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Tap - Dance specialty

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Tap - Do some soft-shoe Tap - Spigot Tap - Strike lightly Tap - Keep time Tap - It bugs people on the phone Tap - Designate Tap - Access, with 'into' Tap - Select Tap - Water source Tap - Draw from Tap - Dance specialty Tap - Choose Tap - Whence water Tap - Water outlet Tap - You may draw from it Tap - Connect to secretly Tap - Kind of dance Tap - Light touch Tap - Keep time, in a way Tap - Type of dance Tap - Pick Tap - Draw on Tap - Word with room or dance Tap - Suds source Tap - Hines' genre Tap - Draft source Tap - Draft outlet Tap - Dancer's shoe attachment Tap - Beer keg part Tap - Something to draw from Tap - Make use of Tap - Beer may be on it Tap - Percussive dance Tap - Shoe type Tap - Need for a keg Tap - Gregory hines film Tap - Keg stopper Tap - Guinness spout Tap - Additional phone line? Tap - Keg attachment Tap - Emulate an anxious foot Tap - Faucet Tap - Screw thread cutter Tap - Beer source Tap - Eavesdropper's device Tap - Punch out, as morse code Tap - Draft dispenser Tap - Water gate? Tap - Dancing shoe attachment Tap - Call on Tap - Listening device Tap - Pub fixture Tap - Hardly hit Tap - Utilize Tap - Certain shoe attachment Tap - Keg opening Tap - Listening-in device Tap - Cask control Tap - What an anxious foot does Tap - Start the keg Tap - Alehouse fixture Tap - Bojangles' genre Tap - Send a message in morse code, e.g Tap - Saloon spout Tap - Keg insert Tap - Pub spigot Tap - Bug Tap - Percussive dance style Tap - Touch lightly Tap - Use as a resource Tap - Dance style Tap - Select, so to speak Tap - Exploit Tap - Beer keg insert Tap - Word with wire or spinal Tap - Keg part Tap - Noisy dance Tap - Touch on the shoulder Tap - Open, as a keg Tap - Audible dance Tap - Bar spigot Tap - Keg necessity Tap - Brewpub fixture Tap - Dancing specialty Tap - Genre for bojangles Tap - Send a message in morse Tap - Hit lightly Tap - Beer may be on this Tap - Start using Tap - Pub faucet Tap - Dancing that really clicks with audiences Tap - Not a big hit? Tap - Brewpub feature Tap - Spy's device Tap - ___ into (draw on) Tap - Bug someone's phone, e.g Tap - Keg feature Tap - Open up Tap - Bar fixture Tap - Dance like bojangles Tap - Bill (bojangles) robinson's forte Tap - Water faucet Tap - Keg access Tap - Brew outlet Tap - Access, as a resource Tap - Beer keg outlet Tap - Flow regulator Tap - Soft-shoe, e.g Tap - Call upon Tap - Stout spout Tap - Draw upon Tap - Ann miller forte Tap - Pub feature Tap - Surveillance device Tap - Exploit, as a resource Tap - Draw off Tap - Telegrapher's sound Tap - Beer-keg adjunct Tap - Eavesdropping device Tap - Snooping aid Tap - Beer barrel poker? Tap - Take advantage of Tap - "this is spinal ___" Tap - Begin to use Tap - Audible dance style Tap - Rap lightly Tap - Beer keg feature Tap - Intercepting device Tap - Spigot for syrup Tap - Begin to use, as resources Tap - Beer-keg insert Tap - Savion glover's dance genre Tap - Object of many a court order Tap - Brew dispenser Tap - Minor hit Tap - Choose for membership Tap - Dance genre Tap - Brew source Tap - Touch on the shoulder, say Tap - Prep, as 32-down Tap - Access Tap - Shoulder touch Tap - Dance like the hines brothers Tap - Shoe add-on Tap - Light hit Tap - Bojangles specialty Tap - Shoe attachment Tap - Keg need Tap - Emulate mr. bojangles Tap - Phone bug Tap - Spout Tap - Keg piece Tap - Astaire specialty Tap - Gregory hines specialty Tap - Savion glover's skill Tap - Savion glover's specialty Tap - Gregory hines' specialty Tap - Savion glover's genre Tap - Savion glover specialty Tap - Dancing-shoe attachment Tap - Loud dance style Tap - Noisy dance style Tap - Loud dance Tap - Spinal -- Tap - Keg add-on Tap - Keg device Tap - Spying setup Tap - Spying gizmo Tap - Little hit Tap - The blow is light for 12 across Tap - This might turn the irishman back or turn him on Tap - Like this he might knock one back Tap - Knock it under your heel at the bottom of your glass Tap - Turn it to make the irishman turn up Tap - That'll knock him back a little Tap - Turn it on, or he will turn it back in ireland Tap - The boy is back, on and off, by the turn of it Tap - Turn the turn of him Tap - It's up to the irishman to be available on this Tap - When it comes to blows, not much to turn it on Tap - A little blow may turn it on and turn him up Tap - Knock it to turn it on Tap - It's a faucet in