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Spartan - Lacking luxury and comfort

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  • Spartan - Letter on S
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Spartan - Sternly disciplined Spartan - Hardly decorated Spartan - Lacking luxury and comfort Spartan - Michigan state athlete Spartan - Austere Spartan - Marked by frugality Spartan - Athenian's foe Spartan - No-frills Spartan - Certain greek, once Spartan - San jose state athlete Spartan - One of 300 at thermopylae Spartan - Far from luxurious Spartan - Hardly luxurious Spartan - Rigorously frugal Spartan - That's it's simply brown by the yard Spartan - Simple and harsh, without luxuries Spartan - Of conditions, harsh and lacking comforts Spartan - Of conditions, simple and harsh as for ancient greeks Spartan - Knocks up the sunburn without comfort Spartan - Michigan state player Spartan - Ancient skill in bridge Spartan - Pole has to beat greek Spartan - Pictures within range of the old city Spartan - He's part anatolian, part greek Spartan - Greek role insane? not quite Spartan - Ascetic's brown box, previously Spartan - Fight and beat a tough guy Spartan - Rigorous dispute with brown Spartan - Ascetic - ancient greek Spartan - Austere - disciplined Spartan - Lacking any luxury Spartan - Bleak - rigorous - austere Spartan - Very strict - austere Spartan - Lacking in luxury, as a room Spartan - Austere - like lysander? Spartan - Lacking the traditional comforts Spartan - Hospital kept a bit austere Spartan - Basic component in hospital Spartan - Catches up with an old greek Spartan - Sunburn acquired in open-air fight by greek of warrior caste? Spartan - What boxer may do to beat toughly-disciplined type Spartan - Indifferent to luxury Spartan - Old citizen showing skill in bridge Spartan - Indifferent to comfort Spartan - Ancient greek character in place of healing Spartan - Lacking luxury, austere Spartan - Austere; lacking comfort Spartan - Fight, and beat, old greek Spartan - Fight and give a hiding to old greek Spartan - Strictly disciplined rebukes over army vehicle in short supply Spartan - With boom over, function is austere Spartan - Not comfortable acquiring skill in bridge Spartan - Rather austere wing in hospital Spartan - Simple craft in middle of bridge Spartan - Lacking comfort Spartan - Rigorous role in sickbay Spartan - Austere, lacking comfort Spartan - Simple type but he shows skill in bridge Spartan - Simple box stand uncovered Spartan - Catches up with an undoubtedly tough guy Spartan - Hardy box (bronze) Spartan - Frugal Spartan - Fight brown, a tough fellow Spartan - Stanley accepted normal amount that's rigorous Spartan - Brown may start to fight, being tough Spartan - Laconic type showing skill in bridge Spartan - Paintings within period noted for austerity Spartan - Simple paintings discovered in small hollow Spartan - In hospital duty is rigorous Spartan - Rigorous Spartan - Without comforts Spartan - Austere section put in hospital Spartan - Fight and give a thrashing to a tough character Spartan - Severe scrap in 'correctional' institution Spartan - East lansing athlete Spartan - From southern region, an ancient greek Spartan - Practising austerity like some greeks -- in this part, anyway Spartan - Austere, lacking luxury Spartan - Lacking creature comforts Spartan - Lacking any amenities Spartan - Defender at thermopylae Spartan - Freight of ancient greece Spartan - Having no fun from creativity in one's lifetime Spartan - Disciplined person showing skill during bridge Spartan - Like some old people having skill in bridge