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Armed - Prepared for battle

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Armed - Prepared for battle Armed - Packing heat Armed - Dangerous go-with Armed - Supplied with weapons Armed - Packing Armed - Battle-ready Armed - Holding one's piece Armed - Gun-toting Armed - Carrying, so to speak Armed - Equipped with a heater? Armed - Ready to shoot Armed - Like gunmen and octopuses Armed - Having heat? Armed - With guns Armed - Equipped with weapons Armed - Combat-ready Armed - Rigged to go off Armed - Packing colts Armed - Fortified Armed - Hardly defenseless Armed - Carrying Armed - Ready for battle Armed - Packing heat, so to speak Armed - Partner of dangerous Armed - Holding one's piece? Armed - Carrying a weapon Armed - Ready for war Armed - Dangerous partner Armed - Equipped for battle Armed - Available to shoot Armed - Ready to fight Armed - Bearing heat Armed - Activated, as an alarm Armed - Ready for action Armed - Carrying heat Armed - Carrying artillery Armed - Ready to rumble Armed - Fully prepared Armed - Dangerous partner? Armed - Set for action Armed - Security system status Armed - ___ to the teeth Armed - Dangerous companion? Armed - ___ and dangerous Armed - Like mercenaries Armed - Ready for robbery, maybe Armed - Not gun-shy? Armed - __ forces Armed - Equipped with 6-across Armed - Pistol-packing Armed - Like 14-across, e.g Armed - Toting a gun Armed - Partner of "dangerous" Armed - Got the end of 25 down Armed - How the cockney might get hurt, even if able to defend himself Armed - It might have hurt the unaspirated, even if he'd had a gun Armed - How the cockney gets 'urt with a weapon Armed - Even with a weapon, one gets 'urt, it seems Armed - Able to fight with limbs? Armed - Might one dream of making this what 23 down is ? Armed - Might begun with one to be like this (5) Armed - Although he had a weapon, the cockney has been damaged Armed - Although he had a weapon, the cockney got 'urt Armed - Having weapons Armed - 21 down is a savage way to be this Armed - Dream about carrying weapons Armed - Being equipped with 25 across Armed - 'urt? even with a weapon? Armed - Seems one gets 'urt, despite having a weapon Armed - Dream of being able to fight Armed - Although with a weapon, the cockney got hurt Armed - Although with a weapon, the cockney gets hurt Armed - 'urt with weapons? Armed - Able to fight with hands at last as weapons Armed - 30 across have to be, but not for the leg, it seems Armed - One's hand has to be ready for fighting Armed - Dream of being ready to fight Armed - Bearing weapons Armed - All set for combat Armed - Having a heater Armed - Having a weapon could be a money-grabber between 1 and gangster Armed - Carrying regular medical supplies Armed - Carrying weapons Armed - With a weapon Armed - Piece-keeping? Armed - Not "clean" Armed - Like a dream, one is ready for battle Armed - Dangerous, probably Armed - Packing, say Armed - "packing" Armed - Ready for battle in hopeless dream Armed - Packing, so to speak Armed - Companion of "dangerous" Armed - Ready for a duel, say Armed - Packing something Armed - Weaponized Armed - Packing, in slang Armed - Artist turns up on mediterranean equipped Armed - Like bodyguards Armed - Ready to defend a castle by the sea Armed - Injured, not originally carrying a weapon Armed - Prepared for battle - nelson became singularly so Armed - Yours truly into endless hardy with browning? Armed - Ready to compete at bisley Armed - Gave weapon and scared a student off Armed - Given weapons Armed - A marine trained to go without exercise and equipped for fighting Armed - Dream production prepared to defend itself Armed - With weapons Armed - 'the vote ... means nothing to women. we should be --' (edna o'brien) Armed - Version of 10 prepared to defend itself Armed - Cockney injured with gun ... Armed - Cockney's hurt and ready to explode Armed - Pistol-packing, e.g Armed - Carrying a gun Armed - A marine journalist with weapons Armed - Like mars, unlike venus? Armed - Tooled up, a revolutionary seizing millions Armed - Provided with weapons Armed - Munitioned Armed - Did 'urt with weapons Armed - A communist protects last of them with weapons Armed - Carrying weapons and ready to fire Armed - Having weapon(s) Armed - Akhtar mediates to provide with weapon Armed - Carrying guns Armed - Dream about bearing guns Armed - Wanted poster word Armed - Like about one-third of all americans, scarily Armed - Having a gun Armed - Prepared and equipped for a confrontation Armed - Prepared to be belligerent in popular media Armed - Gun-carrying Armed - Carrying weapon Armed - Manager w/full rolodex Armed - "___ and dangerous" Armed - What some security guards are? Armed - Elvis costello "___ forces" Armed - Def leppard has a one-___ drummer Armed - At the drive-in "one ___ scissor" Armed - How prolific songwriter came Armed - Active, as a security system Armed - Equipped Armed - Packing a piece Armed - Alarm status Armed - Like some security guards Armed - Carrying or holding Armed - Like manager with full rolodex Armed - Turned on, as an alarm Armed - Injured leaving hospital with weapons