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Otis - Football's ___ armstrong

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Otis - James who originated the phrase 'taxation without representation' Otis - Redding of 60's soul Otis - Elevator inventor Otis - Revolutionary orator james Otis - Mayberry sot Otis - Inventor elisha Otis - 'miss ___ regrets' Otis - Publisher chandler Otis - Elevator innovator Otis - His invention made skyscrapers possible Otis - Football's armstrong Otis - 'miss ___ regrets' (1934 hit) Otis - Cager thorpe Otis - Miss in a 1934 song Otis - 1989 film 'milo & ___' Otis - Name that has its ups and downs Otis - Singer redding Otis - Mayberry jail habitué Otis - Mayberry toper Otis - Elevator brand Otis - Football's ___ armstrong Otis - Redding of song Otis - Elevator pioneer Otis - Redding of r&b Otis - Elevator man Otis - Lift handle? Otis - Leader of a lush life in mayberry? Otis - Elevator guy Otis - Johnny in the rock and roll hall of fame Otis - Elevator firm Otis - Name on many elevators Otis - Singer/songwriter redding Otis - ___ & carla, 60's singing duo Otis - Mayberry's big tippler? Otis - R. & b. singer redding Otis - Mayberry drunk Otis - Groucho's 'a night at the opera' role Otis - Williams of the temptations Otis - Mayberry resident Otis - Redding of soul Otis - Innovator in lifts Otis - 'safety hoist' creator Otis - Porter's regretful miss Otis - Sitcom souse Otis - First name in soul Otis - "willie and the hand jive" singer johnny Otis - Its products are featured in many stories Otis - He helped raise people to higher levels Otis - Company whose cars are never on the road Otis - Elevator innovator elisha Otis - Elevator man? Otis - Redding of r & b Otis - Grammy-winning redding Otis - He gave us a lift Otis - 'the adventures of milo and ___' (1989 film) Otis - Mayberry tosspot Otis - Supermodel carré Otis - Mayberry man Otis - Elevator maker Otis - Classic singer redding Otis - Soul singer redding Otis - Mayberry character Otis - Blues singer redding Otis - Big name in elevators Otis - Company whose cars stay indoors Otis - "miss ___ regrets" (porter tune) Otis - Songwriter blackwell Otis - Classic tv tosspot Otis - Lift innovator Otis - R & b's ___ day & the knights Otis - He became famous for holding up cars Otis - ___ day and the knights Otis - Company whose cars don't use gasoline Otis - Milo's partner in a film Otis - Milo's title partner in a 1989 film Otis - Company that has its ups and downs Otis - Mayberry's big tippler Otis - Elevator pioneer elisha Otis - Mayberry tippler Otis - Inventor who had his ups and downs? Otis - Man's name meaning 'one who hears well' Otis - Los angeles's ___ college of art and design Otis - Car company? Otis - Ned beatty's role in 'superman' Otis - Man who made cars for indoors Otis - Groucho in a night at the opera Otis - Milo's movie pal Otis - Miss ___ regrets Otis - Bluesman redding Otis - Sheriff taylor kept a cell for him Otis - Pop singer redding Otis - Elevator brake inventor Otis - A publishing chandler Otis - Up-and-down inventor? Otis - Mayberry souse Otis - Inventor of a braking system for cars Otis - Drunk in mayberry Otis - Hall of fame vocalist redding Otis - She's "unable to lunch today" Otis - Cookie guy spunkmeyer Otis - Musical redding Otis - Soulful redding Otis - Blues guitarist taylor Otis - ___ elevator company Otis - Vertical transportation specialist Otis - Los angeles art and design school Otis - "andy griffith show" character Otis - Elevator safety brake inventor Otis - First name in southern soul Otis - Milo's pal, in a 1989 film Otis - Armstrong of n.f.l. fame Otis - Escalator maker Otis - Elevator company Otis - Safety hoist creator Otis - Mayberry's town drunk Otis - Spunkmeyer of cookie fame Otis - 1970s n.f.l.'er armstrong Otis - Revolutionary james ___, famous for saying 'taxation without representation is tyranny' Otis - Elevator name Otis - Tv character who regularly locks himself in jail Otis - Inventor who experienced ups and downs Otis - Sheriff taylor saved him a place Otis - Ned beatty in "superman" Otis - Steam shovel inventor william Otis - Mayberry's campbell Otis - ___ day & the knights Otis - He gave us a lift? Otis - Big elevator manufacturer Otis - Mayberry's drinker Otis - Division of united technologies Otis - Miss in a cole porter hit Otis - "the adventures of milo and ___" Otis - Former newspaper publisher ___ chandler Otis - Name on elevators Otis - Toper who knows opie Otis - Grammy winner redding Otis - Frequent mayberry jail occupant Otis - Maker of moving walkways Otis - R&b artist redding Otis - Mayberry's self-incarcerator Otis - Stage great skinner Otis - Revolutionary patriot james Otis - Safety elevator creator Otis - Early l.a. times bigwig harrison gray __ Otis - Milo's partner, in film Otis - Johnny with the 1958 hit 'willie and the hand jive' Otis - __ b. driftwood, groucho's "a night at the opera" role Otis - "(sittin' on) the dock of the bay" singer redding Otis - Toper who knows andy Otis - 1989 film "milo & ___" Otis - A leading manufacturer of cars Otis - Regretful miss of song Otis - "mr. pitiful" singer redding Otis - Mayberry lush Otis - Bluesman rush Otis - Lift man elisha Otis - Porter's regretful 'miss' Otis - "the andy griffith show" character Otis - Former magic player smith Otis - Campbell of mayberry Otis - Crooner redding Otis - Manufacturer of boxy cars Otis - He became famous for lifting cars Otis - Milo's canine pal Otis - Spunkmeyer of the cookie world Otis - ___ chandler, longtime publisher of the los angeles times Otis - Day with the knights Otis - American soul singer redding Otis - Company that gets many in on the ground floor Otis - He had a lush life in mayberry Otis - Groucho's driftwood Otis - 'threw me in the tank with the drunk called ___' (beastie boys lyric) Otis - Elevator handle? Otis - Soul great redding Otis - R&b singer shuggie ___ Otis - Milo's buddy, in film Otis - Elisha of elevators Otis - Elevator inventor elisha Otis - Mayberry cell dweller Otis - Safety-brake inventor Otis - Colonial pamphleteer james Otis - Its products appear in many stories Otis - Elevator label Otis - ___ day & the knights (band in 'animal house') Otis - Its products go up and down Otis - "the andy griffith show" tippler Otis - Lex luthor henchman Otis - Big name in the 20-across business Otis - "the andy griffith show" role Otis - Hoopster thorpe Otis - People mover since 1853 Otis - #1 transportation company in worldwide daily patrons Otis - Toper of mayberry Otis - Elevator guy? Otis - World's largest elevator company Otis - Revolutionary pamphleteer Otis - Blues musician rush Otis - Name on some elevators Otis - Vertical-transportation giant Otis - Cole porter's regretful miss Otis - 'miss -- regrets' Otis - Cole porter's 'miss -- regrets' Otis - See 43-down Otis - Big elevator name Otis - R&b legend redding Otis - Name on an elevator Otis - R&b's redding Otis - Giant in elevators Otis - ___ spunkmeyer of cookies Otis - With 26 across it is there to give you a lift Otis - Get back and be seated if you want to get a lift Otis - Round it is, and able to give one a lift Otis - To go back is to get a lift from this (4) Otis - It's nothing, so it is, for a lift Otis - Sit up round here and get a lift from it Otis - O. that's what it is for a lift (4) Otis - Take a chair around here if you want a lift Otis - He made skyscrapers feasible Otis - Character who regularly locks himself in jail Otis - Name on many escalators Otis - Name in lifts Otis - "miss ___ regrets" (cole porter standard) Otis - Early l.a. times publisher harrison gray __ Otis - L.a.'s ___ college of art and design Otis - Mayberry inmate, often Otis - Vertical-transport giant Otis - Elevator man's name Otis - ___ day & the knights (band in "animal house") Otis - Jay-z song that samples 'try a little tenderness' Otis - Redding, the singer Otis - Totally made-up muffin persona spunkmeyer Otis - Elevating name Otis - ___ b. driftwood ('a night at the opera' role) Otis - Mayberry's boozer Otis - Redding who sang 'the dock of the bay' Otis - Company known for its ups and downs Otis - Uplifting name? Otis - Some american depositors backed this inventor Otis - Singer - man providing lift with revolutionary sound Otis - The miss who was unable to lunch today Otis - Cole porter's miss who was 'unable to lunch today' Otis - Oddly outwits uplifting inventor Otis - Soulful singer redding Otis - R&b pioneer johnny Otis - Company that helps executives rise Otis - Lex luthor's sidekick in "superman" Otis - Name in many elevators Otis - His invention ascends through stories Otis - Man with a lift Otis - 'safety hoist' inventor Otis - Redding who sang "these arms of mine" Otis - Escalator pioneer Otis - Big name in vertical transport Otis - Elisha of elevator fame Otis - Groucho's role in 'a night at the opera' Otis - Elijah of elevator fame Otis - Big elevator producer Otis - Company that trademarked "escalator" Otis - With 72 across, the king of elevator music? Otis - Redding with a grammy Otis - Martin lawrence character, on "martin" Otis - Lex sidekick in 1978's "superman" Otis - Company that once owned the trademark 'escalator' Otis - Uplifting company? Otis - ___ & carla (1960s duo) Otis - William who invented the steam shovel Otis - "miss __ regrets": porter song Otis - Running back armstrong Otis - Elevator giant Otis - Their cars go straight up in the air Otis - Cookie maker spunkmeyer Otis - __ elevator company Otis - Familiar Otis - Old sitcom sot Otis - Lex luthor's henchman Otis - Mayberry's heavy drinker Otis - Mayberry town drunk Otis - Milo's pug pal, in a 1989 film Otis - "respect" songwriter redding Otis - Inventor who had his ups and downs Otis - Escalator developer Otis - Milo's film friend Otis - Sitcom sot Otis - Folk singer williams Otis - Johnny or son shuggy Otis - He appears in some