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Baby - Stork's delivery

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Baby - "___, it's cold outside" Baby - 'and ___ makes three' Baby - - oil; - boom Baby - 1983 david shire/richard maltby jr. musical Baby - 1983 maltby/shire broadway musical Baby - 3's introduction to ballads playable - we thank arrangement Baby - A big increase in deliveries for increased population Baby - A new-born Baby - Academic achievement by invention Baby - American money, say, for playwright Baby - Belarus hides sailor with little personality Baby - Black and blue for starters from last friday? needs to grow up! Baby - Buggy occupant Baby - Buggy rider Baby - Bundle of joy Baby - Bunting seaman secured in past? Baby - Car seat occupant Baby - Child; small Baby - Childish person Baby - Coddle Baby - Comparatively small Baby - Comparatively small book anybody perused on a regular basis Baby - Cradle occupant Baby - Crib dweller Baby - Crib occupant Baby - Crib sheet user Baby - Dear little book found in stall Baby - Diaper wearer Baby - Eater of purã©ed peas Baby - Family newcomer Baby - Gerber's eater Baby - Handle carefully Baby - Handle with care Baby - Honey from bees, say, keeping a year Baby - Horse carrying bishop is little one Baby - Hospital delivery Baby - Howl about bach's first instrument when introducing 9 Baby - Indulge Baby - Infancy Baby - Infant Baby - Infant born in a tree Baby - Infant born in aircraft compartment Baby - Invention needing dummy? Baby - It may frequently hit the bottle Baby - It may produce cry sucking end of thumb Baby - Kind of grand Baby - Labor day output? Baby - Labor output? Baby - Labor production? Baby - Leopard in a 1938 film Baby - Love child Baby - Lumbered, left holding this Baby - Many a stroller rider Baby - Molly-coddle Baby - Mollycoddle Baby - New addition of a sort Baby - New arrival Baby - New-born child Baby - Newborn Baby - Newborn child Baby - Newborn dog taken out of body bag Baby - Newly arrived troop evades booby trap Baby - Newly-born child Baby - Nursery resident Baby - One born, about to howl? Baby - One in a stroller Baby - One minute perhaps before sailor boarded? Baby - One of mama¿s boys dug out of corrib abyss Baby - One often needing a change Baby - One who may need to be pacified? Baby - One who takes to the bottle? Baby - Pamper Baby - Pamper; childish person Baby - Pampered one Baby - Pampered one? Baby - Pebbles, e.g., on 'the flintstones' Baby - Pediatrician's patient Baby - Person born just after wwii Baby - Piano's working for new arrival Baby - Rattle shaker Baby - Reason to display a wooden stork Baby - Recent issue that's one's own responsibility Baby - Result of labor? Baby - See 25 across Baby - See 7-down Baby - Six-month-old Baby - Small attention-getter Baby - Small child Baby - Snookums Baby - Stork's delivery Baby - Stroller occupant Baby - Stroller user Baby - Sweetheart Baby - Term of endearment Baby - Timid person; child Baby - Timid person; very small Baby - Treat gently Baby - Treat with great care Baby - Turns up, sailor gets by with little one Baby - Very small (version) Baby - Very young child Baby - Very young person Baby - Who nobody puts in the corner, according to a line from "dirty dancing" Baby - Who nobody puts in the corner, according to a line from 'dirty dancing' Baby - Word before 'boy,' 'love' and 'come back' in titles to #1 songs Baby - Word before bump or boom Baby - Word before the starts of 16-, 36- and 58-across and 10-, 14- and 33-down Baby - Word that can precede the starts of the answers to starred clues Baby - Word with "shower" or "face" Baby - Word with boom or tooth Baby - Young child Baby - Young enough to have l on the end and be old Baby - Youngest Baby - Youngest graduate's got through Baby - Youngster born in stall