america Tap - It's faucet in the us Tap - It's called a faucet in america Tap - In america, it's a spigot Tap - Beer dispenser Tap - It's a spigot in america Tap - In america, it's a faucet Tap - Draw upon pat Tap - Knock or draw upon Tap - Anxious foot action Tap - Knock him up in ireland (3) Tap - Knock him up in ireland Tap - Knock him back in ireland a little Tap - Patrick may start to knock back 17 acrosss Tap - The way to get him up is to knock gently on his door Tap - Blow a little and turn it on Tap - "pardon me . . ." gesture Tap - Soft touch Tap - It's a faucet in the us Tap - Some dance back at the piano Tap - Knock lightly Tap - Tavern spigot Tap - Keg opener Tap - Select, informally Tap - Physical 'psst!' Tap - Return of postman's knock Tap - Bartender takes a pee: it's where we get beer Tap - Stopper enabling withdrawal of liquid Tap - Valve controlling flow - light knock Tap - One can be hot or cold? Tap - Drafts may be served on it Tap - Irishman comes back to works in bathroom Tap - Type of dancing Tap - Ready, as a keg Tap - Bugging device Tap - Kegger need Tap - Dance style with fancy footwork Tap - Keg spigot Tap - Kegger necessity Tap - Borrow money from Tap - Flow controller Tap - Select for committee work Tap - Hard dance shoe Tap - Unwanted phone connection Tap - Hit lightly and repeatedly Tap - One place to get water Tap - 'this is spinal ___' Tap - Access, with "into" Tap - Open a barrel Tap - Light blow Tap - Monitor, in a way Tap - Bojangles' art Tap - Bug on a wire Tap - Cask attachment Tap - Sink feature Tap - Kind of room or root Tap - Make use of; water from it Tap - Knock lightly; a valve Tap - Knock when the postman turns up Tap - Water source; take advantage of Tap - Exploit unfinished recording Tap - Light blow; draw sap from (tree) Tap - Exploit non-violent strike Tap - Take advantage of water supply Tap - Apt penalty Tap - Penalty that is a turn on! Tap - Return for a penalty from pat Tap - Apt penalty on the rugby field? Tap - Get money from, strike Tap - Usually a quickly taken penalty Tap - It is apt to take this penalty quickly Tap - Lightly strike Tap - Hit record (shortened version) Tap - Secret (phone) intercept Tap - Strike; thread cutter Tap - Dancing exploit Tap - Bug found in milk Tap - Exploit; strike Tap - Intercept; light knock Tap - Thread cutter; strike Tap - A form of dance exploit Tap - Obtain money from dancing Tap - Draw on, using stick with no point Tap - Dance often done with top hat and cane Tap - Surveillance tool Tap - Kind of water or dance Tap - Sort of dance exploit Tap - Knock Tap - Get money from irishman turning up Tap - Knock gently Tap - Gentle stroke Tap - Kind of dance that's labelled as haitian or cuban, initially? Tap - Eavesdrop electronically Tap - Bug on the line Tap - Dancing shoe item Tap - 31-down strategy Tap - Sink fixture Tap - Lightly touch bathroom feature Tap - Light stroke Tap - Listen in on, in a way Tap - Gentle touch Tap - Barroom fixture Tap - Hoofer's clicker Tap - Dance noisily Tap - Desert royal Tap - Light touch (hot or cold?) Tap - Draft device Tap - Dance class Tap - Milk or some butter on the turn Tap - Hit dat ass Tap - Start shooting beer into people's mouths from, maybe Tap - Beer keg spout Tap - Keep a rhythm Tap - Spying tool Tap - Strike stopper Tap - 120-down source Tap - One of a brewpub array Tap - Use, as resources Tap - 1dn on the phone Tap - Gentle attention-getter Tap - Small hit Tap - Barely hit Tap - Not much of a knock Tap - Word that becomes its own synonym when spelled backward Tap - Source of suds Tap - Bug, as a phone Tap - 'singin' in the rain' dance style Tap - Harry shearer band spinal ___ Tap - Michael mckean band spinal ___ Tap - Spinal ___ Tap - Irishman holds up one of those in the bar Tap - Physical attention-getter Tap - When repeated, testing of a mic Tap - Drip source, at times Tap - Activate, as a phone app Tap - Strike gently Tap - Bud source, perhaps Tap - Open for use Tap - Dance like gene kelly Tap - Break into Tap - Weak punch? Tap - __ water Tap - Light touch on the shoulder Tap - Source of a draft Tap - Device for stopping strike Tap - Somewhere to drink beer Tap - Source of 16-across Tap - Recording device cheers prier at outset Tap - "singin' in the rain" dance style Tap - You may feel one on your shoulder Tap - You may feel one on your shoulder Tap - Source for beer or water Tap - Source for beer or water Tap - Christopher guest band spinal ___ Tap - Christopher guest band spinal ___