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Paper - "february made me shiver, with every ___ i'd deliver" Paper - "___ or plastic?" Paper - '___ or plastic?' Paper - *rock conqueror? Paper - A game of two hands Paper - Alternative to plastic Paper - Alternative to plastic at a supermarket Paper - Alternative to rock and scissors Paper - Assistant for each daily Paper - Bag choice Paper - Butcher's supply Paper - Caller holding forward one person less powerful than he looks Paper - Canon fodder Paper - Certain lsd medium Paper - Checkout choice Paper - Checkout option Paper - College assignment Paper - Communication medium Paper - Commuter's diversion Paper - Commuter's read Paper - Commuter's reading Paper - Commuter's reading, or word that can precede the first word of 16- and 52-across and 10- and 30-down Paper - Copier insert Paper - Copier need Paper - Cover (over) Paper - Daily delivery Paper - Daily news source Paper - Daily news source Paper - Daily publication Paper - Daily thesis Paper - Disposable c material Paper - Dissertation Paper - Document Paper - Father get through exam Paper - Father gets through exam Paper - Father given a set of exam questions Paper - Father is getting through the guardian Paper - Father is getting through the telegraph? Paper - First anniversary gift Paper - First-anniversary gift Paper - First-anniversary tradition Paper - Flat hand, in a game Paper - For writing and for wrapping Paper - Get at father through the irish times Paper - Get to the da through the irish times Paper - Government report Paper - Grocery bag option Paper - Grocery-bag option Paper - How father gets through the irish times, for instance Paper - Inexpensive reprint, maybe Paper - It beats rock, but is beaten by scissors Paper - It can be made from wood pulp Paper - It covers rock, in a game Paper - It loses to scissors Paper - It might be ruled by a professor Paper - It needs copy to fill page, right? Paper - It's made from wood pulp generally Paper - It's usually made from wood pulp Paper - Its sections start each theme answer Paper - Journal Paper - Journal or post Paper - Kind of chase or trail Paper - Literary essay Paper - Little power and energy in standard conference presentation Paper - Loose-leaf filler Paper - Mail perhaps with rubbish on queen Paper - Material for writing on Paper - Material made from wood pulp, say Paper - Maybe times pages contain article about uprising Paper - Might he achieve parenthood through the irish times? Paper - Mill output Paper - Mirror? it may be hung on the wall Paper - Morning coffee go-with Paper - Morning delivery Paper - Morning purchase, for some Paper - Morning read Paper - Movie with a 9-year-old best supporting actress winner Paper - Negotiable notes Paper - News follower Paper - News medium needing page copy, right? Paper - News publication Paper - News source Paper - Notebook filler Paper - One prints articles perhaps enraging readers initially Paper - One set taking an exam Paper - Origami material Paper - Origami medium Paper - Origami need Paper - Origami sheet Paper - Origami supply Paper - Origami work that's only superficially strong? Paper - Pair sharing copy of the telegraph, for example Paper - Photocopier supply Paper - Plastic alternative Paper - Plate material Paper - Post in washington, for example Paper - Post or daily news Paper - Post or trib Paper - Press release primarily containing copy for publication Paper - Pressure in keeping back harvest leads to report Paper - Printer need Paper - Printer's purchase Paper - Printing surface Paper - Questions the daily Paper - Reams or quires Paper - Research project Paper - Rock beater Paper - Rock beater, in a game Paper - Rock beater, sometimes Paper - Scholarly article Paper - Scholarly piece Paper - School assignment Paper - Scissors beats it Paper - See 10/25/18/20 Paper - See 22 down Paper - See 24 Paper - See 5-across Paper - Set of exam questions Paper - Set of examination questions Paper - Set of written exam questions Paper - Short essay produced by pair about primate Paper - Sort of clip round tiger Paper - Standard say of flimsiness? Paper - Standard score broken by sports report Paper - Staple at staples Paper - Staples staple Paper - Stationery buy Paper - Supermarket option Paper - Tabloid Paper - Tabloid material Paper - Tabloid rubbish on queen Paper - Telegraph, page after page, eagerly read initially Paper - The pulp in pulp fiction Paper - The times or the daily news, e.g Paper - There's no male inside to spoil what you're reading? Paper - Thin material used for writing, wrapping etc Paper - Threat that seems powerful (but is just a pussy cat!) Paper - Times, in many cities Paper - Towel material Paper - Traditional first anniversary gift Paper - Traditional first-anniversary gift Paper - Treatise Paper - Type of mill Paper - Usa today, e.g Paper - Usa today, for one Paper - Wall covering Paper - We used it to 24 across after 12 Paper - What you have in hand Paper - What you have in hand at times Paper - Where you may find the ends of 17-, 23-, 52- and 63-across Paper - With workers, the "p" in cepu Paper - Wood pulp product Paper - Word with "doll" or "bag" Paper - Word with "doll," "clip" or "bag" Paper - Word with "tiger" or "trail" Paper - Word with boy or tiger Paper - Word with clip and money Paper - Word with doll, clip or bag Paper - Word with news or tissue Paper - Writing assignment Paper - Writing material Paper - Writing sheet Paper - Writing sheet(s)? Paper - Written essay Paper - You've got one in hand now Paper - [1] Paper - ____ tiger