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Nerd - Internet addict, perhaps

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Nerd - "happy days" put-down Nerd - "kick me" sign wearer, stereotypically Nerd - "the big bang theory" type Nerd - "___ alert!" Nerd - 'big bang theory' type Nerd - 'happy days' put-down Nerd - '___ alert!' Nerd - Almost any character on 'the big bang theory' Nerd - Among learner drivers, one that's overly cerebral Nerd - Anorak (informal) Nerd - Anorak rejected by 50% of children Nerd - Antisocial sort Nerd - Anyone able to rattle off more than 10 digits of pi, probably Nerd - Anyone who can speak klingon, e.g Nerd - Band fronted by pharrell williams (1,1,1,1,) Nerd - Bill gates, snarkily Nerd - Bill-gates-to-be type? Nerd - Black-sock wearer in gym, stereotypically Nerd - Book lover to the extreme Nerd - Bookish one Nerd - Bookish person Nerd - Bookish persona Nerd - Bookish sort Nerd - Bookish type Nerd - Bookworm Nerd - Bookworm, in stereotypes Nerd - Bookworm, maybe Nerd - Bookworm, scornfully Nerd - Bookworm, stereotypically Nerd - Bookworm, to a bully Nerd - Boring person Nerd - Boring, trivia-obsessed type Nerd - Boringly studious person Nerd - Brainiac's put-down Nerd - Brainiac, stereotypically Nerd - Brainy person, and proud of it Nerd - Brainy, socially inept sort Nerd - Bully's prey, in stereotypes Nerd - Bully's prey, perhaps Nerd - Bully's prey, traditionally Nerd - Bully's target Nerd - Bully's target, maybe Nerd - Bully's target, often Nerd - Bully's victim, often Nerd - Campus misfit Nerd - Clumsy chap encountered during dinner date Nerd - Comic-con attendee Nerd - Comic-con attendee Nerd - Common teen-movie persona Nerd - Computer geek Nerd - Computer geek, e.g Nerd - Computer geek, for instance Nerd - Computer geek? Nerd - Computer __ Nerd - Computer ___ Nerd - Contribution from spooner describing bore Nerd - Dilbert, e.g Nerd - Dinner date with an anorak Nerd - Dinner dress incorporating anorak Nerd - Disappointing date, maybe Nerd - Discovered in container driven by local technical specialist Nerd - Do 10 crosswords in a row, say, with 'out' Nerd - Doofus Nerd - Dork Nerd - Dorkmeister Nerd - Dorky sort Nerd - Dorky type Nerd - Dotcom millionaire, stereotypically Nerd - Drip Nerd - Dweeb Nerd - Dweeb's cousin Nerd - Dweeb's kin Nerd - Dweeb's pal Nerd - Dweebish sort Nerd - Dweeby sort Nerd - Dweeby type Nerd - Dweeby, bookish type Nerd - Egghead Nerd - Egghead, in stereotypes Nerd - Eggheady sort Nerd - Eggheady sort, in stereotypes Nerd - Eggheady sort, stereotypically Nerd - Encyclopedia reader from a to z, say Nerd - Excessive studier Nerd - Feeble person (sl.) Nerd - Filmdom's napoleon dynamite, for one Nerd - Flag on poles; wide (headline) Nerd - Foolish or annoying person Nerd - Foolish person (slang) Nerd - Future billionaire, perhaps Nerd - Future ceo Nerd - Geek Nerd - Geek endeared off and on Nerd - Geek some winner? doubtless! Nerd - Geek's relative Nerd - Geek, anorak (sl.) Nerd - Geeky guy Nerd - Geeky one Nerd - Geeky sort Nerd - Geeky type Nerd - Geeky, bookish sort Nerd - Get excited about crosswords, say, with 'out' Nerd - Grade school designation Nerd - Guy with his nose always stuck in a book Nerd - Guy with little chance at a supermodel, stereotypically Nerd - Half the kids turned geek Nerd - Hardly a bmoc Nerd - Hardly a hipster Nerd - Hardly joe cool Nerd - Hardly mr. cool Nerd - Hardly one of the in crowd Nerd - Hardly the fonz Nerd - Herd member? Nerd - High school bookworm Nerd - High school bookworm, in stereotypes Nerd - High school bookworm, stereotypically Nerd - High school misfit Nerd - High school outcast Nerd - High school stereotype Nerd - High-school put-down Nerd - Homework lover, maybe Nerd - In slang, a foolish or uninteresting person Nerd - In-crowd outcast Nerd - In-crowd outsider Nerd - In-group outcast Nerd - Inept individual Nerd - Inept individual, stereotypically Nerd - Intellectual misfit Nerd - Intelligent but single-minded expert Nerd - Internet addict, perhaps Nerd - Irritating person (slang) Nerd - It guy, stereotypically Nerd - Java aficionado, of a sort Nerd - Jerry lewis's 'nutty professor' was an early example of one Nerd - Jock's antithesis Nerd - Jock's counterpart Nerd - Little man on campus Nerd - Lover of brain games Nerd - Many a character on 'the big bang theory' Nerd - Many a comic book collector Nerd - Many a pi day celebrant Nerd - Mathlete, perhaps Nerd - Mathlete, stereotypically Nerd - Modern misfit Nerd - Mr. uncool Nerd - Napoleon dynamite, e.g Nerd - Neptunes side-project Nerd - No jock Nerd - Nonsocial studier Nerd - Not one of the cool crowd Nerd - Oafish one Nerd - Obsessive enthusiast Nerd - Obsessive type Nerd - Oddball of a sort Nerd - Once uncool sort who's now sort of cool Nerd - One lacking social graces Nerd - One lacking social skills necessary for dinner date Nerd - One needing social work? Nerd - One scoring 100% on sporcle quizzes, say Nerd - One short on social skills Nerd - One socially challenged Nerd - One who might celebrate pi day Nerd - One who ruins the curve, stereotypically Nerd - One who's socially clueless Nerd - One whose favorite website is sporcle, say Nerd - One who’s unhip Nerd - One with no hope in a popularity contest Nerd - Outcast, sometimes Nerd - Overly bookish sort Nerd - Overly bookish type, stereotypically Nerd - Overly brainy sort Nerd - Pal for a geek, maybe Nerd - Person who gets picked on Nerd - Person who might prefer the term 'socially challenged' Nerd - Pi day celebrant, perhaps Nerd - Pi day celebrant, stereotypically Nerd - Pocket protector wearer, in stereotypes Nerd - Pocket protector wearer, perhaps Nerd - Pocket-protected one of stereotypes Nerd - Pocket-protector sporter, stereotypically Nerd - Pocket-protector wearer, stereotypically Nerd - Poindexter Nerd - Poindexter type Nerd - Propeller-head Nerd - Quiz bowl lover, say Nerd - Retired doctor's a space geek Nerd - Revenge getter of film Nerd - Role in many teen flicks Nerd - Role-playing game player, stereotypically Nerd - Scholastic stereotype Nerd - School geek Nerd - School misfit Nerd - Sci-fi conventiongoer, stereotypically Nerd - Screech or urkel Nerd - Single-minded expert Nerd - Single-minded sort Nerd - Slang word for a socially inept computer buff Nerd - Slashdot reader, according to its slogan Nerd - Slashdot reader, maybe Nerd - Small, fruity candy Nerd - Social bungler Nerd - Social dud, stereotypically Nerd - Social goofball Nerd - Social greenhorn Nerd - Social lightweight Nerd - Social misfit Nerd - Social oddball Nerd - Social outcast Nerd - Social outcast, maybe Nerd - Socially awkward one Nerd - Socially awkward type Nerd - Socially challenged person Nerd - Socially clueless sort Nerd - Socially inept but knowledgeable person Nerd - Socially inept person Nerd - Socially inept sort Nerd - Socially inept type Nerd - Socially maladroit sort Nerd - Societal goofball Nerd - Societal klutz Nerd - Society oddball Nerd - Some dinner dropped by clumsy person Nerd - Someone boring (about computers?) Nerd - Square Nerd - Square figure Nerd - Square figure? Nerd - Square hidden in each of the five long across answers Nerd - Square one Nerd - Square sort Nerd - Square type Nerd - Square, updated Nerd - Stereotypical comic book fan Nerd - Stereotypical computer programmer Nerd - Stereotypical computer whiz Nerd - Stereotypical geek squad employee Nerd - Stereotypical it staffer Nerd - Stereotypical pocket-protector wearer Nerd - Stereotypical sci-fi fan Nerd - Stereotypical science student Nerd - Stereotypical techie Nerd - Stereotypically uncool collegian Nerd - Steve urkel or napoleon dynamite Nerd - Steve urkel, for one Nerd - Student who is ridiculed for studying excessively Nerd - Studious bore stuck into finer detail Nerd - Studious sort, and proud of it Nerd - Swirlie victim, perhaps Nerd - Swot Nerd - Taped eyeglasses wearer Nerd - Taped-eyeglasses wearer Nerd - Target of taunts Nerd - Teased teen Nerd - Techie type Nerd - Techie, maybe Nerd - Techie, often Nerd - Techie, stereotypically Nerd - Techie, traditionally Nerd - Teen comedy stereotype Nerd - Teen movie stereotype Nerd - Teen outcast Nerd - Test fan, say Nerd - This may be hard to date Nerd - Trainspotter getting into designer drugs? Nerd - Trekkie, to some Nerd - Tv's urkel, e.g Nerd - Twerp Nerd - Twerp's cousin Nerd - Typical rick moranis film role Nerd - Uncool bookworm Nerd - Uncool character Nerd - Uncool collegian Nerd - Uncool dude Nerd - Uncool fellow Nerd - Uncool fellow, stereotypically Nerd - Uncool kid Nerd - Uncool one Nerd - Uncool person Nerd - Uncool sort Nerd - Uncool stereotype Nerd - Uncool student Nerd - Uncool type Nerd - Unhip one Nerd - Unhip person Nerd - Unhip sort Nerd - Unhip type Nerd - Unlikely candidate for prom king Nerd - Unlikely class president Nerd - Unlikely clique member Nerd - Unlikely homecoming king Nerd - Unlikely party animal Nerd - Unlikely prom king Nerd - Unlikely prom king candidate Nerd - Weenie Nerd - Whom a bully may bully Nerd - With 77-across, when combined into one word, national trivia championship, e.g Nerd - Wonk Nerd - Word coined by dr. seuss