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Edged - Beat by a whisker

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  • 2 - st. word D
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Edged - 'ummed and 'awed and got nicked Edged - Advance slowly sideways Edged - Advanced cautiously Edged - Advanced furtively Edged - Advanced gradually Edged - Advanced guardian leader penned by a couple of journalists Edged - Advanced slowly Edged - Advanced slowly sideways Edged - Advanced with care Edged - At the finish, the thoroughbred trailing the field moved slowly Edged - Barely beat Edged - Barely beat (with "out") Edged - Barely beat, at battle of bands Edged - Barely beaten Edged - Barely defeated Edged - Barely defeated, with 'out' Edged - Barely nosed out Edged - Beat (out) Edged - Beat barely Edged - Beat by a bit Edged - Beat by a hair Edged - Beat by a whisker Edged - Beat by one, say Edged - Beat, but barely Edged - Beaten (out) Edged - Bordered Edged - Bordered with privet, say, lacking in height Edged - Cutting, as a remark Edged - Daughter on border gets nicked Edged - Defeated by a hair Edged - Defeated by a small margin Edged - Defeated by a whisker Edged - Defeated, barely Edged - Defeated, but barely Edged - Did a lawn job Edged - Did a lawn maintenance job Edged - Did yard work Edged - Double- sword Edged - Double- -- sword Edged - Double-__ Edged - Double-__ sword Edged - Double-___ Edged - Double-___ sword Edged - Formed the border of Edged - Fringed Edged - Gee! indeed it's bordered, perhaps Edged - Gradually moved skirt downwards at first Edged - Having a border Edged - Hemmed Edged - Hit with side of bat given boundaries Edged - Honed Edged - Inched Edged - Just beat Edged - Just beat out Edged - Just defeated, with 'out' Edged - Like a knife dug finally into journalists Edged - Like all swords and razors Edged - Made a border Edged - Made keen, but went cautiously Edged - Made moves that were gradual and sharp Edged - Move gradually sideways Edged - Moved along a cliff Edged - Moved cautiously Edged - Moved furtively Edged - Moved furtively and avoided making commitment to ditch husband Edged - Moved gingerly Edged - Moved gradually Edged - Moved gradually sideways Edged - Moved hesitantly Edged - Moved laterally Edged - Moved sideways Edged - Moved sideways slowly Edged - Moved slowly and didn't middle the ball Edged - Moved slowly and guarded against loss, cockney fashion Edged - Moved stealthily Edged - Narrowly defeated Edged - Neatened the lawn, in a way Edged - Neatened the perimeter of Edged - Neatened, as a lawn Edged - Nicked Edged - Nosed (out) Edged - Nosed out Edged - Press heads with grand parting or with fringe Edged - Proceeded with caution Edged - Provided with a border Edged - Put on a border Edged - Rimmed Edged - Rory gallagher: "___ in blue" Edged - Sarcastic Edged - Sharp, as a razor Edged - Sharp-___ Edged - Sharpened Edged - Showed 'esitation, so moved forward slowly Edged - Sidled Edged - Sidled (along) Edged - Skirted Edged - Slipped past Edged - Trimmed Edged - Trimmed along a path, say Edged - Trimmed along the walk Edged - Trimmed along the walk, e.g Edged - Trimmed privet, top being cut by daughter Edged - Trimmed the border with diamonds Edged - Trimmed the lawn Edged - Trimmed, as the lawn Edged - Trimmed, as the outskirts of the lawn Edged - Two- sword Edged - Two- -- sword Edged - Used a weed whacker, perhaps Edged - Was evasive but did not start having advanced gradually Edged - Went sideways Edged - What better band did to competition Edged - Whipped by a whisker Edged - Won by a nose