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Learn - 'some people never ____...' (explanation for why one might still lend out books despite the fact that no one ever returns them) Learn - 'that'll ___ ya' Learn - Absorb Learn - Absorb as knowledge, from book or experience Learn - Absorb data Learn - Absorb facts Learn - Absorb in class Learn - Absorb information Learn - Absorb knowledge Learn - Absorb lessons Learn - Absorb new material Learn - Absorb the 3 r's Learn - Acquire 28 across Learn - Acquire a knowledge of arable land near roscommon Learn - Acquire information Learn - Acquire knowledge Learn - Acquire knowledge from king and knight Learn - Acquire knowledge or skill Learn - Acquire mentally Learn - Add to one's knowledge Learn - Alanis morissette "you ___" Learn - Are inclined to let rain in, you find out Learn - Ascertain Learn - Avoid ignorance Learn - Be a good student Learn - Be an excellent student Learn - Be educated Learn - Be informed that there's money to make Learn - Be successfully educated Learn - Be the perfect student Learn - Beach boys "never ___ not to love" Learn - Become aware of Learn - Beginner to make money and gain experience Learn - Benefit from a mistake, e.g Learn - Benefit from a teacher Learn - Benefit from tutoring Learn - Bunter finally going in to bend over and be taught a lesson Learn - Catch on Learn - Change one's behavior based on previous results Learn - Come to know Learn - Come to understand Learn - Commit to memory Learn - Commit to memory first of rhymes in list Learn - Companion of live Learn - Comprehend Learn - Con involving king and queen, ultimately Learn - Con lots at first and make money Learn - Discover Learn - Discover - study Learn - Discover 19th century humorist's name Learn - Discover a meadow next to roscommon Learn - Discover bank holds rand Learn - Discover end of car in tip Learn - Discover good side in heel Learn - Discover how to make money make money Learn - Discover king is superior to knight Learn - Discover knight sitting by river beyond meadow Learn - Discover note on nonsense poet Learn - Discover original of really thin walls Learn - Discover poet's northern Learn - Discover student with merit Learn - Discover why apprentice wants to win Learn - Eschew ignorance Learn - Field the royal navy become proficient in Learn - Figure out Learn - Find grassland touched by force of sea Learn - Find out Learn - Find out (or take in) list Learn - Find out - assimilate facts Learn - Find out about Learn - Find out heath harboured this royal knight Learn - Find out labour's beginning to work for money Learn - Further education? Learn - Gain experience (from) Learn - Gain knowledge Learn - Gain knowledge or skills Learn - Gain skill as knight following king Learn - Gather Learn - Gather information from poet knight Learn - Gather pound's to gain Learn - Gather some corn in odd parts of land Learn - Get an education Learn - Get down pat Learn - Get in the head to teach - not standard! Learn - Get into one's head Learn - Get schooling Learn - Get smart Learn - Get the hang of Learn - Get the idea Learn - Get the low-down on a king and queen at last Learn - Get the low-down on the king and queen at last Learn - Get through one's head Learn - Get to know Learn - Get to know (about) Learn - Get to know a service introduced by the french Learn - Get to know king and knight Learn - Get to know lee arnold who is not oriental or elderly Learn - Get to know river taken in by noted director Learn - Get to know tragic king by name Learn - Get to know tragic monarch's name Learn - Get trained Learn - Get wind (of) Learn - Get wind of Learn - Get wise Learn - Get wise to the fact this is about the master? Learn - Get wiser Learn - Grasp Learn - Grasp left ear and tip of nose Learn - Grasp short line attached to net Learn - Have down cold Learn - Hear Learn - Hear (about) Learn - Hear (of) Learn - Hear - memorise Learn - Hear about Learn - Hear of Learn - How you are taught to make a living at last Learn - Incline to keep reading and you might well! Learn - Internalize Learn - Is this to get one sound taut? Learn - Joe public "live and ___" Learn - King, knight and master Learn - Labour's first to take merit for what pupils do in schools Learn - Live partner Learn - Live's companion Learn - Live's partner Learn - Make excellent use of class time Learn - Make good use of class time Learn - Master Learn - Master builder, the fourth to take home wages Learn - Master film director gets oscar finally Learn - Memorise Learn - Memorise new play first Learn - Memorise shakespearean role before noon Learn - Memorize Learn - Memorize (lines) Learn - Memorize, as lines Learn - Memorize, e.g Learn - Nod head following shakesperean character study Learn - Part 2 of today's quota-tion Learn - Part 3 of the grook Learn - Partner of live Learn - Pay attention in class Learn - Pick up Learn - Pick up at school Learn - Pick up at school? Learn - Pick up facts Learn - Pick up from school Learn - Pick up from school finally, then go to work Learn - Pick up king and knight Learn - Pick up king with knight Learn - Pick up king, then knight Learn - Pick up knight behind king Learn - Pick up large gain Learn - Pick up litre to take home Learn - Pick up liver originally, then bring home the bacon? Learn - Pick up pound on merit Learn - Pick up runs in poor situation Learn - Pick up, as a skill Learn - Pick up, in a way Learn - Playful king with unspecified number to pick up Learn - Profit from a lecture Learn - Renal (anag) Learn - Renal (anag.) Learn - So you may be taught to make your living after half a century Learn - Soak up Learn - Soak up a lesson Learn - Soak up knowledge Learn - Student's job Learn - Study Learn - Study (at school?) Learn - Study - discover Learn - Study - find out Learn - Study latin near barking Learn - Succeed in school, giving attention between start and end of lesson Learn - Take advantage of class Learn - Take advantage of class time Learn - Take in Learn - Take in large gain Learn - Teach improperly? Learn - Thus you may get to know the broken tubs that go to make 11 across Learn - Understand what's right in jack sprat's diet Learn - Utilize school Learn - Watch's partner Learn - What to do at school Learn - Wise up Learn - You must remember that this is the pound you deserve to get