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Myth - 'being unmarried, has a lisp (4)' Myth - 'toads cause warts,' e.g Myth - A us president; a uk pm Myth - Allegory Myth - Ancient legend Myth - Ancient story Myth - Ancient tale Myth - Autonomy that's not entirely a false notion Myth - Belief that toads cause warts, for example Myth - Bit of barmy theology? Myth - Bit of folklore Myth - Bit of legend Myth - Bit of lore Myth - Common false belief Myth - Commonly-held belief that is either untrue or has no foundation Myth - Cruise dismissed by eurythmics - that's a cock-and-bull story Myth - Debunked idea Myth - Delusion Myth - Ditching half my theory -- a false interpretation? Myth - Does it sound as if she has a lisp? don't believe it Myth - Don't believe it Myth - Don't get the tale with a lisp Myth - Expression of surprise at the short tall story Myth - Fable Myth - False belief Myth - Fanciful story Myth - Fancy this compiler's tough on the outside Myth - Fiction Myth - Fictitious thing Myth - Fictitious thing; traditional story Myth - Folk story Myth - Folklore Myth - Girl with a lisp? an unlikely story Myth - Gosh! the short tall story Myth - Greek god story, e.g Myth - I say hollow triumph is a delusion Myth - Illusion Myth - Imaginary tale Myth - Invention comes from joining one thingummy to another Myth - It's just a story that she has a single lisp (4) Myth - It's just a story that the girl has a lisp Myth - It's just a tale that the girl has a lisp Myth - It's not a true story Myth - It's not really true Myth - It's not to be believed Myth - It's not true Myth - It's not true that the girl sounds as if she has a lisp Myth - It's not true that, having a lisp, she has not got a husband Myth - Item of folklore Myth - Leaders from mullingar youth theatre harmed by cock-and-bull story Myth - Legend Myth - Legend cousin Myth - Legend's cousin Myth - Legend; fable Myth - Legendary story Myth - Legendary tale Myth - Lisping girl is not to be believed Myth - Lisping young girl of legend Myth - Loch ness monster, e.g Myth - Lore of yore Myth - Michael penn hit "no ___" Myth - Misconception Myth - Monstrous yarn that's historical originally? Myth - Old story Myth - Old wives' tale Myth - Olympian story Myth - Olympian tale Myth - Olympic account Myth - One of many revolving around mars Myth - One often dispelled Myth - Pandora's box, e.g Myth - Partly stormy this traditional story Myth - Paul bunyan, e.g Myth - Sasquatch, e.g Myth - Sasquatch, for instance Myth - Sasquatch, for one Myth - Series ending with ghost story from uplifting legend Myth - Setter's chasing the endless fabrication Myth - Smarmy thief concealing lie Myth - Some gloomy theme is a fable Myth - Some weighty matters must overturn a delusion Myth - Somewhat dreamy, this story Myth - Story Myth - Story about superhuman beings of an earlier age Myth - Story from olympus Myth - Story girl's read out with tongue between teeth Myth - Story of a girl with a speech impediment Myth - Story of gods Myth - Story of old gods Myth - Story put about to some extent by mighty manchester united Myth - Story set on mount olympus, e.g Myth - Story taking month, not a month less a day Myth - Story young girl lisped Myth - Stuff of legends Myth - Subject for bulfinch Myth - Tale involving greek gods, e.g Myth - Tale of the gods Myth - Tale of the pantheon Myth - Tale of the titans Myth - Tale of titans, say Myth - Tall tale Myth - Tall tale recalling some mighty men? Myth - That babies come from a 53-across, e.g Myth - That masturbation causes blindness, e.g Myth - The compiler's time on heroin - it's a lie! Myth - The fountain of youth, for one Myth - The legend of hop-o'-my-thumb Myth - The stuff of legends Myth - There's a traditional story in the army, though it's untrue Myth - Traditional allegory Myth - Traditional story Myth - Traditional story girl read out with lisp? Myth - Traditional story not based on fact Myth - Unfounded belief Myth - Unfounded notion Myth - Untrue tale Myth - Urban legend Myth - Urban legend, e.g Myth - Washington and the cherry tree, e.g Myth - Washington chopping down the cherry tree, e.g Myth - What a surprise! half of that is fiction Myth - What unicorns live in Myth - Where 2-down appears Myth - Widely held misconception Myth - Yen to interrupt thousandth tall tale?