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Lol - E-mail guffaw

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  • Lol - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word L

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Lol - Response to a joke on-line Lol - E-mail guffaw Lol - Cyberspace chuckle Lol - Chatroom chuckle Lol - Chat-room chuckle Lol - "i'm laughing audibly," in e-mail Lol - Imer's chuckle Lol - E-mail chuckle Lol - Chat room chuckle Lol - 'ha-ha,' online Lol - Chuckle in a chat room Lol - Ha ha, online Lol - Online guffaw Lol - "ha-ha," online Lol - Chat room guffaw Lol - Equivalent of 'ur 2 funny' Lol - Chat-room guffaw Lol - Chat room abbr Lol - Online 'ha-ha' Lol - Modern indicator of amusement Lol - "ha ha!" in chat rooms Lol - Modern joke response Lol - Online "ha-ha!" Lol - Cyber-chortle Lol - Chatroom chortle Lol - Joke response Lol - "that's funny, screenname123!" Lol - "ha ha," in a chat room Lol - Online "that's funny!" Lol - "ha ha ha" on a pc Lol - Roflmao, but milder Lol - Chat room joke response Lol - Online chortle Lol - Email guffaw Lol - "that's hilarious!" in chat rooms Lol - Abbr. near a smiley Lol - Im chuckle Lol - Online joke response Lol - "ha-ha," in a chat room Lol - "ha ha!" on the internet Lol - Cyberspace snicker Lol - Internet chuckle Lol - Chat room "that's a riot!" Lol - Response to a funny text Lol - Wisecrack response, in modern shorthand Lol - Bit of high-tech amusement Lol - "ur 2 funny" equiv Lol - "that's funny!" Lol - Response to a joke in an i.m Lol - Tickled user's response Lol - "that's funny, lazerpwned1983!" Lol - Cyberchortle Lol - 'this cat picture you im'd me is hilarious!' Lol - Funny-text reaction Lol - 'that's funny!,' in an e-mail Lol - Cyberspace guffaw Lol - Online display of amusement Lol - Cyberchuckle Lol - Im delight Lol - Cyberspace "ha-ha!" Lol - Cybercackle Lol - Not quite rotflmao Lol - Cyberroar Lol - Ha-ha, nowadays Lol - Text te-hee Lol - "that's funny!" on the message boards Lol - 'omg, that's sooo funny!' Lol - Online chuckle Lol - Cyberguffaw Lol - Chat room chuckle, for short Lol - Online prefix for 'cat' Lol - Possible reaction to a n00b Lol - E-mail cackle Lol - Ubiquitous online initialism Lol - Response to a funny youtube link, say Lol - Response to an e-mailed joke, maybe Lol - Reaction to 'zomg' Lol - Internet snicker Lol - Chat room chortle Lol - "ha!," in chat Lol - [what you just typed was very amusing] Lol - Electronic gag reflex? Lol - "that's hilarious!" in cyberspeak Lol - Bit of internet mirth Lol - Online 'ha!' Lol - Reaction not as strong as rofl Lol - I.m. snicker Lol - Texter's tehee Lol - 'that link was hilarious' Lol - Online yuk Lol - 'u r funny!' Lol - Response to an e-mail wisecrack Lol - Titter in a tweet Lol - Twitter titter Lol - Chat-room ha-ha Lol - 'you're killing me,' in texts Lol - Texter's guffaw Lol - Part of many an aim chat Lol - Online cackle Lol - Emoticon alternative Lol - Cyberchuckle, and a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers Lol - Aol guffaw Lol - "that's too funny!" in netspeak Lol - "ha ha ha!" online Lol - 'very funny!' in chat rooms Lol - Chatroom chortling Lol - Chatroom chuckling Lol - Chat-room chortling Lol - Chat-room chortle Lol - Chat room chuckling Lol - 'that's funny!' to a texter Lol - Texter's 'that's funny!' Lol - Keyed-in chuckle Lol - Online 'ha ha' Lol - Cyber-chuckle Lol - E-chuckle Lol - Cyber-guffaw Lol - Aim giggle Lol - 'that's funny!' on the message boards Lol - 'ha!,' in chat