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Osaka - Honshu city

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Osaka - "godzilla raids again" setting Osaka - "venice of the east" Osaka - 'venice of the orient' Osaka - 1970 world expo site Osaka - 1970 world's fair site Osaka - 1970 world's fair site in japan Osaka - A universal studios locale Osaka - Asian city with alias used by cartographers Osaka - Asian city with an airport on an artificial island Osaka - Bay of japan Osaka - Bullet train city Osaka - Bullet train destination Osaka - Bullet train stop Osaka - Chicago's "sister city" in japan Osaka - City at the mouth of the yodo river Osaka - City destroyed by godzilla Osaka - City east of kobe Osaka - City in honshu's kansai region Osaka - City in japan Osaka - City known for okonomiyaki Osaka - City near kobe Osaka - City near kyoto Osaka - City of 2 1/2 million at the mouth of the yodo river Osaka - City of 2 1/2+ million at the mouth of the yodo river Osaka - City of canals Osaka - City of honshu Osaka - City of japan Osaka - City of southern honshu Osaka - City on honshu Osaka - City on honshu island Osaka - City on honshu, in japan Osaka - City on japan's honshu Osaka - City raided in 'godzilla raids again' Osaka - City southwest of kyoto Osaka - City southwest of tokyo Osaka - City where capcom headquarters are Osaka - City whose name means 'large hill' Osaka - City with a suntory museum Osaka - City's alias covered by map-makers Osaka - Expo '70 city Osaka - Expo '70 host Osaka - Expo '70 site Osaka - Expo site, 1970 Osaka - Extremely obvious alias for a honshu port Osaka - First capital of japan Osaka - From the east, somewhat bleak, a southern japanese city Osaka - Gourmet food mecca of japan Osaka - Hanshin expressway city Osaka - Hideo nomo's birthplace Osaka - Home of kansai international airport Osaka - Home of panasonic Osaka - Home of sharp Osaka - Home of sharp and suntory Osaka - Home of the hanshin tigers Osaka - Home of the national bunraku theatre Osaka - Home of the shinsaibashi shopping area Osaka - Home of universal studios japan Osaka - Home to baseball's orix buffaloes Osaka - Home to suntory Osaka - Home to the national bunraku theatre Osaka - Home to universal studios japan Osaka - Honshu bay port Osaka - Honshu city Osaka - Honshu hub Osaka - Honshu metropolis Osaka - Honshu port Osaka - Honshu prefecture or its capital Osaka - Honshu seaport Osaka - Huge 2 in port Osaka - Industrial city of japan Osaka - Industrial japanese city Osaka - Industrious japanese city Osaka - Initially stored in wood, a port Osaka - Inland sea metropolis Osaka - It was destroyed by godzilla in 'godzilla raids again' Osaka - Japan"s 1970 world's fair site Osaka - Japan's "city of water" Osaka - Japan's "second city" Osaka - Japan's commercial center, historically Osaka - Japan's second city Osaka - Japan's second-largest city Osaka - Japan's third largest city Osaka - Japan's third-largest city Osaka - Japanese bay city Osaka - Japanese bidder for the 2008 summer games Osaka - Japanese city Osaka - Japanese city is recalled thus by this other name Osaka - Japanese city known as 'the nation's kitchen' Osaka - Japanese city near kobe Osaka - Japanese city on the yodo river Osaka - Japanese city that held a world expo Osaka - Japanese city trashed by godzilla Osaka - Japanese city whose name means 'large hill' Osaka - Japanese city with geisha Osaka - Japanese city with large area occupied by a king Osaka - Japanese city's massive alias Osaka - Japanese commercial center Osaka - Japanese economic center Osaka - Japanese expo city Osaka - Japanese financial center Osaka - Japanese for 'large hill' Osaka - Japanese industrial center Osaka - Japanese media hub city Osaka - Japanese metropolis Osaka - Japanese port Osaka - Japanese port city Osaka - Japanese port in honshu Osaka - Japanese port on honshu Osaka - Japanese port, bay Osaka - Japanese port, on honshu Osaka - Japanese seaport Osaka - Japanese seaport featured in 'godzilla raids again' Osaka - Japanese site of expo '70 Osaka - Kansai airport setting Osaka - Kansai international airport site Osaka - Kobe neighbor Osaka - Kobe's bay Osaka - Kyoto neighbor Osaka - Large city and port in japan Osaka - Large city of japan Osaka - Large port of japan Osaka - Locale of universal studios japan Osaka - Major japanese city Osaka - Major port and commercial and industrial centre on honshu Osaka - Map makers going with alternative name of city Osaka - Metropolis in japan Osaka - Metropolis of japan Osaka - Mizuno corporation headquarters Osaka - Neighbor of kobe and kyoto Osaka - Nobel winner leo esaki's birthplace Osaka - One of japan's largest cities Osaka - One terminus of a japanese bullet train Osaka - Panasonic headquarters city Osaka - Panasonic's headquarters Osaka - Panasonic's home base Osaka - Pitcher hideo nomo's birthplace Osaka - Populous japanese city Osaka - Port and commercial city in central japan, on the island of honshu Osaka - Port city of japan Osaka - Port city of southern honshu Osaka - Port city on honshu, japan Osaka - Port du japon Osaka - Port in japan Osaka - Port near kobe Osaka - Port near kyoto Osaka - Port nippon Osaka - Port of great size, alias kinki's capital Osaka - Port of honshu Osaka - Port of japan Osaka - Port on honshu Osaka - Port southwest of kyoto Osaka - Port where sailor has a car, reportedly Osaka - S. japan port, bay Osaka - Sailor also called for port Osaka - Sailor also called in foreign port Osaka - Sailor starts to appear keen approaching port Osaka - Sailor with alias in asian city Osaka - Sanyo headquarters city Osaka - Seaman also called here in east asia Osaka - Seaport of japan Osaka - See 31 across Osaka - Site of expo '70 Osaka - Site of hideyoshi's castle Osaka - Stomping grounds for godzilla Osaka - Tennoji park setting Osaka - Tennoji zoo location Osaka - The 'kitchen of japan' Osaka - Third largest city in japan Osaka - Third-largest city in japan Osaka - Type of tree planted round southern area in foreign city Osaka - Universal studios japan city Osaka - Universal studios japan site Osaka - Well, it's back, and also known as japanese port Osaka - What's omsk oddly also known as - a port? Osaka - Where england and nigeria drew nil, nil Osaka - Where england and nigeria drew nil-nil Osaka - Where england drew with nigeria Osaka - Where england played nigeria Osaka - Where panasonic and sanyo are headquartered Osaka - Where panasonic is headquartered Osaka - Where pumpkins took a "bullet train to" Osaka - Where sanyo is headquartered Osaka - Where sharp and panasonic are headquartered Osaka - Where sharp electronics is based Osaka - Where the orix buffaloes play their home games Osaka - Wood area surrounds small city Osaka - Yodo river city Osaka - Yodo river mouth city Osaka - ___-itami international airport