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Abba - 's.o.s.' pop group

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Abba - Rhyme scheme for mr. eban? Abba - Statesman eban Abba - With 49-down, former israeli statesman Abba - Rhyme scheme Abba - Group with the 1976 hit 'fernando' Abba - Palindromic pop group Abba - 1970's hitmakers from sweden Abba - 'sos' singers Abba - Coptic bishop's title Abba - With 2-down, 'my people' author Abba - Common rhyme scheme Abba - 'fernando' group Abba - Top-selling pop group of the 70's Abba - 's.o.s.' pop group Abba - Title for some bishops Abba - 'dancing queen' music group Abba - Quatrain pattern Abba - 'knowing me, knowing you' group Abba - Redondilla rhyme scheme Abba - 'fernando' singers Abba - 'dancing queen' group Abba - Biblical 'father' Abba - Father, in the bible Abba - 'fernando' foursome Abba - 'dancing queen' pop group Abba - Palindromic swedish icons Abba - Swedish rock group Abba - "dancing queen" bunch Abba - Group behind a 2001 broadway musical Abba - 'mamma mia!' group Abba - 'waterloo' group Abba - 'waterloo' band Abba - "s.o.s" singers Abba - "dancing queen" group Abba - "dancing queen" band Abba - Group with the hit "waterloo" Abba - 'dancing queen' quartet Abba - Palindromic band Abba - 'take a chance on me' group Abba - Four musical swedes Abba - 'mamma mia' group Abba - "dancing queen" quartet Abba - Palindromic music makers Abba - Agnetha, bjorn, benny and anni-frid Abba - 'chiquitita' quartet Abba - Self-titled 1975 pop album Abba - 'mamma mia' pop group Abba - "fernando" singers Abba - Agnetha's pop group Abba - Agnetha, benny, bjorn and anni-frid Abba - '70s rock superstars Abba - Bjorn's group Abba - "voulez-vous" singers Abba - 1970s hitmakers Abba - Biblical "father" Abba - '70s pop quartet Abba - Acronymic pop group name Abba - "mamma mia" group Abba - "fernando" pop group Abba - Group with benny and bjorn Abba - "mamma mia!" group Abba - Quartet named for its members Abba - "take a chance on me" singers Abba - "sos" group Abba - Swedish quartet Abba - Israeli diplomat eban Abba - 'mamma mia' quartet Abba - "sos" pop group Abba - Benny and three others Abba - “mamma mia” quartet Abba - 'take a chance on me' singers Abba - "waterloo" group Abba - Pop music acronym Abba - "waterloo" singers Abba - Diplomat eban Abba - "fernando" group Abba - "waterloo" band Abba - "mamma mia!" inspiration Abba - Biblical father Abba - "fernando" band Abba - Swedish pop quartet Abba - Pop group with a hit broadway musical Abba - "super trouper" group Abba - Pop group, forward or backward Abba - Rock group Abba - 'dancing queen' band Abba - 'waterloo' quartet Abba - "knowing me, knowing you" group Abba - "voulez-vous" group Abba - Alphabetically first pop group with a #1 hit Abba - '70s mega-selling pop group Abba - "sos" singers Abba - Band from stockholm Abba - "mamma mia" inspiration Abba - Their songs are in "mamma mia!" Abba - Pop group spelled with a backward letter Abba - "s.o.s." group Abba - Acronymic singing group Abba - "super trouper" band Abba - 'dancing queen' singers Abba - 'i do, i do, i do, i do, i do' group Abba - Reversible rockers? Abba - Acronymic band Abba - 'voulez-vous' pop group Abba - Mideast diplomat eban Abba - Swedish pop-rock group Abba - "i do, i do, i do, i do, i do" singers Abba - Swedish rockers Abba - Pop group whose music was the basis of a hit 2001 broadway musical Abba - With 35 down, south african-born diplomat Abba - 'take a chance on me' band Abba - "mamma mia!" quartet Abba - Pop group that inspired a 2001 broadway musical Abba - 'waterloo' pop group Abba - "money, money, money" band Abba - "mamma mia!" band Abba - 'super trouper' group, 1980 Abba - "mamma mia!" song source Abba - Simple rhyme scheme Abba - "take a chance on me" group Abba - "fernando" foursome Abba - "mamma mia!" music source Abba - Rock group with a mirrored logo Abba - Eban of israel Abba - "mamma mia" foursome Abba - "i do, i do, i do, i do, i do" group