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Tape - Winners break it Tape - Make a video Tape - Sticky stuff Tape - Capture on video Tape - Record Tape - End of a dash Tape - It comes in a roll Tape - A runner may break it Tape - Race goal Tape - Vcr insert Tape - Piece of evidence in a trial Tape - Record on video Tape - Watergate evidence Tape - Race's finish line Tape - Word with deck or measure Tape - Race terminus Tape - Ticker output, once Tape - Cash register output Tape - Sprinter's goal Tape - Runner's destination Tape - Hard-to-refute evidence Tape - Insertion into a deck Tape - Sprinter's terminus Tape - Finish line, perhaps Tape - Stuff is recorded on it Tape - Race's end Tape - It may be magnetic Tape - Recording medium Tape - Item for a d.j Tape - Race finish Tape - Sticky strip Tape - Program preserver Tape - Push record Tape - It's made to measure Tape - Finish line feature Tape - Mending stuff Tape - Scotch ___ Tape - Crime-scene barrier Tape - Record, in a way Tape - This is a stickup Tape - Emergency medical kit item Tape - Word with "duct" or "ticker" Tape - Runner's goal Tape - Mend Tape - Record for posterity, in a way Tape - Record for posterity Tape - Cash register part Tape - Cassette contents, perhaps Tape - Copy, as a film Tape - Press record Tape - Put on reel-to-reel Tape - Word with electrical or red Tape - Item in a medical kit Tape - Magnetic recording medium Tape - Locker room supply Tape - It awaits the winner at the finish line Tape - Team trainer's supply Tape - Fix temporarily Tape - It's on a roll Tape - Bureaucratic red stuff Tape - Paper repairer Tape - Boom-box insert Tape - Welcome sight for a marathoner Tape - It may be at the finish line Tape - Catch on video Tape - Alternative to a compact disc Tape - Gift-wrapping need Tape - Not live broadcasting Tape - Medical kit item Tape - Get on film Tape - Bind Tape - Hockey-stick wrap Tape - Push "record" Tape - Surveillance evidence Tape - Answering-machine insert Tape - Put on record, but not actually on a record Tape - Captured, after 'on' Tape - Videocassette contents Tape - Wiretapping evidence Tape - Word with "deck" or "measure" Tape - Carton sealer Tape - Package sealer Tape - Preserve, perhaps Tape - Magnetic ribbon Tape - Reel-to-reel ___ Tape - What a videocassette holds Tape - It may be electrical or red Tape - Sealing material Tape - Sheet repairer Tape - Bit of surveillance evidence Tape - Marathon terminus Tape - Magnetic medium Tape - Scotch __ Tape - Capture, in a way Tape - Reel-to-reel medium Tape - Glasses fastener for a nerd costume Tape - Cassette Tape - Cash-register output Tape - Dash terminus Tape - What some people get caught on Tape - Gift-wrapper's need Tape - Cd predecessor Tape - Bit of watergate evidence Tape - It may be double-sided Tape - Sports trainer's need Tape - Kind of delay Tape - Athletic trainer's supply Tape - Attach, in a way Tape - Many a demo Tape - A winner may break it Tape - Quick-and-dirty glasses repair option Tape - Wrapper's roll Tape - 3m product Tape - End of a footrace Tape - Paper-rip repairer Tape - Passã© demo item Tape - Gift wrapper's need Tape - Sports trainer's supply Tape - Word after duct or ticker Tape - Something to get caught on Tape - Betamax insert Tape - Shipping department need Tape - Record, ã  la nixon Tape - Gift wrapping need Tape - Eight-track, e.g Tape - Waist measurer Tape - Finish line indicator Tape - What sprinters strive to break Tape - Word with deck or drive Tape - Answering machine insert Tape - The fastest one gets to break it Tape - Gift-wrapping accessory Tape - What a race winner breaks Tape - Gift wrapper's accessory Tape - "scotch" or "duct" follower Tape - Red ____ ( needless paperwork ) Tape - Stationery buy Tape - Race finish Tape - Vcr input Tape - Use a vcr Tape - Race finish line Tape - Recording Tape - Marathoner's target Tape - Measuring strip Tape - Scotch -- Tape - Bit of evidence in court Tape - Mending aid Tape - Is it a record that the primate will come after tea? Tape - Although recorded, it's not a record Tape - Long enough to be a record Tape - Record the start of 21 across Tape - To be on it might create a record at length Tape - Long for a record Tape - Get a record at length Tape - At length this could establish a record Tape - Common medium for recording Tape - The finishing line Tape - This is often stretched across the finishing line of race Tape - Breast this to win the race Tape - Breast this first to win a race Tape - Breast this first to win race Tape - Marathoner's destination Tape - The winning runner breasts the .... Tape - Breast this first to win foot-race Tape - Strip for measuring Tape - Record, as a wedding Tape - Shipping-department need Tape - What a bind to create such a record on this Tape - What a bind that it may be a record Tape - Scotch or ticker Tape - What race winners break Tape - Crime scene barrier Tape - Audio or