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Ingest - Pack away

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Ingest - Eat Ingest - Pack away Ingest - Swallow Ingest - Take in Ingest - Consume Ingest - Take in for a meal Ingest - Take Ingest - Devour Ingest - Take in, as food Ingest - Might one swallow this jokingly, by the sound of it Ingest - Absorb, assimilate Ingest - Take in as food Ingest - Eat or drink Ingest - Take in, eat Ingest - Take in with tinges Ingest - 'take it in as a joke, by the sound of it (6)' Ingest - Have a bite say, as a joke Ingest - Eat, but not seriously we hear Ingest - Take in how many a true word is spoken (sic) Ingest - Be a consumer, but not seriously, we hear Ingest - Swallow - signet (anag) Ingest - Swallow -signet (anag) Ingest - Take (food) into the body Ingest - Take into the body Ingest - Gulp down Ingest - Put away Ingest - Consume, as food Ingest - Sounds like it's a joke to put away Ingest - Absorb in conversation for a joke Ingest - Take food into the body Ingest - Absorb colours slightly as temperature plummets Ingest - Take nourishment into the body Ingest - How to take courses as a joke, say? Ingest - Swallow, absorb Ingest - Swallow mint's centre, then gag audibly Ingest - Sounds like it's a joke to be put away Ingest - Gent is drunk with drink Ingest - One's home, taking in little good to eat Ingest - Take in - for a laugh, say Ingest - Consume food Ingest - Take in seating plan, forgetting first of all Ingest - Eat in a charming estaminet Ingest - Swallow, but say it's tongue in cheek! Ingest - Eat at home? sounds like a joke Ingest - Gets in (anag.) Ingest - Take in how truth's said to be commonly expressed Ingest - What a consumer does as a joke is reported Ingest - ... to consume by way of mouth -- not seriously? Ingest - Scoff when private joke is overheard Ingest - Eat, but not seriously, we hear Ingest - Be a consumer? not seriously, from what we hear Ingest - Swallow, one settling finally into its home? Ingest - Jokingly said 'swallow' Ingest - Gent is staggering with drink Ingest - Eat for a laugh, audibly? Ingest - Drink, e.g Ingest - Take in just how many true words are spoken? Ingest - Do this to food - as a joke, by the sound of it Ingest - Eat up -- it's not serious, i hear Ingest - What consumer must do as a joke, we hear Ingest - Eat - gin set (anag) Ingest - Absorb - signet (anag) Ingest - Scoff as a joke is delivered Ingest - Take it all in and pay off egyptians Ingest - Gets in trouble and is put away Ingest - Take in food