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Satan - Bad lover?

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Satan - Prince of darkness Satan - Underworld figure Satan - Lucifer Satan - 'paradise lost' character Satan - One on the dark side Satan - Big troublemaker Satan - Bad lover? Satan - One leading to temptation? Satan - Subject of diabolism Satan - 'paradise lost' name Satan - Tempter Satan - Old nick Satan - 'paradise lost' figure Satan - "paradise lost" figure Satan - Tempting one Satan - "paradise lost" character Satan - His name comes from the hebrew for 'adversary' Satan - Chief of the fallen angels Satan - Subject in revelation Satan - Evil personified Satan - Old nick name? Satan - St. michael's foe Satan - Role in the film 'bedazzled' Satan - Film role played by both vincent price and bill cosby Satan - Exorcist's target Satan - Father of lies Satan - Evil one Satan - Exemplar of evil Satan - Beelzebub Satan - He's been through hell Satan - Old harry Satan - Metal figure? Satan - Fallen angel Satan - Saddam's ex-partner, in "south park" Satan - Evil incarnate Satan - Black mass idol Satan - He of three sixes Satan - Evildoer Satan - Character in twain's 'the mysterious stranger' Satan - Horny guy? Satan - Eden tempter Satan - Old scratch Satan - Underworld leader? Satan - Pitchfork wielder Satan - Symbol of evil Satan - Character in tasso's 'jerusalem delivered' Satan - Rosemary's baby-daddy Satan - Embodiment of antagonism Satan - The lean one, in "peer gynt" Satan - Saddam's mate, on "south park" Satan - The evil one Satan - Underworld boss Satan - Mr. scratch Satan - Devil Satan - Mephistopheles Satan - The devil Satan - Object of some worship Satan - Personification of evil Satan - At south africa one gets one hell of a sunburn Satan - Below south africa one gets a hell of a sunburn Satan - The one with the polly on him Satan - South africa gives one the very devil of a touch of the sun Satan - At south africa you get the very devil of a sunburn Satan - You get the very devil of a sunburn at south africa Satan - As it turns up, you'll get one hell of a sunburn Satan - One gets the devil of a sunburn at south africa Satan - Below south africa one gets the devil's own sunburn Satan - To hell with the sunburn you get in south africa Satan - It's the very devil of a sunburn you get in south africa Satan - By the end of the week, an other name for apollyon Satan - Beelzebub, lucifer Satan - That's the very devil of an addition to 15 across Satan - Beelzebub or lucifer Satan - Frequent 'south park' presence Satan - The devil, beelzebub Satan - The devil himself Satan - Old nick, lucifer or beelzebub Satan - Lucifer or beelzebub Satan - It's the hell of a sunburn you get from south africa Satan - One gets the very devil of a sunburn below south africa Satan - One gets the very devil of a sunburn at south africa Satan - Seated on an awful devil of one Satan - Posed for an artist with an evil spirit Satan - "paradise lost" villain Satan - Infamous fallen angel Satan - Adversary's weekend article Satan - First job-finder for the unemployed Satan - Fiend convened with a bridge partner Satan - 4 took a chair if old Satan - Fellow with a pitchfork Satan - Pitchfork carrier Satan - Posed with article tempting one Satan - Lord of the flies Satan - 'adversary' in hebrew Satan - Evil guy Satan - One responsible for much evil Satan - He comes from the land down under? Satan - 'really useful engine' of children's books Satan - 'the accuser of our brethren,' per revelation Satan - He comes from the land down under Satan - The adversary Satan - Enemy the salvation army has to beat Satan - Tempter of men's souls Satan - Tester of job's faith Satan - Fallen archangel Satan - A devilish one from orbital Satan - Apollyon Satan - Old nick has a little time in hospital Satan - Evil figure Satan - Like turning brown, it's the very devil! Satan - The devil it is! Satan - Santa's less saintly form Satan - Tempter of mankind Satan - The enemy the salvation army has to beat Satan - Diabolical figure making santa tipsy Satan - Chief spirit of evil Satan - Name from the hebrew for "adversary" Satan - The tempter Satan - Angel thrown out of heaven Satan - Underworld boss? Satan - Job tester Satan - Evil angel Satan - One side of a faustian bargain Satan - Horned tempter Satan - Soul buyer Satan - Buyer of 31-across' soul Satan - Laurel traps a devil Satan - Briefly smelt, holding a foul spirit Satan - Figure depicted with a pitchfork Satan - The enemy below? Satan - Who the white stripes told to "get behind" them Satan - White stripes "get behind me ___" Satan - Popular death metal subject Satan - Demonic newcastle heavy metal band Satan - Sometime heavy metal subject Satan - Dealer in souls Satan - Biblical fallen angel Satan - The great tempter Satan - Evil one down below Satan - Halloween costume that may involve a red cape and tail Satan - Tempter in 43-across Satan - Head demonic angel Satan - 'damn yankees' villain, really Satan - He 'wept with all six eyes,' per dante Satan - Pitchfork toter Satan - Le diable Satan - Getting article on the day is the very devil! Satan - Evil buyer of souls Satan - "don't play cards with ___"