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Test - Exam Test - Driver's license prerequisite Test - Midterm, e.g Test - Feeler Test - Experiment Test - Trial balloon Test - Toe in the water Test - Midterm, say Test - Cross-check Test - Dry run Test - Try Test - Dip one's toe in, say Test - Checkup Test - Kind of pilot Test - Litmus is one kind Test - Probation Test - Check Test - Entrance requirement, maybe Test - With 24-down, self-diagnosis aids Test - Consumer reports report Test - Audition Test - School administration Test - Reason to cram Test - Kind of case Test - Use a cupel Test - Dreaded class word Test - Measure of skill Test - Step in getting a license Test - Pro or con follower Test - Final, perhaps Test - It makes the grade Test - Trial run Test - Word with litmus or taste Test - Try out Test - Makeup, e.g Test - Sound engineer's word Test - Sampling Test - Word after high or road Test - Microphone word Test - Kind of pattern Test - Probe Test - Word with eye or taste Test - Kind of pattern or pilot Test - Cause of a class struggle? Test - New driver's hurdle Test - Sample Test - Class act Test - Lab work Test - Marketing ploy Test - Put through the paces Test - Take it to make the grade Test - You need it to make the grade Test - Determinant Test - Kind of tube or case Test - A ___ of wills Test - Makeup, for one Test - Entrance requirement, sometimes Test - Word with pattern or data Test - Kick the tires Test - Word with tube or paper Test - Campus concern Test - Examination Test - Assay Test - Classroom event Test - Trial Test - Word with acid or field Test - Trial by fire Test - Proof preceder Test - Touchstone Test - Anxiety producer Test - Class struggle Test - Entrance exam Test - Run-through Test - Driving need? Test - Word with road or acid Test - It might make a pupil shrink Test - Critical evaluation Test - Placement determinant, often Test - The 't' of s.a.t Test - It may make the grade Test - Class struggle? Test - Shakedown cruise, e.g Test - Word with pattern or drive Test - Student grade factor Test - Midterm, for one Test - Take a sample of Test - Cram session reason Test - Check out Test - Word with driving or rabbit Test - Type of tube Test - Word with litmus or acid Test - Unprepared student's dread Test - Tryout Test - Surprise quiz found in the eight longest puzzle answers Test - Multiple-choice, e.g Test - Put out a feeler, maybe Test - Means to a diagnosis Test - Acid follower Test - Class act? Test - True-false, for one Test - Quiz or exam Test - Not an actual alert Test - Pop quiz, e.g Test - Do lab work on Test - Midterm or final Test - Reason to say "1, 2, 3..." Test - Run up the flagpole, e.g Test - Quiz Test - Hurdle of sorts Test - Do lab work Test - Battery component Test - Part of 57-down Test - Marketing event Test - Put out a feeler Test - Graded item Test - Try, as something new Test - Put through a trial Test - Final, for one Test - Putting a toe in the water, say Test - Experimental Test - Type of pilot Test - Brave type of pilot Test - See 36-down Test - Word with "pattern" or "run" Test - Give-and-take school activity? Test - Something to teach to Test - Teacher's handout Test - Check for quality Test - Acid or screen follower Test - Academic evaluation Test - Set of problems Test - Word with "road" or "screen" Test - An essay may be on one Test - Lab procedure Test - Word after scratch or screen Test - Word with "road" or "hearing" Test - Course obstacle Test - Beta version, e.g Test - Eye or blood, e.g Test - Battery part Test - Experiment with Test - It might make pupils shrink Test - Reason for a cram session Test - Measure of knowledge Test - Student's ordeal Test - Clinical study Test - Examine Test - "1-2-3, 1-2-3," e.g Test - See 1-down Test - Evaluation Test - Word at a mike check Test - Final grade factor Test - One held for questioning Test - Litmus ___ Test - Licensing prerequisite, often Test - Try to prove Test - Cricket match Test - Taste, for one Test - Eye ___ Test - Means of determining proficiency Test - Word after beta or acid Test - It's often taken in silence Test - Lab act Test - Grade determiner, often Test - Push to the limit Test - Mike holder's opening, often Test - Grade factor Test - __ paper Test - Set of questions Test - What a student crams for Test - Criterion Test - Occasion for a blue book Test - Class grade factor Test - End-of-semester ritual Test - Part of sat Test - __-drive Test - Put to the proof Test - Evaluation method Test - Eye __ Test - Bit of lab work Test - Assessment Test - Mental workout Test - It may include an essay Test - Factor in a class grade Test - Focus of a class action? Test - Word with "acid" or "field" Test - Give a whirl Test - It's needed to make the grade Test - Drill Test - Something to study for Test - Final, e.g Test - Lab event Test - Midterm event Test - Ordeal Test - Evaluate Test - Crammer's concern Test - See 17-down Test - See 56-across Test - Oral, e.g Test - See 91-down Test - Graded thing Test - Multiple choice, say Test - Challenge Test - A tor might follow this with a will Test - Match this with c on it to make a fight of it Test - Will this be followed by amen before tea? Test - A pro might find this so trying as to object to it Test - Match this is what is to be found with one of the end of 24 across Test - Just try how this ate with a will Test - Thus might one try to get 'er over the bed Test - Try an international trial Test - It's a trial for 8 across Test - Try to get this before 15 across before tea. that will be Test - If it's wet he couldn't bat in that Test - Try to make this international Test - Exam to play international cricket Test - Examination or trial Test - Trial or examination Test - Trial match? Test - Final, maybe Test - Put under pressure Test - Set for trial after tea Test - The witness will get at this match Test - Final, say Test - Word before "pattern" or "pilot" Test - Examine, as pupils Test - Reason for cramming Test - Cram-session cause Test - End-of-semester stress source Test - License prerequisite, often Test - It has a lot of problems Test - It's bigger than a quiz Test - Check, as brakes Test - Student's stressor Test - After this trial, had a bite and was ready to go perhaps Test - Quiz, e.g Test - School event Test - Paper match Test - Inspect and put back casual shirt Test - Trial held during mao tse tung's revolution Test - Glass vessel, river vessel close to shore Test - See 21 Test - Examine part of white strip Test - A lot of pupils turned up on time for examination Test - Two thirds fly back for exam Test - Trial - international game Test - Trial - big match Test - 'this is only a ___' Test - Pilot examination? stet! Test - Exam to play international cricket? Test - On trial perhaps for playing international Test - Lab job Test - Assess - examination Test - Put a toe in the water Test - It may be standardized Test - Placement determiner Test - It might have a lot of problems Test - Assay, say Test - Skills evaluation Test - International cricket match Test - Word with "eye" or "taste" Test - It's sure to give you problems Test - See 15 Test - Crammer's worry Test - Put to the ___ Test - Beta version Test - Pageant, e.g Test - It's held for questioning Test - Type of pattern or pilot Test - It's got problems Test - Analyze Test - Word with tube or pattern Test - Course obstacle? Test - Kind of tube or pilot Test - __ pilot Test - Examine to play international cricket match Test - Diagnostic aid Test - Another hurdle in school Test - __ drive Test - Kind of case or pilot Test - Prelude to a license Test - Examination of river Test - Analyse water flowing through hampshire Test - Objection - not in favour of type of examination Test - Analyse flowing water in hampshire Test - Pitch examination? Test - River setting for the trial? Test - Try to find river in hampshire Test - Short exam Test - Hampshire river Test - Try an international match Test - Dip toe in river Test - The trial recalled by the river Test - River of the trial Test - Trout stream essay Test - Trial; cricket match Test - Examination of the river Test - Cricket match; try Test - Trial scheduled about end of august Test - Trial; hampshire river Test - Try, examine critically Test - Ward off Test - Part of 16 across Test - Trial of two-thirds of 8 across Test - Word repeated by a roadie into a microphone Test - Makeup or screen, e.g Test - Screen __ Test - What a student studies for Test - Course finale Test - Critical evaluation of knowledge Test - It might include problems