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Wish - It's often made with the eyes closed

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  • Wish - Letter on W
  • 1 - st. word W
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word H

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Wish - "peace on earth," e.g Wish - "when you ___ upon a star" Wish - "___ you were here!" Wish - 'i ___ i had an answer to that because i'm tired of answering that question' (yogi berra) Wish - 'peace on earth,' e.g Wish - *birthday secret Wish - 6 down offering Wish - Action before blowing out the candles Wish - Art of noise single that featured tom jones Wish - Ask a star? Wish - Aspiration Wish - Birthday boy or girl's secret Wish - Birthday creation Wish - Birthday party tradition Wish - Birthday secret Wish - Birthday-party tradition Wish - Bone or list preceder Wish - Candle blower's secret Wish - Candle-blower's secret Wish - Candle-blower's thought Wish - Candleblower's thought Wish - Coin-in-a-fountain thought Wish - Desire Wish - Desire (to pull this bone?) Wish - Desire exists between married couple, in short Wish - Desire is for keeping between wife and husband Wish - Desire, hope Wish - Express a desire for Wish - Express desire Wish - Expression of desire Wish - Expression of some desire or inclination Wish - Fingers-crossed thought Wish - Fond desire Wish - Fond hope Wish - Fond longing Wish - Fountain request? Wish - Genie offer Wish - Genie offering Wish - Genie's bestowal Wish - Genie's command Wish - Genie's gift Wish - Genie's largesse Wish - Genie's offer Wish - Genie's offering Wish - Group of females don’t speak for long Wish - Group of women with quiet desire Wish - Have a desire Wish - Have a desire to Wish - Hope (for) Wish - Hope for Wish - Hypothetical horse Wish - It may be made by a stargazer Wish - It may lead to a broken bone Wish - It might be made on a fallen eyelash Wish - It precedes a blowout? Wish - It's made at a birthday party Wish - It's made before blowing Wish - It's often made with the eyes closed Wish - It's thought to be merry with a bone like this Wish - Kind of list Wish - Long (for) Wish - Nine inch nails song about desire? Wish - One may accompany a coin toss Wish - One may be made after blowing out candles Wish - One of three from a genie Wish - Penny-in-the-well accompanier Wish - Pine (for) Wish - Possibly a christmas cracker to pull thus contains letters on a pencil in red, say? Wish - Prelim to bone-breaking? Wish - Prepare to break a bone? Wish - Preserve for females wanting quiet prayer Wish - Request - yen Wish - So the r.a. might want to have it less well done Wish - Something desired Wish - Something made before blowing out candles Wish - Something made on a shooting star Wish - Something made on a star? Wish - Something made on one's birthday Wish - Something to make before blowing out the birthday candles Wish - Swift desire for your presence Wish - The sort of bone that's thought - and want - to be merry Wish - Thought before blowing out the candles Wish - Want a merry thought of bone Wish - Want one turkey bone? Wish - Want the bone for a merry thought Wish - Well offering Wish - What a genie might grant Wish - Who is disposed, despite losing ring, to express a desire? Wish - Women’s group’s hot desire Wish - Women's group -- mum's desire Wish - Words after a splash in a fountain, maybe Wish - Would the r.a. want to be somewhat rare like this? Wish - Yearn (for) Wish - Yearning Wish - Yell 'o!'. that would make it a shade cowardly Wish - Yen Wish - You make it with your eyes closed Wish - You may break a bone after making it Wish - You may close your eyes when making it Wish - ___ list