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Oft - Poetic adverb

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  • Oft - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word F
  • 3 - st. word T

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Oft - Repeatedly Oft - Frequently Oft - Frequently, poetically Oft - Many a time Oft - Poetic adverb Oft - Frequently, in poetry Oft - Frequently, in verse Oft - Many times Oft - Frequently, to keats Oft - Time and again, to whitman Oft - Poet's frequently Oft - Frequently, in romantic poetry Oft - Frequently, to frost Oft - Frequently, to poets Oft - O'er and o'er Oft - In many cases, to a poet Oft - Literary adverb Oft - 'twixt ne'er and e'er Oft - '___ in the stilly night' (thomas moore lyric) Oft - It's common in poetry Oft - Frequent, in rhyme Oft - Frequently, in poesy Oft - Thomas moore poem '___ in the stilly night' Oft - Habitually, for short Oft - 'so ___ have i invoked thee for my muse': shak Oft - Frequently, in rhyme Oft - Regularly, to a rhymester Oft - Many times, in verse Oft - Frequently, in poems Oft - Frequently, to bards Oft - Commonly Oft - "thy friendship __ has made my heart to ache": blake Oft - "... the apparel __ proclaims the man": "hamlet" Oft - Repeatedly, briefly Oft - Bard's "frequently" Oft - "for loan __ loses both itself and friend": shak Oft - A lot, to a bard Oft - Frequently, to a poet Oft - Frequently, briefly Oft - 'how ___ has the banshee cried' (thomas moore poem) Oft - 'so ___ have i invoked thee ...': shak Oft - Poet's adverb Oft - It's frequently in verse Oft - 'how ___ is the candle of the wicked put out!': job 21:17 Oft - A lot, in verse Oft - Often, to standish o'grady Oft - Frequently, for frost Oft - Many times o'er Oft - Consistently, in verse Oft - Frequent, in poetry Oft - Frequently, to donne Oft - Frequent Oft - Frequently, in old literature Oft - "__ i had heard of lucy gray . . .": wordsworth Oft - Poet's "frequently" Oft - Many a time, poetically Oft - With regularity, to whitman Oft - Frequently, to st. francis of assisi Oft - Poetic frequency Oft - Frequently, in brief Oft - Frequent, in verse Oft - Many times, to keats Oft - Repeatedly, in rhyme Oft - Frequently, to a bard Oft - Many times, briefly Oft - Poet's word for frequently Oft - Regularly, in poetry Oft - Regularly Oft - Time and again Oft - O'er and again Oft - Frost's 'the ___-repeated dream' Oft - Many times, in poetry Oft - Repeatedly, in verse Oft - Frequently, for short Oft - Frequently, to byron Oft - All the time, long ago Oft - Far from seldom, to shakespeare Oft - Many a time and t's? Oft - Perhaps t's in the chilly night Oft - Met al with a letter at last in a hundred more Oft - T's frequency? Oft - T's Oft - It's not unusually round 12 in here Oft - It's not at all unusual to find this round the foot Oft - Frequently t's? Oft - T's the frequency of this Oft - T's frequent this Oft - '. . . in the stilly night' (moore) Oft - "... in the stilly night" (moore melody) Oft - Usually t's? Oft - Old song'... in the stilly night' Oft - Frequently in archaic term Oft - Quite frequently, according to the poet Oft - Many times, to the poet Oft - ' ... in the stilly night' (moore) Oft - Frequently, as the poet would have it Oft - Many a time to the poet Oft - T's frequency Oft - Perhaps t's not unusual Oft - T's able to frequent this Oft - '___ i had heard of lucy gray': wordsworth Oft - "our remedies __ in ourselves do lie": "all's well that ends well" Oft - 'the good is ___ interred with their bones': 'julius caesar' Oft - Commonly, to coleridge Oft - More than occasionally, to a bard Oft - Frequently, to shakespeare Oft - Frequently coming round on foot? Oft - Frequently, archaically Oft - Repeatedly, in poems Oft - Time and again, in verse Oft - ___-times Oft - ". . . apparel __ proclaims the man": "hamlet" Oft - More than sometimes, in poetry Oft - Often, poetically Oft - Frequently, to shelley Oft - Many a time, in verse Oft - Repeatedly, to a bard Oft - (poetically) frequently Oft - Commonly, once Oft - Frequently, quaintly Oft - Many a time poetically speaking, oscar joins paper Oft - Frequently, to browning and others Oft - Once-common 'commonly' Oft - Frequently, in sonnets Oft - Repeatedly, quaintly Oft - Frequent, in odes Oft - Frequently in verse Oft - Time and again, to a poet Oft - Frequently sentimental when leaving, at first Oft - Repeatedly going round centre of watford Oft - Many times (archaic) Oft - Frequently (archaic) Oft - It's frequently found in western fast food Oft - Kings etc. secure following with frequency Oft - Frequently (poetic) Oft - Consistently poetic, but putting nothing on paper Oft - Poet's frequently using old paper Oft - Gentle saint overlooked time and again in literature Oft - O'er and o'er again Oft - 'jesters do ___ prove prophets': 'king lear' Oft - With regularity, poetically Oft - Old newspaper read time and again Oft - Frequently and in no little measure! Oft - Frequently ring -- daily, in short Oft - (in poetry) frequently Oft - ___-told Oft - Many a time, in poetry Oft - Frequent, to a poet Oft - More than once in a while Oft - Included by crofter many times Oft - ___-quoted Oft - ___-repeated Oft - Frequently (poetically) Oft - Time and again, to a bard Oft - Commonly, to poets Oft - Regularly, in rhymes Oft - Much, before a hyphen Oft - "how ___times i repine for the days of the old" dylan Oft - Frequently, to an old english lyricist Oft - Often, to old english lyricist Oft - Many times, old-style Oft - Many times, of old Oft - Frequent, in old poetry Oft - Again and again, to bards Oft - 'our remedies ___ in ourselves do lie': shak Oft - Frequently, old-style Oft - Commonly, in verse Oft - Frequently, in old poetry Oft - ___-mentioned Oft - Old-style "frequently" Oft - Frequently, once Oft - "the good is __ interred with their bones": antony Oft - 'the good is __ interred with their bones': antony Oft - Quite a bit, in verse