Test - An international sports match Test - Examination; trial Test - River 2 would happily try out Test - Try running water Test - Match means drive or flight! Test - Check out note written by holy man Test - Tunisian leader is in lyons for trial Test - Trial; exam Test - Check quality of river Test - Try for international match Test - Try in international game Test - International examination? Test - Big game river Test - Try some minute steaks Test - Examine the match Test - Examine river Test - Try in big rugby match Test - Irritable with no yen for ordeal Test - Try in game between australia and new zealand, say Test - Dip one's toe into river Test - Try at an international match Test - Pilot is bad-tempered, short Test - International trial? Test - Try seen in international event Test - Finishes off what he has shot, namely big game Test - Examination, trial Test - Final or midterm Test - Road ___ Test - Teacher's makeup? Test - Word after standardized or stress Test - Measuring device Test - See 72-down Test - Skill evaluation Test - Word after screen or scratch Test - Screen at the end of 15 across Test - Follower of alpha and beta Test - 26-down, e.g Test - Starts the early shift tampering with probe Test - __ case Test - Cause of some cramming Test - See 6 down Test - A crucible is a hard one Test - Putting the last piece of cake on a mousetrap in the fridge, say Test - Kind of pilot or case Test - Analyse or try Test - Try in match Test - Big quiz Test - School barometer Test - Student's trial Test - Blood work, e.g Test - Battery part in psychology Test - Audition, for instance Test - Ultimately, couldn't care less about trial Test - Sound check word Test - Part of lsat Test - Pop quiz, say Test - You can catch trout in it, or try Test - Put a strain on Test - School administration? Test - Hurdle for a wannabe driver Test - Class evaluation Test - Check for understanding, maybe Test - Litmus or rorschach Test - International try Test - With 11-down, risk-taking aviator Test - Lab routine Test - Research chore Test - Expérimentation Test - Épreuve Test - Common core hurdle Test - Contrôle périodique Test - Carapace des crustacés Test - Brad roberts band crash ___ dummies Test - Crash ___ dummies Test - Record company "look-see" market Test - Recital, perhaps Test - Beastie boys "just a ___" Test - Soundcheck, for one Test - Berklee midterm Test - "the ghosts that haunt me" crash ___ dummies Test - Crash ___ dummies "a worm's life" Test - Rush "___ for echo" Test - "mmm mmm mmm mmm" crash ___ dummies Test - License prerequisite, perhaps Test - Probe discovered in private study Test - Lsat part Test - Examen, contrôle périodique Test - Sample sides of tea and toast Test - Cause of cramming Test - Sound check Test - Contrôle Test - It can make the grade Test - Thesis defense, e.g Test - It's usually graded Test - See 19-down Test - Opens the early session first, finishing with series of questions to be answered Test - Acid __ Test - Cricket trial? Test - Class ordeal hidden in five across answers Test - Standardized thing Test - Examen Test - Study of temperate rain forest on the borders Test - See 80-across Test - Word with road or blood Test - Pre-employment prerequisite, perhaps Test - One may be taken on the road Test - Carapace Test - Quiz relative Test - Psat part Test - Match that might expose inadequacies Test - Word with "taste" or "litmus" Test - Word following road or screen Test - Questionnaire Test - Coquille Test - Check out edgy types at telegraph and post Test - Course final, for one Test - Lay to rest without royal examination Test - Experimenter's procedure Test - Reason to pull an all-nighter Test - Common core component Test - Say, "1-2-3, 1-2-3" Test - Big game repeatedly spotted in vast estates there Test - Music tv show "the old grey whistle ___" Test - Kind of tube or pattern Test - Head teacher set new exam Test - Academic challenge Test - Academic challenge Test - Stressful high school event Test - Stressful high school event Test - Word repeated during a mic check Test - Chem lab procedure Test - Chem lab procedure Test - Class ordeal Test - One of many taken in school Test - One of many taken in school Test - Vérification Test - Vérification Test - See 2 Test - Pilot's ordeal