en grèce Euro - Tip of france? Euro - Tip of france? Euro - Successor of the mark and markka Euro - Successor of the mark and markka Euro - It's a bit over a buck