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Splendid - Magnificent

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  • Splendid - Letter on S
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  • 3 - st. word L
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Splendid - Magnificent Splendid - With 58-across, williams nickname Splendid - Greater than great Splendid - 'jolly good!' Splendid - How grand to get the postscript wrong as leonard did! Splendid - It's all very fine to get the postscript wrong the way leonard did Splendid - Magnificent, glorious Splendid - Glorious, magnificent Splendid - 'excellent, glorious (8)' Splendid - Very fine, glorious Splendid - Very good, terrific Splendid - Magnificent, brilliant Splendid - Very fine, quite glorioous Splendid - Pick-pockets backed accepting grant in sterling Splendid - Childless fellow studied to appear brilliant Splendid - Excellent - glorious Splendid - Wonderful Splendid - With odds on horse lenny did fine Splendid - Magnificent, very impressive Splendid - Glorious Splendid - 'delightful!' Splendid - Noble declines coming up to receive grant Splendid - One note missing, but organ used to appear magnificent Splendid - Student, hemmed in by bad writers, took action. great! Splendid - Fine anger with energy released and put into practice Splendid - Fine cook lends dip Splendid - First-class pickpockets retreating to conceal advance Splendid - Wicked, extremely sharp chap cheated Splendid - Very impressive Splendid - Great Splendid - Magnificent object in second place i had Splendid - Magnificent organ (though with one note missing) sufficed Splendid - I'd spend a bit of leisure going round capital Splendid - Superb Splendid - Society to provide funding during downturn after turnover excellent Splendid - Terrific energy vented by anger was sufficient Splendid - Brilliant to splash out on papers, quids in Splendid - Excellent, magnificent Splendid - Boy accepts coppers' grant in sterling Splendid - Grand lost initially in outlay i put on diamonds Splendid - Marvelous Splendid - Excellent, glorious Splendid - Pass bill over first lecture papers? excellent! Splendid - Superb records reviewed on purpose by papers Splendid - Excellent, first-class Splendid - Very good odds on loan i finally arranged Splendid - Blow wages over latin papers - how cool is that? Splendid - Magnificent second place finish i had Splendid - Learner in pass, papers outstanding Splendid - Piddles all over the place - take in note, it's impressive!