video follower Tape - A winner might break it Tape - Roll of cellophane Tape - Record that's broken when record is broken Tape - Record finish of race Tape - Record broken by the winner Tape - Recording band Tape - Record - broken by the winner Tape - Strip of material (that might be red!) Tape - String to be broken at end of a race Tape - It may be masking Tape - Repair for a tear Tape - "cellophane" office supply Tape - Staples array Tape - Sprinter's target Tape - Shipping department supply Tape - Watergate-scandal evidence Tape - Passé demo item Tape - Finish line, often Tape - First-aid kit item Tape - Gift wrapper's roll Tape - Gift-wrapper's roll Tape - Hit - engelbert's first record Tape - Runners break it for victory Tape - Roll on a desk Tape - Record for future broadcast Tape - It's a race to break it Tape - Record for later viewing Tape - Packer's need Tape - Record, old-style Tape - Weak-ankle support Tape - The finish line Tape - Finishing line, metaphorically Tape - Adhesive Tape - Adhesive on a roll Tape - Adhesive strip Tape - Packaging material Tape - Olympic runners cross it Tape - Scotch or masking Tape - Carton-sealing material Tape - Wire insulator Tape - Ductwork sealer Tape - Old vcr insert Tape - Insertion into an old deck Tape - Record; adhesive strip Tape - Race finishing-line Tape - Type of record broken by fastest runner Tape - Magnetic recording medium; measuring strip Tape - What may show reduced waist measurement thanks to exercise? Tape - It used to be regularly broken Tape - The trogg's made a notorious one Tape - Record backs some telepathy Tape - It used to be broken by sprinters Tape - Record; material strip Tape - Material strip; record Tape - Record; strip of material Tape - Finish off narrow strip Tape - Adhesive -; red - Tape - Race finishing line strip Tape - Screw up on this recording, and you'll get letters from lewis Tape - Race winning line; record Tape - Adhesive strip; record Tape - Record that race winner may break Tape - Little time to copy recording Tape - Binder that may be red Tape - Fabric strip; record Tape - Sticky roll Tape - Athletic trainer's roll Tape - Support for a weak joint Tape - 'roll the ___' Tape - Wrap for a sprain Tape - Recording material Tape - Video recording Tape - Ribbon Tape - Secure the record Tape - Band Tape - Army on exercises get record Tape - Record the fifth source of water? Tape - Strip Tape - Record to get information on the essence of schemes Tape - Record wild animal at edge of forest Tape - Time to take off record Tape - Record and intercept communication (electronic) Tape - Recording -- first to take copy Tape - Record binder Tape - It's a good measure of what's on the outskirts of takeaway in europe Tape - Gift-wrapping aid Tape - Mailroom roll Tape - Cassette, e.g Tape - Ticker __ Tape - Paper-mending roll Tape - Ticker-__ parade Tape - Upset father breaks sides of turntable record Tape - Capture on video, once Tape - 3m item Tape - Record end of track event? Tape - Register-receipt roll Tape - Wrapping aid Tape - Capture on cassette Tape - It's a good measure of characters surrounding taoiseach in europe Tape - Footrace terminus Tape - Record run may end with it collapsing Tape - Catch on film Tape - Stick with it Tape - Wrapping paper securer Tape - Finish line marker Tape - First of the athletes pass extended finishing line Tape - Scotch or red follower Tape - Crime scene boundary Tape - Jerry-rigging material Tape - Record knock by opener for essex Tape - Packaging need Tape - Temporary fixer Tape - "red" hindrance Tape - Locker room roll Tape - Pc storage medium, once Tape - Record; fabric strip Tape - Red stuff to cut through Tape - Packing need Tape - Roll in the mailroom Tape - __ measure (ruler on a roll) Tape - Binding strip Tape - Bygone demo material Tape - Pre-cd Tape - Former recording medium Tape - 8-track contents Tape - Tailor's need Tape - Record hit, essence of queen Tape - Frappe Tape - Scotch product Tape - Pc storage medium of old Tape - Sprain support Tape - What marathon winners break Tape - Finish line, metaphorically Tape - Gift wrapper's adhesive Tape - End of a successful run? Tape - Uncommon period in basketball ... or a hint to 19- and 37-across and 4- and 48-down Tape - Ankle wrap for an athlete Tape - Tailoring aid Tape - Retro recording Tape - Video Tape - Before elton's first hit record Tape - Measuring aid Tape - "red" nuisance Tape - 'red' nuisance Tape - Pre-digital recording target Tape - Record to broadcast later Tape - It's broken by the fastest runner Tape - Package-sealing roll Tape - Recording medium that's "rolled" Tape - No dubs in budapest for tie Tape - Mailing-box sealer Tape - Record; cassette Tape - "masking" stuff Tape - Paper joiner Tape - Pre-cd form Tape - Register's paper roll Tape - Reel-to-reel recording medium Tape - Gift-wrapping adhesive Tape - Gift-wrapping adhesive Tape - Pianote Tape - Pianote