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Rule - Make a call

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Rule - "everybody wants to ___ the world" Rule - "first in, first out," e.g Rule - "golden" or "ground" follower Rule - "golden" principle Rule - "no peeking" in hide-and-seek, e.g Rule - "no shirt, no shoes, no service," e.g Rule - "___, britannia" (thomas arne classic) Rule - 'collect $200 after passing go,' e.g Rule - 'employees must wash hands before returning to work,' e.g Rule - 'i before e except after c,' e.g Rule - 'look both ways before crossing,' e.g Rule - 'look twice before crossing,' e.g Rule - 'no offensive player may trip an opponent,' e.g Rule - 'no shirt, no shoes, no service,' e.g Rule - 'no shoes, no shirt, no service,' e.g Rule - *to govern Rule - A famous one is golden Rule - A popular one is golden Rule - A well-known one is golden Rule - Act as an arbiter Rule - Act as arbiter Rule - Act as umpire Rule - Act the monarch Rule - Adjudicate Rule - An official enforces it Rule - Announce a decision Rule - Be a monarch Rule - Be awesome, so to speak Rule - Be extremely cool, in slang Rule - Be in charge Rule - Be in control when laurence loses cane Rule - Be king Rule - Be king over Rule - Be on the throne Rule - Be queen Rule - Be sovereign Rule - Be the best, in slang Rule - Be the bomb Rule - Be the boss Rule - Be the king Rule - Be the master of Rule - By the sound of it, rain for that Rule - Bylaw Rule - Call the shots Rule - Carpenter's tool Rule - Command the kingdom Rule - Control Rule - Control disorder, expelling females? Rule - Control using lure Rule - Control, government Rule - Control; printed line Rule - Control; thin line Rule - Courts and kings do it Rule - Decide judiciously Rule - Decide officially Rule - Decide officially to draw the line Rule - Decide, as a judge Rule - Declare unconstitutional, say Rule - Decree Rule - Divide and thus hold sway. mark her words Rule - Do or don't Rule - Do what kings do Rule - Domain Rule - Dominate Rule - Dominion Rule - Draw the like at such a regulation Rule - Draw the line as government Rule - Eliminate (an option), with "out" Rule - Eliminate, with 'out' Rule - Emulate a king Rule - Emulate an arbitrator Rule - Exclude, with 'out' Rule - Exercise authority Rule - Exercise authority over Rule - Exercise control Rule - Exercise power (over) Rule - Exercise sovereignty Rule - Formally decide Rule - Gag __ Rule - Game player's concern Rule - Gaming regulation Rule - General principle Rule - Get it straight Rule - Golden or slide Rule - Golden __ Rule - Govern Rule - Govern or control Rule - Govern the straight edge? Rule - Govern through lure Rule - Govern with straight stick? Rule - Govern, or word that can follow the first word of the four longest puzzle answers Rule - Govern, reign over Rule - Governing regulation Rule - Government Rule - Government - measure Rule - Government measure Rule - Government way in france is to imprison left Rule - Government; regulation Rule - Ground ___ double Rule - Guideline Rule - Hand down a decision Rule - Hard-and-fast thing Rule - Have power over Rule - Have the final say Rule - Have the throne Rule - Headline? Rule - His majesty might draw the line at this Rule - Hold power Rule - Hold sway Rule - Hold sway over Rule - Hold the scepter Rule - Hold the throne Rule - I before e, e.g Rule - Imperative Rule - Issue a verdict Rule - It can be golden Rule - It may be golden Rule - It may be standing Rule - It may begin 'do not ...' Rule - It may begin with "do not" Rule - It may slide Rule - It's made to be broken, in a proverb Rule - It's made to be broken, proverbially Rule - James leaves jerusalem convention Rule - Kick oneself for accepting labour leader's directive Rule - Law Rule - Lay down the law Rule - Lay down the line to be followed Rule - Learner getting in way of french customary form Rule - Legislate Rule - Legislation Rule - Lenny kravitz "let love ___" Rule - Lenny kravitz: "let love ___" Rule - Line at a stationery store? Rule - Listing in hoyle's Rule - Lord over Rule - Lure with regulation Rule - Make a call Rule - Make a decision Rule - Make a formal decision Rule - Make a judicial decision Rule - Make like a king Rule - Measure of authority Rule - Measuring aid Rule - Measuring stick Rule - Normal procedure exercised by wenceslas Rule - Notebook marking Rule - Occupy the throne Rule - One may be broken Rule - Ordinance Rule - Pass judgment Rule - Pattern Rule - Precept Rule - Prescribed guide for conduct Rule - Preside Rule - Preside over Rule - Principle governing play, as in golf Rule - Printer's line Rule - Pronounce judgment Rule - Pronounce with authority Rule - Queensberry dictum Rule - Queensbury's creation Rule - Raj Rule - Regime to regret around leatherhead Rule - Regnum Rule - Regret bringing in liberal government Rule - Regret bringing in liberal law Rule - Regret keeping sovereign in control Rule - Regulation Rule - Regulation equipment for a carpenter Rule - Regulation, control Rule - Regulation, custom Rule - Regulation, principle Rule - Regulation, reign Rule - Reign Rule - Reign - law Rule - Reign over Rule - Render a verdict Rule - Run the country Rule - Run the kingdom Rule - Run the place Rule - Run the realm Rule - Run the show Rule - Run things Rule - See 1 Rule - See 4 Rule - See 5 Rule - See 8 Rule - Sit on the throne Rule - Slide __ Rule - Snippet from hoyle Rule - Statute Rule - Stickler's citation Rule - Straight line Rule - Take the throne Rule - Take to the throne Rule - The golden ___ Rule - The hoyle thing? Rule - The king may draw the line at this Rule - The usual government line Rule - Thing to follow Rule - Three strikes and you're out, e.g Rule - Veto letters being taken from true love by government Rule - Wear the crown Rule - What enables one to lay down the line? Rule - What kings and courts do Rule - What your favorite band does Rule - What your favorite band does, slang Rule - Wield a scepter Rule - Wield authority Rule - Wield power Rule - Wield the scepter Rule - Will his majesty draw the line at that? Rule - Word with "mob" or "slide" Rule - Word with "slide," "ground" or "golden" Rule - Word with golden or slide Rule - Word with ground or slide Rule - Word with mob or slide Rule - Word with slide or home Rule - You may live by one Rule - __ of thumb Rule - ___ of thumb