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Sort - Photocopier function

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Sort - Kindly see 13 across Sort - Be kind enough to get this in order Sort - Do this kind of thing and get them out of confusion Sort - For this, i.e., one might be kind enough to 1 across Sort - One may be kind for, i.e., the outcome, perhaps Sort - So right, in short, and kind Sort - Be kind enough to get things in order Sort - Get thingds in order to be kind Sort - One is so kind and so right, just a little Sort - Get in order to be kind Sort - Get the beginning of 5 down in order Sort - It would be kind in order to get them Sort - Kindly get this in order Sort - Be kind and get it in order Sort - In order to get it kindly Sort - Be kind enough to get it in 26 across Sort - One has to be kind in order to get it like this Sort - Kind of get things in order Sort - In order to get this Sort - One must be kind in order to get this Sort - Kind enough to get the order right Sort - Variety, type Sort - Kind, type Sort - 'variety, type (4)' Sort - The kind to categorise Sort - Shuffle into desired sequence Sort - Kind or type Sort - Thus getting a little right makes one kind Sort - Get this in order to be kind Sort - Kind of being a little right like this Sort - That's in order to get it in this kind Sort - Mate with c on one so kind Sort - Get this in some kind of order Sort - In order to get kind like this? Sort - Kind enough to get it all straight Sort - 'be so kind, perhaps, as to get this in order (4)' Sort - Spreadsheet function Sort - So kind as to get it in order Sort - Put into piles, as laundry Sort - Alphabetize, for example Sort - Organize, in a way Sort - Divide into piles Sort - Put into organized piles Sort - Kind work at the post office, maybe Sort - Kind turns, in retrospect Sort - Type - arrange in groups Sort - Separate - kind Sort - Group medals from old masters Sort - Half of ilkley looked for broadcast Sort - Put in alphabetical order Sort - Place in stacks, perhaps Sort - Arrange in a logical order Sort - Do a post office job Sort - Arrange from a to z, say Sort - Arrange in alphabetical order Sort - Separate by kind Sort - Separate into piles Sort - Arrange by kind Sort - Catalogue Sort - Microsoft excel command Sort - Kind of snout, extremely yellow on the inside Sort - Shuffle in class Sort - Work out sequence of heads or tails Sort - Type choice of characters frequently used in statistics Sort - Arrange systematically Sort - Tidy type Sort - Arrange, type Sort - Type, category Sort - Make to order Sort - Choice of ends in tennis court? that's kind Sort - Type; arrange in groups Sort - Arrange; category Sort - Wear that quietly has gone out of fashion Sort - Arrange in groups Sort - Place in order Sort - Kind husband has left a small whisky? Sort - Excel function Sort - Catalog Sort - Alphabetize, perhaps Sort - Classify; kind Sort - Deal effectively with class Sort - Put in order and type Sort - Put in order of a kind Sort - Either way, providing protection of a kind Sort - Separate species Sort - Classify as 'an alternative way round' Sort - A variety still to be discovered, we hear Sort - Adjust excursion that is defunct Sort - Kind holy man has a heart of gold Sort - Type a letter between r and u Sort - Type of good person protecting soldiers Sort - Type that is dropped from operational flight Sort - Kind of game not to be played gently Sort - Type choice of endings in this text Sort - Put each in its place Sort - Word processing command Sort - Separate into groups Sort - Prepare to do laundry Sort - Deal with laundry Sort - Laundry room step Sort - Order leads to sinking of rms titanic Sort - Put laundry in piles Sort - Clarify, with "out" Sort - Person that is dumped by sally Sort - Organize, as laundry Sort - Order properly Sort - Type; arrange Sort - Classification Sort - Kind of person Sort - Database software command Sort - Collate, e.g Sort - Put in folders, say Sort - Spreadsheet option Sort - Separate cds Sort - Silversun pickups "___ of" Sort - Arrange albums Sort - "a ___ of homecoming" u2 Sort - Arrange cds Sort - Arrange collection Sort - Musical kind Sort - Kind and good man with a heart of gold Sort - Variety or ilk Sort - Put in logical order Sort - Kind outsider in settlement? Sort - Arrange into stacks Sort - Arrange alphabetically Sort - Put into piles, say Sort - Type looked for on the radio Sort - Arrange numerically, say Sort - Prepare for recycling Sort - Type like this vacuous recruit Sort - Samuel comes out of somersault in style Sort - Fortune Sort - Do a mailroom chore Sort - Database software function Sort - Rank of marshal?