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Posit - Put forward for study

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Posit - Propose Posit - Put forward for study Posit - Take as a given Posit - Put forward Posit - Put forth Posit - Suggest Posit - Assume for argument's sake Posit - Presume Posit - Put Posit - Situate Posit - Put forward for consideration Posit - Put forth, as a theory Posit - Assume Posit - Postulate Posit - Assume as fact Posit - Suggest for consideration Posit - Toss out an explanation Posit - Hypothesize Posit - Assume without proof Posit - Allege Posit - Surmise Posit - Put forth, as a question Posit - Suggest, as a theory Posit - Suggest as a theory Posit - Lay this down so that it turns up in the hole Posit - Thus lay down what i've got plus Posit - One may assume the river is over it Posit - Lay down and don't stand at the bottom of a river Posit - I've got after making this a plus for a basis Posit - Lay down and be seated at last Posit - Sure i've one in the mail Posit - Take it as a facrt that with this i've got to be like a proton Posit - Lay down one in the mail Posit - It is work to get back to lay this down Posit - One may lay down that after this i've nothing negative Posit - It's work to get up to lay down Posit - Lay down that with this i've no m in us Posit - Assume as fact, postulate Posit - Assume as a fact, postulate Posit - Put forward an opinion Posit - I state it as a fact that there's one in the mail Posit - The fact is that one is in the mail Posit - I may be in the mail, so lay it down Posit - I stop to lay it down as a matter of fact Posit - Assume something as a basis for discussion Posit - Conjecture Posit - Assume the existence of Posit - Make an assumption from 4 Posit - Assume there's one in the mail Posit - Outgoing mail, i assume Posit - Assume one should be clad in mail Posit - Kitty pinching is put back, or put forward Posit - Put forward as basis for discussion Posit - Lay down or assume (as the basis for an argument) Posit - Assume as fact for argument's sake Posit - Assume as a fact Posit - Place Posit - Put forth, as a fact Posit - Assume to be true Posit - Propose it comes after point of sale Posit - Set forth Posit - Put forward (something) as a given Posit - Raf officers given wine to put in place Posit - Assume one will get into job Posit - Assume one is in paid employment Posit - Put forward final thought about old wine Posit - Assume one's employed? Posit - Assume i can enter a paid position Posit - Put forward (argument) Posit - Put forward; place Posit - Put forward one employed in military establishment Posit - Suggest one might fill the job Posit - One cutting support for state Posit - Put forward (as fact) Posit - Put forward only half enthusiastically Posit - Put forward as fact Posit - Assume chamber to be in session Posit - Put forward (an idea) Posit - In office, i assume Posit - Chambers has it as "set in place" Posit - Perk up when receiving huge advance Posit - Put forward as true Posit - Theorize Posit - Take for granted Posit - Letters etc. i collected in advance Posit - Propose as fact Posit - Put one in the mail Posit - Assume one is in employment Posit - Take for granted one's in a job Posit - Suppose grass is turned in Posit - Assume i will be in afterwards Posit - Job to admit one put forward Posit - Claim some characters in donizetti's opera are contrary Posit - Current italian model put in place Posit - Put forward first person in job Posit - Assume, for the sake of argument, one penetrates military base Posit - Assume as true Posit - Put forth a theory Posit - Assume as an axiom Posit - Assume one put in mail Posit - Assume as a fact or principle Posit - Put forward (as a fact) Posit - Assert as fact Posit - For sake of argument, assume one's not unemployed? Posit - Presuppose Posit - Propound Posit - Penny and oscar have a meeting put forward Posit - Advance and squat by river Posit - Lay down as principle Posit - Right away, here's to you getting advance Posit - Suppose for argument's sake Posit - Assume harpo's italian -- at least partly Posit - Put forward, as an idea Posit - Put forth as fact Posit - Put forward as fact for an argument Posit - Assume for the sake of argument Posit - Put forward (for argument) Posit - Assume to be a fact Posit - Offer as explanation