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Attach - Add on

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Attach - Glue (to) Attach - Stick on Attach - Add on Attach - Tack on Attach - Sew on, e.g Attach - Hook onto Attach - Secure Attach - Clip Attach - Paper-clip, perhaps Attach - Staple or clip on Attach - Join Attach - Sew on, say Attach - Include a document, as with an email Attach - Hook up Attach - Attribute (to) Attach - Affix Attach - Staple or clip on, e.g Attach - Hook or hitch Attach - Connect Attach - Use a paper clip Attach - Fasten Attach - Fasten on Attach - Clip on Attach - Tie on Attach - Iron on, e.g Attach - Being able to chat at it, one may get stuck with it Attach - Add on to, couple Attach - Fix this on, at over the chat Attach - The way to get stuck at the chat Attach - Stick Attach - Fasten onto someone else's property Attach - Stick a cat into a hat Attach - Fasten, affix Attach - If there's a cat with a hat, give it stick Attach - Stick the cat into the hat Attach - Stick the cat in the hat Attach - Stick at the makings of a chat Attach - Chat about at it and stick to it Attach - Affix, fasten Attach - Tie, bind to Attach - Conjoin, tie to Attach - Conjoin, affix Attach - 'affix, fasten (6)' Attach - Affix, connect Attach - Stick the cat up into a hat Attach - Add to, connect Attach - Fix to something else Attach - Join to, perhaps with staple Attach - Append, affix Attach - Append Attach - Affix or append Attach - Join, connect Attach - Append, add on to Attach - Append, join Attach - Add or join to Attach - Conjoin Attach - Join or seize by law Attach - Join or append to Attach - Just stick to chat about thanks Attach - Stick on a hat around the cat Attach - Stick a cat in a hat up here Attach - Stick a teetotaller on the start of 13 across Attach - Put on Attach - Hook up with a non-drinker, alas in berlin Attach - Append return of 'the cat in the hat', perhaps Attach - Fix to short handlebar, say Attach - Fasten - assign Attach - Tag on Attach - Fasten - attribute Attach - Join onto Attach - Annex Attach - Add to an e-mail, as a file Attach - Send with an email Attach - Pin, say Attach - Couple to race in motoring organisation to switzerland Attach - Affix, fasten to Attach - Fasten or join Attach - New act with hat and stick Attach - Fasten together Attach - Fix sort of case that's curtailed Attach - Staple or glue Attach - Supplement with Attach - Paper-clip, say Attach - Join to something else Attach - Attribute required by diplomat, up to a point Attach - Fasten (to) Attach - Fasten, join, assign Attach - Join; seize (legal) Attach - Fasten, join Attach - Couple engaged in silly chat Attach - Glue which cat tastes, bringing up some of it Attach - Fix power supply to get in that broadcast Attach - Couple set on making the last hours Attach - Couple with teetotaller in non-drinking association join church Attach - Bind, fasten Attach - Connect a non-drinker with a place of worship Attach - Join up with, for a funny act in a silly hat Attach - In that possibly a number will join up Attach - Couple check underneath italian bread, discarding half Attach - Join strike shortly before hour Attach - Fix on Attach - Add Attach - Join short embassy worker Attach - Pin on, e.g Attach - Stick, say Attach - Tie, say Attach - Hook on Attach - Nail, e.g Attach - Atheist -- he is going out, wanting a church to join! Attach - Bond agent, outwardly macho, stripped off after introduction to tiffany Attach - Couple lose last scrap of hope in case Attach - Join to Attach - Clip on, perhaps Attach - Glue, say Attach - Link together Attach - Email option Attach - Attribute to embassy worker briefly Attach - Clip, say Attach - Pin it to menacer leaving catchment area Attach - Put up with that mess overshadowing a college