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Abrupt - Curt

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Abrupt - Curt Abrupt - Sudden Abrupt - Short Abrupt - Short, but not necessarily sweet Abrupt - Brusque Abrupt - Precipitous Abrupt - Precipitate Abrupt - Rather sudden Abrupt - Discourteously curt Abrupt - Brusque in manner Abrupt - Unceremoniously curt Abrupt - Unexpected Abrupt - What's put behind the bar, in short Abrupt - Put under the bar in confusion, in short Abrupt - In short, this has the bar put in a mess Abrupt - Put this under the bar, in short Abrupt - Curt and brief Abrupt - Terse, curt Abrupt - Curt, sharp Abrupt - Sharp and sudden Abrupt - Curt and short Abrupt - Curt and terse Abrupt - In short, put it behind the bar Abrupt - Short, sharp or sudden Abrupt - Short and brusque Abrupt - Terse and sudden Abrupt - Sudden or curt Abrupt - Hurried or curt Abrupt - Curt, terse Abrupt - Curt and sudden Abrupt - Without warning Abrupt - Sudden and curt Abrupt - Brusque, curt Abrupt - Jack training for the fifteen? that's sudden! Abrupt - Piano kept in dry below a sharp Abrupt - Odd bits removed, barber cut path so short Abrupt - Short sailor needs sport and exercise Abrupt - Impolite sailor put out around mid-afternoon Abrupt - Short bar turned up on time Abrupt - It's unexpected for a brother to get up on time Abrupt - Rough and quick Abrupt - Sudden, maybe rude Abrupt - Sudden - blunt Abrupt - Unexpected - sudden Abrupt - Sudden, maybe discourteous Abrupt - Short and rude Abrupt - Unexpected - terse Abrupt - Sudden and unexpected Abrupt - Ending suddenly Abrupt - Unceremonious Abrupt - Sudden rude burp at doctor Abrupt - Curt; precipitous Abrupt - Sudden change in bar - put off? Abrupt - Sudden; hasty, curt Abrupt - Short bar put in different position Abrupt - Sudden; precipitous Abrupt - Short article, very dry, about origin of protestantism Abrupt - Sudden, unexpected Abrupt - Sudden, curt Abrupt - Sudden fit about birmingham losing millions Abrupt - Sudden; curt Abrupt - Sharp sailor, promoted, needing right clothing Abrupt - Are bowled - run ahead - time's short! Abrupt - Offhand Abrupt - A beast almost keeping quiet, using minimal language? Abrupt - Sudden revolution in pub art Abrupt - Apt to find out british game is truncated Abrupt - A brother gets up on time? that's unexpected! Abrupt - Unceremoniously curt variety of pub art Abrupt - A book with recipe put off? it's unexpected Abrupt - Short sailor runs up to mast�s extremity Abrupt - Gruff sailor's game on exercise Abrupt - Short man in navy, rugby training Abrupt - Short british game suitable for outside Abrupt - Short article -- very dry -- about parking Abrupt - One sails channel around portsmouth -- it's brisk Abrupt - Short jogging bra finished on time Abrupt - Short in manner Abrupt - Sudden pub-art explosion Abrupt - Short sailor rex put out Abrupt - Short sailor on river put out Abrupt - Short in bar groggily put away Abrupt - Short bar put out Abrupt - Sudden, blunt Abrupt - A swine almost keeping quiet -- that's unexpected Abrupt - Sailor from river put away without warning Abrupt - Likely to keep book on rugby short Abrupt - Short bra undone and perhaps put by Abrupt - Rub pat the wrong way? that's sudden! Abrupt - Like sudden cancellation Abrupt - Unexpected point concluding a second-rate game Abrupt - Quick form of pop art Abrupt - Rudely brief Abrupt - Rudely brief