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Nco - Army e-5, e.g

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Nco - 'junior' or 'senior' mil. figure Nco - 1-across's superior Nco - 1-down, for one Nco - 31-down, e.g Nco - 36 across client Nco - A marine corps lance corporal no longer qualifies as one: abbr Nco - Abbr. for a two-striper Nco - Agarn or o'rourke, in "f troop": abbr Nco - Any u.s. army e-4 thru e-9 Nco - Army cpl., for one Nco - Army e-5, e.g Nco - Army fig Nco - Army figure, for short Nco - Army type, for short Nco - Barracks boss, for short Nco - Barracks fig Nco - Barracks v.i.p Nco - Barracks vip Nco - Base fig Nco - Base figure Nco - Base figure, for short Nco - Base figure: abbr Nco - Bilko, for one: abbr Nco - Certain g.i Nco - Certain mil. member Nco - Chevron sporter: abbr Nco - Corp. or sgt Nco - Corp., e.g Nco - Cpl Nco - Cpl. klinger or sgt. pepper, e.g Nco - Cpl. or sfc Nco - Cpl. or sgt Nco - Cpl. or sgt., e.g Nco - Cpl., e.g Nco - Cpl., for one Nco - Cpl., or sgt Nco - D.i., for one Nco - D.s.m. recipient Nco - Drill sgt., e.g Nco - Drill sgt., for one Nco - Drill specialist, for short? Nco - Drilling expert, for short Nco - Drilling type: abbr Nco - E-7, e.g.: abbr Nco - Eg corporal Nco - Eg rsm Nco - Elvis presley was one: abbr Nco - Elvis, in 1960 Nco - Elvis, in early 1960 Nco - F.d.r.-created program with the slogan 'we do our part' Nco - First sgt., e.g Nco - First-tier supervisor in the u.s.m.c Nco - G.i. with chevrons Nco - G.i.'s superior Nco - Gi with stripes Nco - How the north gets firm but not private Nco - In brief, a corporal or sergeant Nco - In company with the north,to be so rank Nco - Initially, a corporal or sergeant Nco - It's below grade one: abbr Nco - Leader of a 45-across, often (abbr.) Nco - Lieut.'s subordinate Nco - Lt. saluter Nco - Lt. subordinate Nco - Lt.'s inferior Nco - Lt.'s subordinate Nco - M.sgt., e.g Nco - M.sgt., for one Nco - Many a px customer Nco - Many a px patron Nco - Many a px shopper Nco - Marines subordinate, for short Nco - Master sgt., for one Nco - Mil. abbreviation Nco - Mil. category Nco - Mil. classification Nco - Mil. rank Nco - Mil. subordinate Nco - Milit. figure Nco - Msgt, for one Nco - Never works initially on commission Nco - No lieutenant yet: abbr Nco - Noncom Nco - One above a specialist: abbr Nco - One below a second lieut Nco - One who's earned stripes, e.g Nco - One with two or three stripes: abbr Nco - Operations ___ (army position) Nco - Pvt. superior Nco - Pvt.'s superior Nco - Px customer Nco - Px patron Nco - Px patron, perhaps Nco - Px shopper Nco - Px user Nco - Px visitor Nco - Radar was one: abbr Nco - S.sgt., e.g Nco - Sarge, e.g Nco - Sarge, for ex Nco - Sarge, for one Nco - Sarge, for short Nco - Second lt.'s subordinate Nco - Sergeant or corporal Nco - Sergeant or corporal, e,g, Nco - Sergeant or corporal, e.g Nco - Sfc or cpl Nco - Sgt. bilko, e.g Nco - Sgt. bilko, for one Nco - Sgt. maj., e.g Nco - Sgt. maj., for one Nco - Sgt. or cpl Nco - Sgt. or cpl., e.g Nco - Sgt. snorkel, for one Nco - Sgt., e.g Nco - Sgt., for ex Nco - Sgt., for example Nco - Sgt., for instance Nco - Sgt., for one Nco - Sgt., say Nco - Squad leader, e.g.: abbr Nco - Squad vip Nco - Ssgt, e.g Nco - Ssgt., e.g Nco - Staff sgt., e.g Nco - Staff sgt., for one Nco - T.sgt., e.g Nco - Technical sgt., e.g Nco - Term not found in the west pt. mission statement Nco - There's something rank in an uncouth sort of way for such a one Nco - Top kick, for one: abbr Nco - Two or three chevron wearer: abbr Nco - Two- or three-striper, briefly Nco - Two- or three-striper, for short Nco - U.s. army e-6, e.g Nco - U.s.a.f. e-7, e.g Nco - U.s.m.c. barracks boss Nco - Uso show attendee Nco - Uso user Nco - York, for one: abbr Nco - ___ club (military hangout)