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Divot - Golfer's hole

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  • Divot - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word V
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word T

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Divot - Golfer's gouge Divot - Golfer's hole Divot - Hunk of fairway Divot - It gets thrown off course Divot - Result of a bad chip, maybe Divot - Green damage Divot - Result of a bad shot, maybe Divot - Duffer's gouge Divot - Fairway flaw Divot - Slice of fairway Divot - Hole made by a golfer Divot - Lump of turf Divot - Golf gash Divot - Clod from a course Divot - Piece of fairway turf Divot - Fairway chunk Divot - Dug-up turf Divot - Gouged-out fairway piece Divot - Chunk of fairway Divot - Golfer's gouged-out clump Divot - Displacement from a club Divot - Result of a bad swing, maybe Divot - Course chunk Divot - Golf chunk Divot - Fairway gouging Divot - Duffer's digging Divot - Golf course blemish Divot - Piece of turf dislodged by golf club Divot - Four in the dot for a turnover of the turf for a club Divot - Spot about four in a bit of grass Divot - Sod bringing poet round on time Divot - Clump of turf for a golfer to replace Divot - Clump taken by a golf swing Divot - Small piece of turf cut out Divot - Piece of turf dislodged by club Divot - Bit of turf cut out by golf club Divot - Piece of turf dug out by a golf club Divot - Earth you should replace Divot - Golf course chunk Divot - Duffer's dislodged dirt clump Divot - Turf out? of course Divot - Fairway spoiler Divot - Torn-up turf piece Divot - Loose piece of turf Divot - Displaced grass Divot - Gouged-out turf Divot - It should, of course, be replaced Divot - Round mark? Divot - Turf lifted by golf club Divot - It may get knocked off course Divot - Piece of turf dug out of the fairway by a golf shot Divot - Just a little bit off course Divot - This piece, of course, should be replaced Divot - A bit off the fairway? Divot - Golfer's dislodged turf Divot - Prima donna's love for a tenor -- a thin sod! Divot - Sod Divot - Piece of turf Divot - Hole dug by a golfer Divot - Evidence of a swinger's damaging links? Divot - Course clod Divot - Turf golfer dislodges Divot - Chunk often cut by a slicer Divot - Thing that courteous golfers replace Divot - What's unearthed on a golf course? Divot - Hacked-off fairway Divot - What an iron often causes Divot - Something to replace, on a golf course Divot - Turns up on first tee going with old poet for good chunk of the course Divot - Bit of turf on a golf course