Abba - Inspiration for "mamma mia!" Abba - "the winner takes it all" group Abba - '70s supergroup Abba - Israeli statesman eban Abba - '___ gold,' 1992 album that has sold 28 million copies worldwide Abba - 'money, money, money' band Abba - Top-selling pop group of the '70s Abba - Group correctly spelled with one mirrored letter Abba - Bjorn, benny, agnetha and anni-frid Abba - Band with the first-ever mass-produced cd Abba - Source of the music for a 2001 theatrical hit Abba - 1974 eurovision winners Abba - '___ gold' (compilation album with 'super trouper') Abba - Pop group whose name is coincidentally a rhyme scheme Abba - "waterloo" quartet Abba - 'chiquitita' group Abba - "s.o.s." pop group Abba - Inspiration for björn again Abba - Quartet named for its singers Abba - Pop group on a 1983 stamp in their native sweden Abba - 'sos' band Abba - Pop group whose first top 40 album was, appropriately, 'arrival' Abba - Alphabetically first inductee in the rock and roll hall of fame Abba - "chiquitita" quartet Abba - Bjã¶rn ulvaeus's group Abba - Group whose name combines the first letters of its members' names Abba - Seventies supergroup Abba - Group inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2010 Abba - 1970s-'80s group with a palindromic name Abba - 'fer-nando' group Abba - 'mamma mia!' inspiration Abba - 'mamma mia' foursome Abba - Swedish music quartet Abba - 'waterloo' singers Abba - 'chiquitita' band Abba - 'sos' group Abba - 'mamma mia' singers Abba - 1974 eurovision song contest winners Abba - Band that won the 1974 eurovision song contest Abba - Swedish group that won the 1974 eurovision song contest Abba - Does the group go backwards and forwards by degrees? Abba - Palindromic swedish pop group Abba - Palindromic swedish pop group who sang ` `waterloo' ' Abba - Swedish supergroup Abba - 'enclosed' rhyme scheme Abba - With 47-across, israel's first ambassador to the u.n Abba - Swedish pop foursome Abba - "fernando" quartet Abba - Palindromic synthpop band Abba - 39-across band Abba - Singers of 'voulez-vous' and 'waterloo' Abba - Björn ulvaeus's band Abba - 'mamma mia!' band Abba - Father participates in hebrew sabbath observance Abba - Biblical father of pop Abba - Group rising and falling Abba - Books and articles about pop stars Abba - Group which may be on the up? Abba - Swedes in the cabbage patch Abba - The father of pop? Abba - Sailor goes to and fro to see pop group Abba - Father (used of god in new testament) - swedish band Abba - Scandinavian supergroup Abba - Eurovision prizewinning swedish pop group Abba - Group - father Abba - Swedish pop music group Abba - Swedish pop band of the 1970s Abba - Father of four confessing 18 Abba - Group whose music is heard in 'mamma mia!' Abba - Quartet that broke out in spring 1972, and the scheme of this puzzle's theme Abba - '70s swedish supergroup Abba - Group signed by polar music Abba - 'voulez-vous' band Abba - "voulez-vous" band Abba - 2010 rock hall inductee Abba - "mamma mia!" singing group Abba - Bespangled swedish quartet Abba - Fifteenth best-selling artists of all time Abba - "dancing queen" singers Abba - Eurovision 1974 got them started Abba - "waterloo" pop group Abba - Group whose last top 40 hit was 'when all is said and done' Abba - Renowned swedish foursome Abba - Group that inspired 'mamma mia!' Abba - Benny andersson was in it Abba - Palindromic band name Abba - 'i have a dream' group Abba - "the winner takes it all" quartet Abba - Swedish rock foursome Abba - '70s quartet consisting of two married couples Abba - Inspiration for broadway's 'mamma mia!' Abba - Inspiration for broadway's "mamma mia!" Abba - Agnetha, benny and two others Abba - "take a chance on me" quartet Abba - Group featured in 'mamma mia!' Abba - Sailors coming together from different directions made a big thing out of their waterloo Abba - Group whose second letter is often written backwards Abba - Album with the hit "mamma mia" Abba - Agnetha, benny, björn, and