wild story, they say, about a ghost Otis - Rush or redding maybe? Otis - Place of worship; side part of head Otis - Underground part of rhizome Otis - Soul legend redding Otis - They sailed topographic oceans Otis - Miss - regrets (song) Otis - He starts to organise the irish show Otis - Miss - regrets (porter) Otis - Ring rest back to expose a us inventor Otis - Wilde's ambassador in cypriot islands Otis - Soul singer on trips regularly Otis - Miss that regrets taking part in hypnotism Otis - Worthies regularly lift company Otis - Miss - regrets, song Otis - Wilde's miss virginia, later having regrets due to porter they say Otis - Is to reform wilde's ambassador Otis - Us inventor who gave the british a lift? Otis - Courtly love, but no husband for this regretful lady Otis - Passenger elevator inventor Otis - Inventor with an up-and-down career? Otis - Mayberry sot campbell Otis - "dock of the bay" singer redding Otis - Vertical-transportation company Otis - Form of therapy is provided by someone to give us a lift Otis - Big name in elevator safety Otis - Industrialist who's had his ups and downs? Otis - Elevator manufacturer Otis - World's most popular transportation company Otis - Milo's partner in film Otis - 2011 grammy-winning song by jay-z and kanye west Otis - - - redding, us male vocalist Otis - Elisha graves - - , us elevator inventor 1811-61 Otis - 'miss - - regrets' (song) Otis - Miss - - regrets (song) Otis - - - redding, singer Otis - - - redding (soul music star) Otis - - - redding Otis - 'miss - - regrets' Otis - Name of american singer, one who gave many a lift Otis - Being late, singer gets lift Otis - -- redding, singer Otis - Rueful woman involved in song and hypnotism Otis - Miss lunch today? ruefully, she will -- so it requires rescheduling Otis - Pioneer in car safety Otis - Moving-walkway maker Otis - "miss ___ regrets" Otis - Inventor whose success went up and down? Otis - Man with rising aspirations? Otis - Mayberry drunkard Otis - Lex luthor's main henchman in 'superman' Otis - Big maker of moving walkways Otis - [elevators] Otis - Big name in escalators Otis - Lex's henchman in "superman" films Otis - Legendary singer redding Otis - William ___, inventor of the steam shovel Otis - He gave londoners a lift? Otis - Moving walkway maker Otis - Company that'll give you a lift Otis - Miss in a cole porter song Otis - Maker of indoor cars Otis - Singer-songwriter redding Otis - Singer williams of the temptations Otis - Big name in vertical transportation Otis - Supplier for the eiffel tower and beijing subway Otis - Milo's pug pal, in a 1986 film Otis - 1960s bluesman redding Otis - Escalator company Otis - Vertical transportation giant Otis - Big name in vertical-path cars Otis - Mr. ___, protagonist in wilde's 'the canterville ghost' Otis - Football player sistrunk who was said to have graduated from the 'university of mars' Otis - Brand that carries a lot of weight Otis - Kanye/jay-z song that samples 'try a little tenderness' Otis - R&b singer redding Otis - 'a change is gonna come' singer redding Otis - Subcontractor in the eiffel tower construction Otis - ___ spunkmeyer cookies Otis - Supplier to high-rises Otis - Man famed by elevators Otis - Mayberry's self-jailer Otis - Manufacturer of moving walkways Otis - Daily mover of many millions Otis - "(sittin' on) the dock of the bay" redding Otis - Bluesman taylor Otis - The knights' day Otis - "try a little tenderness" redding Otis - "king of soul" redding Otis - Blues pianist spann Otis - "animal house" band "___ day and the knights" Otis - Soul icon redding Otis - "mr. pitiful" redding Otis - "respect" redding Otis - "tramp" redding Otis - "a change is gonna come" redding Otis - "i've been loving you too long" redding Otis - "i can't turn you loose" redding Otis - "that's how strong my love is" redding Otis - ___ day and the knights ('animal house' band) Otis - Redding who sang '(sittin' on) the dock of the bay' Otis - '(sittin' on) the dock of the bay' singer redding Otis - Union elevator works founder Otis - Name that's uplifting to many? Otis - Big elevator innovator Otis - Mayberry self-jailer Otis - Company that trademarked 'escalator' Otis - Maker of cars that travel vertically Otis - Redding with a posthumous grammy Otis - Handle on many elevators Otis - First user of "escalator" Otis - 2-down's last name Otis - 'miss' with regrets Otis - Large manufacturer of car brakes Otis - -- redding, us male vocalist Otis - Handle on an elevator? Otis - Musician redding Otis - Redding who wrote "respect" Otis - Elisha with the ups and downs Otis - Security guard on "martin" Otis - Name in escalators and moving walkways Otis - Redding who sang posthumously with kanye west and jay-z Otis - Fictitious cookie guy spunkmeyer Otis - Company with hydrofit and skyrise products Otis - Maker of thousands of cars annually Otis - Maker of thousands of cars annually Otis - Porter's "miss ___ regrets"