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Obs - Delivery people, briefly

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Obs - 32-across cousin of arch Obs - Abbr. akin to 'arch.' Obs - Archaic, as a dict. entry Obs - Baby deliverers, for short Obs - Baby docs Obs - Baby docs, briefly Obs - Baby docs, in brief Obs - Baby doctors: abbr Obs - C-section docs Obs - C-section performers Obs - Childbirth docs Obs - Dated, for short Obs - Deliverers, for short Obs - Delivery docs Obs - Delivery docs, for short Obs - Delivery drs Obs - Delivery experts, briefly Obs - Delivery experts, for short Obs - Delivery people, briefly Obs - Delivery people, for short Obs - Delivery pros Obs - Delivery room docs Obs - Delivery room docs, for short Obs - Delivery room doctors, for short Obs - Delivery room drs Obs - Delivery specialists, for short Obs - Delivery vips Obs - Dict. abbr Obs - Dict. label Obs - Dict. label on an old word Obs - Dictionary abbr Obs - Dictionary cousin of arch Obs - Docs doing deliveries Obs - Docs for women only Obs - Docs that deliver Obs - Docs who deliver Obs - Docs who deliver, or what this puzzle's longest entries have in common Obs - Drs. that deliver Obs - Drs. who deliver Obs - Drs. who may appreciate the quip Obs - Gyn specialists Obs - Kin of arch. in dictionaries Obs - Kin of arch., in the dictionary Obs - Labor day vips? Obs - Labor leaders, briefly? Obs - Like "fain": abbr Obs - Like avaunt and prithee: abbr Obs - Like no-longer-used words, in a dict Obs - M.d.'s who deliver Obs - Maternity ward workers, for short Obs - Mds who deliver babies Obs - No longer in general use: abbr Obs - No longer in use, as words: abbr Obs - No longer in use, in a dict Obs - No longer used, as a wd Obs - No longer used, as a word: abbr Obs - No longer used, in a dict Obs - No longer used: abbr Obs - Old, in the dict Obs - Old, like a wd Obs - Out of date, in a dict Obs - Out of date: abbr Obs - Out of use, as a wd Obs - Out of use, as words: abbr Obs - Out of use, in the dict Obs - Out-of-date (abbr.) Obs - Out-of-date, for short Obs - Out-of-date, in the dict Obs - Out-of-date: abbr Obs - Outdated, as a wd Obs - Outdated, in a dict Obs - Outmoded, in the dict Obs - Outmoded: abbr Obs - Passe: abbr Obs - Sources of delivery orders, briefly Obs - Special delivery figs.? Obs - These docs deliver Obs - They deliver for you Obs - They deliver: abbr Obs - They make hosp. deliveries