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Sleuth - Mr. moto, e.g

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Sleuth - Magnifying glass carrier, maybe Sleuth - Mr. moto, e.g Sleuth - Detective Sleuth - One may follow a lead Sleuth - Sherlock holmes or hercule poirot Sleuth - Lead follower Sleuth - One on a trail, perhaps Sleuth - Olivier-caine film classic Sleuth - Drew in books? Sleuth - Drew in books, e.g.? Sleuth - Sherlock holmes, notably Sleuth - Magnifying glass carrier Sleuth - 48-across, for one Sleuth - Sherlock Sleuth - Hammer or spade Sleuth - Easy rawlins, for one Sleuth - Holmes or poirot Sleuth - Gumshoe Sleuth - A detective like sherlock Sleuth - Hustle for a clever detective like sherlock Sleuth - Hustle like detective (6) Sleuth - Hustle like a detective Sleuth - Detective who follows a trail Sleuth - A detective like sherlock holmes Sleuth - A detective like sherlock - given to hustle Sleuth - Hustle curious enquirer Sleuth - Sherlock holmes, for example Sleuth - Hustle (anag) Sleuth - Encyclopedia brown, e.g Sleuth - 16 inclined to hustle Sleuth - Miss marple, e.g Sleuth - Oddly deficient clue thus confused investigator Sleuth - Nancy drew, e.g Sleuth - Clue follower Sleuth - Detective; play and film Sleuth - When playing hustle detective Sleuth - Solve just the odd cases? Sleuth - A follower, likely to be ahead of 15, however Sleuth - Hustle discomfited holmes, for one Sleuth - Pole penning article in french for nothing for investigator Sleuth - Dick's lute-playing in quiet surroundings Sleuth - Detective's hard on tart taking ecstasy Sleuth - See detective hustle about Sleuth - Investigator unravelled hustle Sleuth - Bloodhound in film Sleuth - 1972 film starring laurence olivier and michael caine Sleuth - Bloodhound picked up end of trail in hot third day Sleuth - Detective's hard behind tramp possessing ecstasy Sleuth - The unending lust bothered private eye Sleuth - Whodunit hero Sleuth - Tec Sleuth - Clue seeker Sleuth - Pro tracker Sleuth - Private eye Sleuth - Tony-winning play set at andrew wyke's country home Sleuth - Nancy drew, for one Sleuth - One investigates broken lute in case of sherlock holmes initially Sleuth - Sherlock's lute playing breaks silence Sleuth - Produced hustle and sherlock holmes, for example Sleuth - Detective in criminal hustle Sleuth - Roughly hustle investigator Sleuth - Clue chaser Sleuth - Holmes or colombo, e.g Sleuth - Hustle upset detective