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Basic - Computer language Basic - Kind of training Basic - Acronymic computer language name Basic - No-frills Basic - Underlying Basic - Word in 101 course names Basic - Microsoft's first product Basic - C ancestor Basic - Involving only main features Basic - 101, in course names Basic - Fundamental Basic - 101 Basic - Kind of instinct Basic - Early computer language Basic - Type of training Basic - Meat-and-potatoes Basic - Like 101 courses Basic - Nuts-and-bolts Basic - Easy to grasp Basic - Rudimentary Basic - Having a high ph, e.g Basic - Like a 101 course Basic - Gi's post-induction training Basic - Kind of cable Basic - Unadorned Basic - Free of frills Basic - Kind of army training Basic - 101, in a course name Basic - Having a high ph Basic - Language created in the 1960s Basic - Low-tech Basic - Not advanced Basic - Elementary Basic - Elemental Basic - Like the a b c's Basic - Type of cable Basic - Computer language from 1964 Basic - __ training Basic - Funda-mental Basic - Primal Basic - One degree like this will do for a start Basic - You get a fundamental degree like this Basic - It's fundamental to get your degree like this Basic - You get your fundamental degree like this Basic - Like this, a bachelor's degree is just something to build on Basic - It's fundamental to get a degree like this Basic - Fundamental, of a starting point Basic - Primary, fundamental Basic - 'primary, fundamental (5)' Basic - At the simplest level Basic - Fundamental, forming a starting-point Basic - Fundamental, forming a starting point Basic - Fundamental, underlying Basic - Fundamental or rudimentary Basic - Fundamental, elementary Basic - Popular programming language Basic - A degree like this may do for starters Basic - At the lowest level Basic - Not hard to grasp Basic - Low-ranking sailor, upset just like that Basic - Like some training Basic - Low-down on computers? Basic - Language when written in ballpoint Basic - Degree (yes, really!) underlying Basic - Degree so elementary Basic - Fundamental - computer language Basic - Simple - computer language Basic - Fundamental -- early computer language Basic - Key Basic - Rudimentary - programming language Basic - Elementary - without extras Basic - Staple Basic - Type of instinct Basic - Old-school computer language Basic - Without frills Basic - Like a college course labeled '101' Basic - Type of cable? Basic - Simple Basic - No frills Basic - Graduate is mostly unwell from bread-and-butter Basic - Educated person found latin so vital Basic - Simple, unadorned Basic - Simple form of language is met in taxi backing up Basic - Key, or keys, thus provided? Basic - Degree thus regarded as essential Basic - Academic qualification's so fundamental Basic - C. k. ogden's fundamental view of language Basic - Forming a foundation Basic - On turning up, is put in taxi - that's fundamental! Basic - Elementary school's opening with first graduate in charge Basic - Fundamental; alkaline Basic - Simple objective of student accurately quoted Basic - In a taxi, one's upset by standard Basic - Fundamental instruction's foremost in spreading abcs Basic - Spartan in ancient times touring most of continent Basic - Simple almanac is a book about bottles Basic - Key of some rumbas i composed Basic - Degree? so simple Basic - Elementary degree as originally presented Basic - Fundamental sort of spin proposed by ivor richards? Basic - Simple herb at the end twice as big? Basic - Turning phenolphthalein pink Basic - Put graduates in charge - that's fundamental Basic - Unsophisticated arts graduates in charge Basic - Graduate's so unsophisticated Basic - Primary scholar, individual entering signal corps Basic - Abc is different in computer language Basic - Primary graduates in charge Basic - Primary Basic - Primary scholar, one entering signal corps Basic - Primary scholar, one in south carolina Basic - Fundamental computer language Basic - Is put into taxi for return journey -- simple! Basic - High-level computer programming language Basic - Educational achievement, so elementary Basic - Fundamental book, one faithfully reproduced Basic - Abc is, in a way Basic - Crude bachelor's in charge Basic - Airline, so spartan Basic - Degree thus vital Basic - Introductory Basic - Educated person, so crude Basic - Put graduates in charge -- that's fundamental Basic - Kind of cable? Basic - Unembellished Basic - Staple; ordinary Basic - Pumpkin spice latte-sipping and ugg-wearing, maybe Basic - Writer pens a point -- elementary Basic - Not difficult to grasp Basic - Simple switch of sections in report of school infirmary? Basic - Army private's training, familiarly Basic - Austere graduate's in charge ... Basic - Key for most of the foundation, institute and college Basic - Like easy chords Basic - Langage de programmation Basic - Simple principle detailed by conservative Basic - Ciara "___ instinct" Basic - Reduced to the simplest form Basic - Standard or foundational Basic - To order cab is essential Basic - Laurel, tom and dick in conversation being crude Basic - Like "101" courses Basic - Lowest degree, like that Basic - Like a course labeled '101' Basic - Like a course labeled '101'