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Xed - Affixed one's mark

Word by letter:
  • Xed - Letter on X
  • 1 - st. word X
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word D

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Xed - Affixed one's mark Xed - Canceled (out) Xed - Canceled (with 'out') Xed - Canceled, with "out" Xed - Cancelled Xed - Checked off Xed - Checked, as a box Xed - Chose a box on a ballot, perhaps Xed - Chose, as a ballot box Xed - Chose, in a way Xed - Chose, perhaps Xed - Crossed (out) Xed - Crossed out Xed - Crossed out, for short Xed - Crossed through Xed - Crossed, as a box Xed - Deleted Xed - Deleted, for short Xed - Deleted, in a way Xed - Deleted, with "out" Xed - Deleted, with 'out' Xed - Filled (in), as a questionnaire box Xed - Filled in a ballot, perhaps Xed - Indicated a choice, in a way Xed - Indicated one's choice Xed - Indicated one's preference, at times Xed - Like some ballots Xed - Like some boxes on ballots Xed - Like some survey boxes Xed - Made a mark Xed - Marked Xed - Marked (a ballot) Xed - Marked a ballot Xed - Marked a ballot, in a way Xed - Marked off Xed - Marked on a ballot Xed - Marked out Xed - Marked simply Xed - Marked the spot Xed - Marked with two lines Xed - Marked wrong Xed - Marked wrong, in a way Xed - Marked, as a ballot Xed - Marked, as some ballots Xed - Marked, in a way Xed - Marked, on a ballot Xed - Selected on a ballot, with "in" Xed - Selected on a questionnaire, with "in" Xed - Signed as an illiterate Xed - Signed as an illiterate would Xed - Signed like an illiterate Xed - Signed primitively Xed - Signed with a symbol Xed - Signed, in a way Xed - Struck Xed - Struck (out) Xed - Struck (out) of the text Xed - Struck out Xed - Struck out, as copy Xed - Struck out, as one letter in each of this puzzle's theme answers Xed - Taken out of context? Xed - Took (out) Xed - Took out Xed - Took out of context? Xed - Voted for, with "in" Xed - Voted, in a way