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Misc - "everything else" abbr Misc - "everything else" filing category (abbr.) Misc - "other" category (abbr.) Misc - "other" category, briefly Misc - "other" category: abbr Misc - "random" abbr. on a moving box Misc - 'everything else' filing category: abbr Misc - 'other' category, for short Misc - 'other' category: abbr Misc - 'random' abbr. on a moving box Misc - 1099-__ (irs form) Misc - Abbr. for assorted leftovers Misc - Abbr. for odds and ends Misc - Abbr. on some file drawers Misc - All the rest: abbr Misc - Assorted (abbr.) Misc - Assorted things: abbr Misc - Assorted, briefly Misc - Assorted: abbr Misc - Bottom file-drawer abbr Misc - Bottom-drawer label, perhaps Misc - Catalogue abbr Misc - Catch-all category (abbr.) Misc - Catchall abbr Misc - Catchall abbreviation Misc - Catchall cat Misc - Catchall category (abbr.) Misc - Catchall category, briefly Misc - Catchall category: abbr Misc - Catchall file abbr Misc - Catchall filing category: abbr Misc - Catchall: abbr Misc - Category for everything else, briefly Misc - Category for everything else: abbr Misc - Category for leftovers: abbr Misc - Category for non-recurring pd. bills Misc - Category for odds and ends, briefly Misc - Common file abbr Misc - Common file folder abbr Misc - Common file name Misc - Common file name, for short Misc - Etc. category Misc - Everything-else category (abbr.) Misc - Everything-else category, briefly Misc - Everything-else category: abbr Misc - File drawer abbr Misc - File-drawer abbr Misc - File-drawer label Misc - Filing cabinet abbr Misc - Grab bag abbr Misc - Grab bag category: abbr Misc - Grab bag: abbr Misc - Grab-bag abbr Misc - Grab-bag category: abbr Misc - I'm going back to barman for short various items Misc - I.r.s. form 1099-___ Misc - Junk drawer abbr Misc - Junk drawer label Misc - Label on a bin of unsortable items: abbr Misc - Last budget category, usually: abbr Misc - Last category, usually Misc - Leftover category (abbr.) Misc - Leftover category: abbr Misc - Like items in a junk drawer: abbr Misc - Mishmash abbreviation Misc - Nonspecific filing abbr Misc - Not fitting a category, briefly Misc - Not otherwise categorized (abbr.) Misc - Not otherwise classified (abbr.) Misc - Odds and ends: abbr Misc - Odds-and-ends abbreviation Misc - Other: abbr Misc - Others, for short Misc - Return smart card to college head with little odd collection Misc - Storage file tab abbreviation Misc - Sundry: abbr Misc - This and that: abbr Misc - Uncategorizable (abbr.) Misc - Uncategorizables (abbr.) Misc - Uncategorized (abbr.) Misc - Uncategorized stuff: abbr Misc - Undiscriminating, for short Misc - Unspecified category (abbr.) Misc - Varied: abbr Misc - Various items: abbr Misc - Various stuff: abbr Misc - Various: abbr