anni-frid, collectively Abba - 'mamma mia' inspiration Abba - '70s pop supergroup Abba - American lifer Abba - Swedish pop group Abba - Pater's rhyme scheme Abba - He was a founder member of the velvet underground Abba - Coptic bishop's title; swedish pop group Abba - Swedish artists and graduates going head-to-head Abba - Group rhyming scheme? Abba - Form of address to deity bishops included in articles Abba - English rhyming scheme for swedish singers Abba - Singers perceived – the scheme of this verse, is easy to see, and that may well be for better or worse Abba - Mideast pops? Abba - "mamma mia!" foursome Abba - '70s pop superstars Abba - 'sos' pop quartet Abba - Ones repeating 'i do' in 1976? Abba - "the winner takes it all" singers Abba - Group whose logo looks the same in a mirror Abba - Swedish pop group very successful in the 1970s Abba - Swedish pop group with hit 'waterloo' Abba - 1970s swedish pop group Abba - Father (nt) Abba - Jack, himself, returned to form a group Abba - Swedish foursome Abba - Rhyming scheme created by pop group? Abba - Pop group whose comeback is like they've never been away? Abba - New testament name for father Abba - Pop group Abba - Father's conflicting degrees Abba - Old group making comeback is just the same Abba - Father's quatrain scheme Abba - Billy bragg originally in support group for eurovision winners Abba - Group winning the 1974 eurovision song contest in brighton Abba - Biblical father in group Abba - Pop group with a backward 'b' in its name Abba - "dancing queen" music group Abba - Group with the hit 1978 album 'the album' Abba - Swedish group Abba - '70s swedish quartet Abba - Palindromic pop quartet Abba - Israel's eban Abba - Rock and roll hall of famers since 2010 Abba - 'rock me' group, 1975 Abba - Group whose first u.s. hit was 'waterloo' Abba - Pop group once providing their own backing Abba - "mamma mia!" pop group Abba - 'mamma mia' band Abba - 'bang-a-boomerang' band Abba - 'sos' quartet Abba - 'fernando' pop group Abba - Quartet whose name is made up of its members' initials Abba - Group who, according to urban legend, knew no english but phonetically learned the lyrics to all their songs Abba - Band whose music was the basis for 'mamma mia!' Abba - Quartet with its own stockholm museum Abba - Two of its members wrote the music for "chess" Abba - Group heard in "mamma mia!" Abba - Group that was composed of two married couples Abba - Group that originally went by the name festfolk Abba - Swedish singing group Abba - Name on the cover of "voice of israel" Abba - "chiquitita" singing group Abba - "sos" singing group Abba - Rock hall of fame foursome Abba - Pop group that broke through at the 1974 eurovision contest Abba - Pop foursome formed in stockholm Abba - "take a chance on me" swedes Abba - "mamma mia!" swedes Abba - '70s swedes Abba - "mamma mia" swedes Abba - Iconic swedish foursome Abba - Swedish cheese-pop band Abba - '70s "the winner takes it all" band Abba - '70s "chiquitita" pop band Abba - '70s agnetha faltskog band Abba - "chiquitita" band Abba - "waterloo" swedes Abba - "winner takes it all" band Abba - '70s frida lyngstad pop band Abba - '70s bjorn ulvaeus pop band Abba - Sugary swedes, often covered by metal bands Abba - 'mamma mia!' quartet Abba - Bishop's title in the coptic church Abba - "dancing queen" pop group Abba - 'fernando' band Abba - Pop group with a backwards "b" in its logo Abba - Pop group from stockholm Abba - Biblical pop group Abba - Palindromic band of swedes Abba - Europop superstar group Abba - Waterloo singers Abba - Group that inspired "mamma mia!" Abba - 'fernando' quartet Abba - See 50-across Abba - Group with the hit 'waterloo' Abba - "chiquitita" vocal group Abba - 'sos' pop group Abba - Band whose name is an acronym Abba - Pop group with a stockholm museum Abba - "super trouper" vocal group Abba - Pop group whose hits include 'super trouper' Abba - Pop group named for its members' initials Abba - "waterloo" supergroup