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Lectern - Stand

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Lectern - A supporter of book reading Lectern - Address location Lectern - Allowed english sailors to snatch key item of church furniture Lectern - An upholder of the bible Lectern - An upholder of the christian word Lectern - Bible stand Lectern - Bookstand in service Lectern - Campaigner's stand Lectern - Can one stand being in church? from this you may take it as read Lectern - Cannibal beginning to nibble the rest of a vicar? Lectern - Chosen to strip off, servicemen stand before the faithful Lectern - Church reading desk Lectern - Church reading-desk Lectern - Desk for a standing reader Lectern - Energy conserver initially replacing article in lamp stand Lectern - Enter churchill first and last in roll for oratory Lectern - From which speaker delivers story i missed about bird Lectern - Hannibal takes new stand Lectern - Hannibal the carthaginian's last stand in church Lectern - Hannibal's new desk Lectern - Hannibal's new stand Lectern - Hannibal, born to take the stand Lectern - How surprising it is that it's just the same about each end of the alphabet Lectern - In church it's part of the collection, a bird (probably an eagle) Lectern - It might hold a bible Lectern - It supports work hannibal never started Lectern - Left centre roughly for what the priest has to say Lectern - Liberal changing recent stand in church Lectern - Look in particular way round court, having finally taken stand Lectern - One will need to read up on this Lectern - Orator's stand Lectern - Place for reading winger that's left city earlier Lectern - Place for speaking notes Lectern - Preacher's stand Lectern - Prop for a prof Lectern - Pulpit Lectern - Reader's stand Lectern - Reading desk Lectern - Reading desk (in church) Lectern - Reading desk found in church Lectern - Reading desk in church Lectern - Reading desk left centre damaged Lectern - Reading stand Lectern - Reading supporter Lectern - Reading-desk Lectern - Reading-desk in church Lectern - Reported theatre act, having first left city desk? Lectern - Site of many addresses Lectern - Slanted reading desk Lectern - Slanted stand for a book Lectern - Something often read from Lectern - Speaker's desk Lectern - Speaker's spot Lectern - Speaker's stand Lectern - Speaking point? Lectern - Speaking stand Lectern - Stand Lectern - Stand base of vessel on three-quarters of concrete mix Lectern - Stand before the speaker Lectern - Stand for a lesson Lectern - Stand for left and centre, but not right Lectern - Stand for one standing for reading Lectern - Stand for the lesson Lectern - Stand for the scripture reading Lectern - Stand having the bird at the end? Lectern - Stand in front of a congregation? Lectern - Stand in front of an audience Lectern - Stand made by hannibal, west of turin Lectern - Stand roughly centre-left Lectern - Stand taken by one making a speech Lectern - Stand that a politician might take Lectern - Stand that a speaker might take Lectern - Stand to read from the bird at last Lectern - Stand with sloping top for notes, for priest or lecturer Lectern - Stand with sloping top to hold book Lectern - Stand with sloping top to hold reading material Lectern - Stirring, centre-left speeches may come from this Lectern - Support for bible in church Lectern - Support for reading latest in investigation trailing killer Lectern - Support for the speaker? could be a book on it Lectern - Take it as read from there Lectern - Upholder of the bible Lectern - Where to read hannibal's name