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Allots - Dishes out

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Allots - Apportions Allots - Dishes out Allots - Gives as one's share Allots - Dispenses Allots - Parcels out Allots - Sets apart Allots - Metes out Allots - Divides up Allots - Gives out Allots - Assigns Allots - Divvies up Allots - Distributes Allots - Doles out Allots - Portions out Allots - Deals out Allots - Appor-tions Allots - Allocates Allots - How one assigns everything to the confused sot Allots - How one distributes plenty in the end Allots - How one distributes a half a hundred items Allots - Half a hundred and plenty more Allots - One gives out half a hundred items Allots - How one gives out half a hundred, and that's plenty Allots - What the all-round backward saint gives out Allots - How one gives out a half hundred, and that's plenty Allots - Dispenses or distributes Allots - Apportions or assigns Allots - Distributes, gives as share Allots - Gives away a half a hundred and that's plenty Allots - All there one gives to the muddled sot Allots - How one assigns a half a hundred items Allots - A labour leader takes many shares out Allots - A student with many grants Allots - Earmarks Allots - Rations Allots - Allows to have Allots - Apportions votes without leader's participation Allots - Distributes votes to get rid of head Allots - Gives in when the tax is raised Allots - When about to ring up, gives to Allots - Gives the ring back to, while about it Allots - A learner can get many grants Allots - Distributes by shares Allots - Gives out to everyone with old books at school Allots - Gives, apportions Allots - Sets aside Allots - Dispenses per diem