Lol - 'lmao' alternative Lol - Internet giggle Lol - 'that's funny,' to a texter Lol - Follower of a chat room joke Lol - "ha-ha," in email Lol - Texter's tee-hee Lol - [i'm so funny!] Lol - "i'm giggling audibly," in email Lol - Hi-tech titter Lol - Rofl alternative Lol - Joke follower Lol - 'omg ur so funny!' Lol - Hi-tech guffaw Lol - On-line guffaw Lol - Texter's chuckle Lol - Texter's roar Lol - Sms interjection Lol - 'imho, that's hilarious' Lol - Texter's titter Lol - Imer's "how funny!" Lol - 'you're killing me,' textually Lol - 'u crack me up!' Lol - "omg, too funny!" Lol - More than te-hee, online Lol - Online giggle Lol - 'u just got pwned' Lol - "u just got pwned" Lol - Im giggle Lol - Doing much more than cqtm Lol - Quick 'ha ha' Lol - E-mail giggle Lol - Response to a site gag? Lol - Twitter titter, and then some Lol - 'funny vid, thx' Lol - Texter's 'that's funny' Lol - Response to an online joke Lol - Typed chuckle Lol - End of a texter's amusing comment, perhaps Lol - Bit of cybermirth Lol - Text message chuckle Lol - 'ha!,' in texts Lol - Reaction to a meme, maybe Lol - Internet acronym rarely meant literally Lol - 'very funny!' online Lol - Alternative to colon-hyphen-close paren Lol - Im snicker Lol - Throne room at buckingham palace Lol - Texting guffaw Lol - Coxhill or creme maybe Lol - Morgan, ex-norwich manager Lol - Creme or coxhill maybe Lol - Morgan, who managed norwich city Lol - Very funny (1) Lol - [that cracks me up] Lol - [your comment amuses me] Lol - Texting titter Lol - Im guffaw Lol - Modern lead-in to cat Lol - Text giggle Lol - 'omg ur a riot!' Lol - Alternative to :-) Lol - Online ha-ha Lol - 'u r so funny' alternative Lol - Cyberyuk Lol - "i'm chuckling audibly," in email Lol - "omg ur 2 funny" Lol - "ha-ha," in email and texts Lol - Audibly amused, online Lol - [i crack myself up] Lol - Texter's "what a riot!" Lol - Fifty-fifty to catch frisbee when laughing out loud Lol - 'very funny!' in modern shorthand Lol - 'that's hilarious!' in cyberspeak Lol - 'very funny!' in a text Lol - Palindromic bit of textspeak Lol - Reaction to an autocorrect fail, perhaps Lol - "u r 2 funny!" Lol - Im 'ha ha' Lol - Response to an internet meme, maybe Lol - "u r a riot!" Lol - [that is so funny] Lol - Cybersnicker Lol - 'u r 2 funny!' Lol - Response to a hilarious tweet, perhaps Lol - Modern reaction to a riot? Lol - Acronym sometimes accompanied by a smiley face Lol - E-guffaw Lol - Texter's reaction to a joke Lol - Email chuckle Lol - 1-across, in textspeak Lol - 'i get the joke and it's funny but i have no time to write all this' Lol - :-d alternative Lol - Written guffaw Lol - Common palindromic text Lol - 'very funny,' briefly Lol - Netizen's guffaw Lol - "gr8 joke!" Lol - 'ur hilarious!' Lol - Oed initialism since 2011 Lol - Typed guffaw Lol - "u slay me!" Lol - 'haha, u r hilarious' Lol - "how hilarious!" in chat rooms Lol - Chuckle online Lol - "i'm cracking up," in a tweet Lol - Roaring online? Lol - Titter on twitter Lol - "that's funny" online Lol - Texted titter Lol - 'ur so funny!' Lol - Texting 'ha-ha!' Lol - I.m. chuckle Lol - Tweeter's titter Lol - [you crack me up] Lol - "u r funny!" Lol - 'gr8 joke!' Lol - Texter's "that's hilarious!" Lol - Cyber-giggle Lol - 'haha' Lol - Online giggle indicator Lol - Online "that's hilarious" Lol - It doesn't mean 'lots of love' Lol - Facebook giggle Lol - Alternative to "u r funny!" Lol - Texter's "that's funny!" Lol - Amused initialism Lol - "omg, that's funny!" Lol - Response to a joke, maybe